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I am a senior 'sometimes' crossdresser who enjoys exploring my feminine side whenever I can. I dressed frequently as a teenager and young man, but have only recently returned to my passion after an almost fifty years hiatus. I am fortunate have an accepting wife and family. I am having a wonderful time being 'out-and'about' and though I probably don't 'pass' as well as I did when I was young, with enough makeup and, especially face-lift tape, it seems to work out just fine!

Cleaning Day
Cleaning DaysometimespauletteCasual
3 3
Another LBD Photo
Another LBD PhotosometimespauletteOutfit
5 3
One Last Christmas Photo
One Last Christmas PhotosometimespauletteGlamming Up
8 3
5 5
4 2
Paulette is Santa’s Helper
Paulette is Santa’s HelpersometimespauletteEvents
1 3
My Going to the Mall for the First Time Outfit
My Going to the Mall for the First Time OutfitsometimespauletteOut and About
2 1
5 4
Just Chillin’ on a Sunday Evening
Just Chillin’ on a Sunday EveningsometimespauletteCasual
3 2
Merry Christmas
Merry ChristmassometimespauletteGlamming Up
5 3
Definitely NOT an Outfit for the Mall
Definitely NOT an Outfit for the MallsometimespauletteCasual
4 2
Another Lunch Photo
Another Lunch PhotosometimespauletteOut and About
12 2
Paulette’s New Capris
Paulette’s New CaprissometimespauletteCasual
2 1
Paulette @ Christmas
Paulette @ ChristmassometimespauletteGlamming Up
9 3
Paulette’s Christmas
Paulette’s ChristmassometimespauletteEvents
11 7
6 4
Las Vegas
Las VegassometimespauletteCasual
4 4
Las Vegas 2
10 3
Las Vegas 3
6 2
Trying Longer Hair
Trying Longer HairsometimespauletteCasual
5 4
Paulette Revealing Her Inner “Drag Queen”
Paulette Revealing Her Inner “Drag Queen”sometimespauletteCostumes/Fancy Dress
7 2
Back to the bob!
Back to the bob!sometimespauletteCasual
5 4
Diva Las Vegas 2023 2
Diva Las Vegas 2023 2sometimespauletteCasual
7 4
One Last DLV Photo
One Last DLV PhotosometimespauletteCasual
2 2
Palm Springs Halloween Party
Palm Springs Halloween Partysometimespaulette2023 Halloween Photo Contest
6 4
My New Dress
My New DresssometimespauletteOutfit
4 4
The “Real” Paulette
The “Real” PaulettesometimespauletteOut and About
4 2
Getting in the Christmas Spirit
Getting in the Christmas SpiritsometimespauletteEvents
4 6
Palm Springs Oct 2023
Palm Springs Oct 2023sometimespauletteOut and About
26 5
Paulette on the Prowl
Paulette on the Prowlsometimespaulette
14 8
Paulette at Diva Las Vegas
Paulette at Diva Las Vegassometimespaulette
4 2
Trying Out Different Wigs
Trying Out Different WigssometimespauletteCasual
0 1
A Studious Pose
A Studious PosesometimespauletteCasual
2 3
Yet Another Wig
Yet Another WigsometimespauletteCasual
1 1
Another Diva Las Vegas Photo
Another Diva Las Vegas Photosometimespaulette
3 3
Diva Las Vegas III
Diva Las Vegas IIIsometimespaulette
2 1
Happy Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s DaysometimespauletteEvents
5 2
Lunch on the Patio
Lunch on the PatiosometimespauletteCasual
14 3
A More Mature Look
A More Mature Looksometimespaulette
3 3
Paulette Acting Her Age
Paulette Acting Her AgesometimespauletteGlamming Up
2 5
On My Bicycle
On My BicyclesometimespauletteCasual
5 4
Paulette the Biker Babe
Paulette the Biker BabesometimespauletteCostumes/Fancy Dress
6 1
Another LV Photo
Another LV PhotosometimespauletteGlamming Up
12 2
Another DLV Photo
Another DLV PhotosometimespauletteCasual
8 4
Paulette’s New Sundress
Paulette’s New Sundresssometimespaulette
5 2
Dance Hall Girl
Dance Hall GirlsometimespauletteCostumes/Fancy Dress
2 3
Just Hanging Around the House
Just Hanging Around the HousesometimespauletteCasual
1 2
Biergarten Maid
Biergarten MaidsometimespauletteCostumes/Fancy Dress
2 3
In My Jeans
In My JeanssometimespauletteCasual
0 2
Heading out to the Pool
Heading out to the PoolsometimespauletteSwimsuit
16 3
Back to Blonde
Back to BlondesometimespauletteCasual
8 1
Las Vegas 4
2 3
Trying a Shorter Hairstyle
Trying a Shorter HairstylesometimespauletteCasual
1 3
June Las Vegas Trip
June Las Vegas TripsometimespauletteOut and About
22 3
Dinner Out
Dinner OutsometimespauletteOut and About
4 2
Another Biergarten Maid
Another Biergarten MaidsometimespauletteCostumes/Fancy Dress
5 8
Diva Las Vegas 2023
Diva Las Vegas 2023sometimespauletteCasual
4 1
Paulette Tries Out Her “Dollies”
Paulette Tries Out Her “Dollies”sometimespauletteGlamming Up
4 4
At My Desk
At My DesksometimespauletteCasual
3 2
A Belated LBD Photo
A Belated LBD PhotosometimespauletteOutfit
5 1
At My Desk II
At My Desk IIsometimespauletteCasual
2 3
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