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Retired and widowed just over three years ago. I now have found a wonderful sense of peace and comfort with a sense of growing femininity. I have socialised with friends fully dressed and also live entirely as a woman at home.

I prefer to see myself in a traditional female role, although I realise this is an ideal type, as it reflects my personality and interests. It is a great relief and pleasure to able to be my natural self rather than a masculine misfit. I am looking forward to expressing this more freely in the future.

Very much enjoying CDH and the safe fun environment it provides. Despite being a retired Librarian I love chatting!

Saturday evening before dinner
Saturday evening before dinnerjanetw
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Sunday at home!
Sunday at home!janetw
6 3
About to meet a friend
About to meet a friendjanetw
6 2
A librarian who likes to cook
A librarian who likes to cookjanetw
2 0
New dress for spring
New dress for springjanetw
5 0
May the pink fog be with you!
May the pink fog be with you!janetw
10 1
Relaxing on a hot summer day
Relaxing on a hot summer dayjanetw
9 1
Pink Floral Dress
Pink Floral Dressjanetw
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