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Even as a boy, I thought girl’s clothing was more interesting than boy’s clothing. I dabbled with crossdressing in my early 20’s trying on my sisters’ clothes — but didn’t take it very far because very little fit me. Eventually my attention turned to my career — getting my degree and teaching at a university. So my crossdressing laid dormant for decades. But the itch never totally went away. When I retired, I realized that the time was right to try my hand at crossdressing again. Except this time I got serious. The internet provided me with women’s apparel that actually fit me — and delivered it to my front door. YouTube taught me how to apply makeup and other tricks to feminize my appearance. And I had the time and freedom to experiment. The result is that I was able to create Angela, a woman whose beauty and femininity exceeded my wildest expectations. I’m sorry if that sounds vain, but I’ll never forget the first time I saw her in the mirror, fully realized, staring back at me. What a rush! If only my 20-something self could see me now! I joined Crossdresser Heaven about three months after I got back into crossdressing, and it changed my life. The support and love I feel from this community has given me the confidence and courage to take my crossdressing to the next level. I have now begun to go out in public as Angela — something that I honestly thought I would never do when I began my crossdressing journey. So what’s next? Going shopping with my CDH friends, a professional makeover, and a convention or two. Stay tuned.

Wearing It Proudly
Wearing It ProudlytheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
8 3
My Favorite Dress
My Favorite DresstheunrealangelawagnerCasual
5 2
Early Angela (December)
Early Angela (December)theunrealangelawagnerCasual
9 1
Sweater Dresses
Sweater DressestheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
34 4
Old Favorites
Old FavoritestheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
22 3
My Kind of Dress
My Kind of DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
24 1
Do I have a favorite dress?
Do I have a favorite dress?theunrealangelawagnerCasual
6 3
Angela the Real Estate Agent
Angela the Real Estate AgenttheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
22 1
Angela at the Computer
Angela at the ComputertheunrealangelawagnerCasual
1 1
What Do You Think, Julie?
What Do You Think, Julie?theunrealangelawagnerOutfit
22 4
National Legwear Day
National Legwear DaytheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
18 2
Angela the PR Representative
Angela the PR RepresentativetheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
37 5
My first dress.
My first dress.theunrealangelawagnerCostumes/Fancy Dress
5 3
My Spring Dress
My Spring DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
18 3
It’s National Flower Day
It’s National Flower DaytheunrealangelawagnerCasual
25 4
Ready to go shopping.
Ready to go shopping.theunrealangelawagnerCasual
3 2
Everyday Woman
Everyday WomantheunrealangelawagnerCasual
18 4
Trying on a red miniskirt.
Trying on a red miniskirt.theunrealangelawagnerCasual
6 2
Angel and Angela
Angel and AngelatheunrealangelawagnerCasual
5 2
Going Green
Going GreentheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
27 4
I Got My Toenails Painted!
I Got My Toenails Painted!theunrealangelawagnerMakeup
9 1
It’s the Fourth of July!
It’s the Fourth of July!theunrealangelawagnerCostumes/Fancy Dress
33 3
I get the large majority of my wardrobe from one source
I get the large majority of my wardrobe from one sourcetheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
14 4
Angela Rules the World
Angela Rules the WorldtheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
33 4
The Crossdressing Experience
The Crossdressing Experiencetheunrealangelawagner
7 2
Animal Prints
Animal PrintstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
33 3
I Love Miniskirts
I Love MiniskirtstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
9 2
Do you know what day it is today?
