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Deeply interested in the exploration and expression of the feminine within me and others. Typical discovery story: tried on female family members clothing in secret as a pre-adolescent and teen. Explored CDing throughout life with many purges. Have come to accept that this is a part of who I am and will always be. Trying to find balance in all things.

Purple Time
Purple TimemelodysModeling/Posing
22 3
Out in the Wild
Out in the Wildmelodys
22 5
A Purse is a Girl’s Best Friend?
A Purse is a Girl’s Best Friend?melodysModeling/Posing
9 4
Good to Have Some Time Away
Good to Have Some Time Awaymelodys
20 8
Morticia with a Twist
Morticia with a TwistmelodysHalloween Contest 2022
14 2
Merry Christmas to All!
Merry Christmas to All!melodys
29 13
Satin and Plaid
Satin and PlaidmelodysModeling/Posing
12 3
Tis the Season!
Tis the Season!melodys
25 4
Happy Holidays
Happy HolidaysmelodysModeling/Posing
19 2
A Touch of Sparkle
A Touch of SparklemelodysModeling/Posing
6 3
I Think I’ve Found My New Year’s Eve Outfit
I Think I’ve Found My New Year’s Eve Outfitmelodys
30 14
Fun Dress
Fun DressmelodysModeling/Posing
23 4
Black and White Dress in Black and White
Black and White Dress in Black and WhitemelodysModeling/Posing
26 6
A Quickie
A QuickiemelodysModeling/Posing
25 4
It’s a New Year
It’s a New Yearmelodys
21 6
Relaxing before heading out.
Relaxing before heading out.melodys
16 7
And Evening of Fun
And Evening of Funmelodys
14 7
October Fun
October FunmelodysModeling/Posing
14 4
Well, Hello There…
Well, Hello There…melodysModeling/Posing
22 8
Welcome to the Jungle
Welcome to the JunglemelodysModeling/Posing
18 2
All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go
All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Gomelodys
14 4
Getting Out
Getting OutmelodysOutfit
25 6
Love This Outfit
Love This Outfitmelodys
16 5
Getting Ready for Fall
Getting Ready for FallmelodysModeling/Posing
8 3
Office Wear
Office Wearmelodys
13 2
Spring Bloom in Black and White
Spring Bloom in Black and WhitemelodysModeling/Posing
14 3
The In-between Season
The In-between SeasonmelodysModeling/Posing
7 3
Time for the Weekend
Time for the Weekendmelodys
20 4
Quiet Evening at Home
Quiet Evening at Homemelodys
23 3
They Call it the Blues
They Call it the Bluesmelodys
21 4
Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Daymelodys
11 5
Purple and Pleather
Purple and PleathermelodysModeling/Posing
25 5
A New Year Dustup
A New Year DustupmelodysModeling/Posing
18 7
Making a Splash
Making a SplashmelodysModeling/Posing
6 3
Breaking out the Spring Dresses
Breaking out the Spring Dressesmelodys
27 7
Look Sharp – Grab a Pencil!
Look Sharp – Grab a Pencil!melodysModeling/Posing
28 8
Another Warm Weather Outfit
Another Warm Weather Outfitmelodys
20 6
Connecting the Dots
Connecting the DotsmelodysModeling/Posing
21 6
Spring Fun with Black and White
Spring Fun with Black and WhitemelodysModeling/Posing
20 3
Sitting Pretty
Sitting PrettymelodysModeling/Posing
21 3
A Velvet New Year
A Velvet New YearmelodysModeling/Posing
26 4
Classic Outfit for Me
Classic Outfit for MemelodysModeling/Posing
30 6
A Black and White Classic
A Black and White ClassicmelodysModeling/Posing
20 4
Back to Black
Back to BlackmelodysModeling/Posing
20 5
For the Love of Red
For the Love of RedmelodysModeling/Posing
16 7
Trying Out A New Outfit
Trying Out A New Outfitmelodys
33 7
From Work to Play
From Work to PlaymelodysModeling/Posing
13 5
Winter or Spring?
Winter or Spring?melodys
16 3
Downs and Ups
Downs and UpsmelodysModeling/Posing
17 5
If the Dress Fits – Buy It and Wear It!
If the Dress Fits – Buy It and Wear It!melodysHalloween, Modeling/Posing
45 9
That’s a Wrap
That’s a WrapmelodysModeling/Posing
20 5
When Shopping Leads to More Shopping
When Shopping Leads to More Shoppingmelodys
19 4
Winter is Still Here!
Winter is Still Here!melodys
16 4
Back to Black
Back to BlackmelodysModeling/Posing
17 4
Too Late for Red?
Too Late for Red?melodys
30 5
Any Excuse
Any ExcusemelodysModeling/Posing
23 4
Home is a Warm Sweater
Home is a Warm SweatermelodysModeling/Posing
15 4
Always Bet on Black
Always Bet on BlackmelodysModeling/Posing
9 4
A Celebration of Pink
A Celebration of Pinkmelodys
15 7
Autumn Outings
Autumn OutingsmelodysModeling/Posing
10 1
Top It Off
Top It OffmelodysModeling/Posing
29 8
Another Spring Dress
Another Spring DressmelodysModeling/Posing
25 5
Drinks Anyone?
Drinks Anyone?melodysOut and About
23 6
A Photo Before Heading Out
A Photo Before Heading OutmelodysModeling/Posing
34 7
Sweet Dreams
Sweet DreamsmelodysModeling/Posing
29 5
I’m Ready For Spring
I’m Ready For Springmelodys
28 4
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