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I'm VERY new to crossdressing and nobody really knows about it, so all of this is a pretty big step for me.  I've been interested in crossdressing for quite a while, but this is the first time I've really opted to get women's clothes and wear them around the house, and reach out to the community. I am married and the wife doesn't know about it, and I'm not really sure she would understand.  So for now I wait till she is gone for work (At the moment I'm working from home), slip on the pantyhoes, the gaff, body shaper, and the dress. I just really love the way women's clothes make me feel and I love the hourglass look I get with the body shaper. I'm looking forward to meeting new and similar people and finding out more and better ways of expressing my feminine side!

Getting ready for work.
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Trying different things
Trying different thingsparad0xCasual
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New Skirt
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First time out
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