Do you know what day it is today?theunrealangelawagnerCostumes/Fancy Dress
18 1
Angie and Viv
24 5
A Dress for All Seasons
A Dress for All SeasonstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
3 1
My Winter Dress
My Winter DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
8 2
My Las Vegas Dress
My Las Vegas DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
45 2
Simply Beautiful
Simply BeautifultheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
17 2
My Gabriela Dress
My Gabriela DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
25 2
My Sweater Dress
My Sweater DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
41 5
I Enjoy Being a Girl
I Enjoy Being a GirltheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
38 3
Mona’s Suggestion
Mona’s SuggestiontheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
18 4
An oldie from 2023
An oldie from 2023theunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
16 1
Blue Monday
Blue MondaytheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
11 3
An Unexpected Opportunity to Dress Up
An Unexpected Opportunity to Dress UptheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
18 4
The First Dress I Ever Bought in Person
The First Dress I Ever Bought in PersontheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
24 2
Angie the Soccer Mom
Angie the Soccer MomtheunrealangelawagnerCasual
27 2
Angela Buys a Dress
Angela Buys a DresstheunrealangelawagnerOut and About
8 3
My Fall Wardrobe
My Fall WardrobetheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
16 1
Makeup Accomplished (February)
Makeup Accomplished (February)theunrealangelawagnerMakeup
22 4
The Never Ending Torrid
The Never Ending TorridtheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
13 2
Angela Now
Angela NowtheunrealangelawagnerAccessories
16 3
Not Acting My Age
Not Acting My AgetheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
17 2
My Personal Favorite
My Personal FavoritetheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
60 4
Shopping With Friends
Shopping With FriendstheunrealangelawagnerOut and About
32 4
Goth Girl
Goth GirltheunrealangelawagnerCostumes/Fancy Dress
12 2
My Orange Dress
My Orange DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
55 5
What Happens In Vegas …
What Happens In Vegas …theunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
27 5
Shopping With My Sisters
Shopping With My SisterstheunrealangelawagnerAccessories
7 1
Keepin’ It Casual
Keepin’ It CasualtheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
5 1
Casual Friday
Casual FridaytheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
32 3
I’m Back!
I’m Back!theunrealangelawagnerAccessories
2 1
National Wear a Dress Day
National Wear a Dress DaytheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
9 2
Lost In Thought
Lost In ThoughttheunrealangelawagnerGlamming Up
9 5
Yellow Fever
Yellow FevertheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
20 6
Shopping with Julie and Vivian
Shopping with Julie and ViviantheunrealangelawagnerOut and About
13 3
All About the Dress
All About the DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
24 3
Angela is all ready for the big gala event
Angela is all ready for the big gala eventtheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
20 5
Let’s Be Debonair
Let’s Be DebonairtheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
9 5
Blue and White Miniskirt
Blue and White MiniskirttheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
11 2
Sometimes a girl just wants to wear a pretty pink dress
Sometimes a girl just wants to wear a pretty pink dresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
22 3
Did Someone Say It’s Formal Friday?
Did Someone Say It’s Formal Friday?theunrealangelawagnerOutfit
18 1
Should Angela Wear Glasses?
