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AI love being dressed and feeling like a woman.
I'm an old married, no she doesn't know, retired guy living on 17 acres of woods near a very small town in central Wisconsin.
I crossdressed a few years ago, and liked the way it felt wearing womens clothes, but having a moustache I didn't feel feminine at the time.
I 've been crossdressing again for about 2 years , however this time, with no facial hair. Now when I dress up, I feel as if I am truely a woman. I've bought a few dresses, shoes, under garments, and some jewelry.
I just haven't been brave (for lack of better words) enough to go into public alone dressed. Oh, I went into an adult store, and the local dollar store fully dressed fem, but that's all. I've worn finger nail polish and a couple of times lipstick in public but always made sure to hid them. Recently, I have started wearing my bra, with home made inserts, whenever I go shopping, mainly under a sweatshirt of jacket. What a thrill that is.
I'm looking forward to the day when I go into Walmart as a woman. That day is coming soon I Hope!

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Ready to go outtammilove
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Just a little leg.
Just a little leg.tammiloveParty Time
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