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I'm a happily married, 40+ suburbanite who spends nearly all of my time doing fairly typically suburbanite things. From the outside I don't think it would look like anything that distinguished, but from the inside, I love seeing the life I have and the people and relationships and places in it all developing and changing. Dressing didn't figure in until well after that story began, so each storyline has been adapting to the other. Although I first dabbled in intermediate school with one of my sisters dresses, I didn't dress at all after that until I rediscovered it about 10 years ago, and have been learning little by little and finding new happiness in it continually as I go. I'll always keep trying new styles and silhouettes, but I feel like the way I dress now is pretty close to the final form it will take--when I have time and space that I can do a complete job of it, and be immersed in it, and only as often as circumstances allow for that. However, in crossdressing as in life, as difficult as it can be for us, whether in long term relationships or trying to find others like yourself, the more you share the more will come back to you.

Deceptively Simple
Deceptively Simplejrm3702
4 3
So. much. PINK
So. much. PINKjrm3702
10 2
Bright and Early
Bright and Earlyjrm3702
14 20
Saturday VC Party
Saturday VC Partyjrm3702
8 2
Works well with others
Works well with othersjrm3702
9 7
Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
Old, New, Borrowed, Bluejrm3702
22 5
An evening in the round
An evening in the roundjrm3702
14 8
Passing the time
Passing the timejrm3702
25 7
the bridge & tunnel crowd
the bridge & tunnel crowdjrm3702
20 7
9 2
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
The Most Wonderful Time of the Yearjrm3702
6 7
Buttercream Bettie
Buttercream Bettiejrm3702
13 11
Dig for Victory
Dig for Victoryjrm3702
20 13
Happy Holidays 2021!
Happy Holidays 2021!jrm3702
9 8
To one and all-
To one and all-jrm3702
7 14
Pouring down sunshine
Pouring down sunshinejrm3702
4 6
Casual Friday??
Casual Friday??jrm3702
15 9
Happy 4th!
Happy 4th!jrm3702
10 3
one fine day
one fine dayjrm3702Wedding Dress
17 24
one fine day
one fine dayjrm3702
16 15
Little black raincloud
Little black raincloudjrm3702
16 13
8 4
Happy Holidays!
Happy Holidays!jrm3702
21 5
I wish I could help you…
I wish I could help you…jrm3702
8 10
In my heart of hearts
In my heart of heartsjrm3702
10 6
Island in the sun
Island in the sunjrm3702
9 8
Chance Encounter (photo by Diane Crow)
Chance Encounter (photo by Diane Crow)jrm3702
17 6
Tried and True
Tried and Truejrm3702
9 6
6 5
And another (photo by P.D.)
And another (photo by P.D.)jrm3702
10 3
Brown eyes blue
Brown eyes bluejrm3702
16 11
Ready for the Day
Ready for the Dayjrm3702
3 5
Don’t Even!
Don’t Even!jrm3702
14 16
Interlude – With Marie C at Keystone
Interlude – With Marie C at Keystonejrm3702
12 6
Sailor Dress
Sailor Dressjrm3702
9 9
Bound & Determined
Bound & Determinedjrm3702
12 12
Fireside chat – With Marie C at Keystone
Fireside chat – With Marie C at Keystonejrm3702
4 4
The Be All & End All – With Marie C at Keystone
The Be All & End All – With Marie C at Keystonejrm3702
18 9
Look what the cat dragged in
Look what the cat dragged injrm3702
14 3
Happily Dappley
Happily Dappleyjrm3702
6 6
Comin’ around again
Comin’ around againjrm3702
4 4
Comin’ around again
Comin’ around againjrm3702
10 5
Don’t Blink
Don’t Blinkjrm3702
9 6
11 16
China Rose
China Rosejrm3702Prom Dress
12 10
5 7
Silver Blue Tuesday
Silver Blue Tuesdayjrm3702
20 9
8 8
China Rose
China Rosejrm3702Prom Dress
3 7
Crystal clear Friday
Crystal clear Fridayjrm3702
3 7
Birthday Girl Dress
Birthday Girl Dressjrm3702
13 6
et cetera, enough
et cetera, enoughjrm3702Out and About
8 8
And just like that…
And just like that…jrm3702
10 4
5 day weekend
5 day weekendjrm3702
17 7
3 3
The last ornament
The last ornamentjrm3702
19 7
Between the raindrops
Between the raindropsjrm3702
4 5
Indian Summer
Indian Summerjrm3702
11 12
Under the pink
Under the pinkjrm3702
39 14
Not for lack of trying…
Not for lack of trying…jrm3702
18 4
Cold Comfort
Cold Comfortjrm3702
12 8
Feminine Leisure, Jill’s Version
Feminine Leisure, Jill’s Versionjrm3702
14 3
Time on my side
Time on my sidejrm3702
8 4
Time Trap
Time Trapjrm3702
6 3
Making Time
Making Timejrm3702
13 8
13 6
Sunday Best
Sunday Bestjrm3702
12 8
Equal Time
Equal Timejrm3702
9 3
So what if I can’t help myself?
So what if I can’t help myself?jrm3702
11 4
Sunday Best
Sunday Bestjrm3702
9 13
A dash of color
A dash of colorjrm3702
8 4
Peas in a Pod
Peas in a Podjrm3702
13 4
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