Should Angela Wear Glasses?theunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
23 5
The Pink Fog
The Pink FogtheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
8 2
Saturday is Angela’s Day
Saturday is Angela’s DaytheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
7 3
National Angela Day
National Angela DaytheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
22 3
Close-Up Tuesday
Close-Up TuesdaytheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
20 1
Beginning Makeup (January)
Beginning Makeup (January)theunrealangelawagnerMakeup
9 2
Still My Favorite Dress
Still My Favorite DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
15 4
12 2
All Dressed Up
All Dressed UptheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
12 3
Today is Torrid Day
Today is Torrid DaytheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
30 3
Angela the Flight Attendant
Angela the Flight AttendanttheunrealangelawagnerCostumes/Fancy Dress
46 6
A Conservative Look
A Conservative LooktheunrealangelawagnerCasual
7 4
Stop and Go
Stop and GotheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
15 1
Casual Tuesday
Casual TuesdaytheunrealangelawagnerCasual
6 2
5 3
I Can Hardly Wait For Summer
I Can Hardly Wait For SummertheunrealangelawagnerSwimsuit
6 2
My Journey
My JourneytheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
28 5
I’ve Got a Secret
I’ve Got a SecrettheunrealangelawagnerOut and About
20 3
My Little Goth Dress
My Little Goth DresstheunrealangelawagnerCostumes/Fancy Dress
5 3
Christine Baranski
Christine BaranskitheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
12 4
Angela and Julie
Angela and JulietheunrealangelawagnerOut and About
26 4
Angela Wearing Glasses
Angela Wearing GlassestheunrealangelawagnerAccessories
9 1
My JCPenney Dress
My JCPenney DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
16 2
Pencil Dresses and Skirts (Part 1)
Pencil Dresses and Skirts (Part 1)theunrealangelawagnerOutfit
2 2
Angela on the Treadmill
Angela on the TreadmilltheunrealangelawagnerCasual
20 2
Autumn Colors
Autumn ColorstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
24 4
My High Low Dress
My High Low DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
9 2
The Senior Crossdresser
The Senior CrossdressertheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
46 6
Angela Interrupted
Angela InterruptedtheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
6 4
Pencil Dresses and Skirts (Part 2)
Pencil Dresses and Skirts (Part 2)theunrealangelawagnerOutfit
11 5
Blue and White
Blue and WhitetheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
10 2
Off the Shoulders
Off the ShoulderstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
27 5
Pencil Dresses and Skirts (Part 3)
Pencil Dresses and Skirts (Part 3)theunrealangelawagnerOutfit
7 2
Angela is One Groovy Chick
Angela is One Groovy ChicktheunrealangelawagnerCostumes/Fancy Dress
7 2
My Goodwill Dress
My Goodwill DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
24 5
Happy Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s DaytheunrealangelawagnerCasual
14 4
A new wig calls for a new persona
A new wig calls for a new personatheunrealangelawagnerCasual
7 3
Showin’ my legs
Showin’ my legstheunrealangelawagnerCasual
21 3
Shopping With a Friend
Shopping With a FriendtheunrealangelawagnerOut and About
15 2
Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pinktheunrealangelawagner
10 3
I’m ready for my close-up
I’m ready for my close-uptheunrealangelawagnerCasual
2 1
It’s not too early for spring fashion
It’s not too early for spring fashiontheunrealangelawagnerCasual
4 1
Boho Chic
Boho ChictheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
28 3
My Zebra-Print Dress
My Zebra-Print DresstheunrealangelawagnerOut and About
67 5
Angela’s Public Debut
Angela’s Public DebuttheunrealangelawagnerOut and About
40 8
Taking a Break
Taking a BreaktheunrealangelawagnerCasual
18 4
Angela Running Errands
Angela Running ErrandstheunrealangelawagnerOut and About
8 1
Angela Goes Shopping for a Dress
Angela Goes Shopping for a DresstheunrealangelawagnerOut and About
25 4
Shape-wear (March)
Shape-wear (March)theunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
8 3
Angela Through the Looking Glass
Angela Through the Looking GlasstheunrealangelawagnerCostumes/Fancy Dress
36 4
The 3 Faces of Angela
The 3 Faces of AngelatheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
28 3
My First Goodwill Dress
My First Goodwill DresstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
20 3
Three Times the Charm
Three Times the CharmtheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
6 4
A Piece of the Action
A Piece of the ActiontheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
29 4
What Will I Wear?
What Will I Wear?theunrealangelawagnerOut and About
21 3
The Day I Met Angela
The Day I Met AngelatheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
15 3
38 5
Beautiful Girls
Beautiful GirlstheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
6 1
My Ma’am Moment
My Ma’am Momenttheunrealangelawagner
16 3
Correct Posture
Correct PosturetheunrealangelawagnerModeling/Posing
6 3
Close-Up Sunday
Close-Up SundaytheunrealangelawagnerCasual
3 2
She Wears Short Shorts
She Wears Short ShortstheunrealangelawagnerOutfit
31 2
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