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I’ve been underdressing with my wife’s knowledge since 2010. The extent of my journey, thus far, has just been wearing women’s panties daily (all day, every day). I occasionally wear stockings. If I’m not wearing skinny jeans, I sometimes wear thigh highs with garters. I have worn corsets at home in the past but now that I want to go further, I learned that my love of beer has made all my old corsets too small which has motivated me to lose weight. I had planned to only dress in public at some special events. The more I thought about doing that, the more I wanted to just do it regardless of if it was for an event where it would be acceptable. Three weeks after ordering my first shoes and skirt, I made my first public outing en femme. It was wonderful, fulfilling, and I want to do it more and more.

Perfect Night for a Sweater Dress
Perfect Night for a Sweater DresstrailgirlOutfit
1 2
New Outfit and Skirt Length
New Outfit and Skirt LengthtrailgirlOutfit
4 2
Just Got Home From the Fetish Ball
Just Got Home From the Fetish BalltrailgirlMakeup
2 5
Heading out for the night.
Heading out for the night.trailgirlOutfit
5 5
New Older Purchase
New Older PurchasetrailgirlOutfit
0 0
Not my usual style
Not my usual styletrailgirlOutfit
13 5
Today’s New Outfit
Today’s New OutfittrailgirlOutfit
0 0
Another New Outfit
Another New OutfittrailgirlOutfit
2 2
Out dancing with friends
Out dancing with friendstrailgirlOut and About
5 5
After Work Girl Time
After Work Girl TimetrailgirlOutfit
6 3
Feeling Vintage Today
Feeling Vintage TodaytrailgirlOutfit
2 1
A Daylight Excursion
A Daylight ExcursiontrailgirlOut and About
12 6
I Learned a New Trick for Shaping
I Learned a New Trick for ShapingtrailgirlOutfit
0 2
Fun Outfit
Fun OutfittrailgirlOutfit
6 1
First Time Doing Full Makeup
First Time Doing Full Makeuptrailgirl
10 8
Very First Makeup Attempt
Very First Makeup AttempttrailgirlMakeup
9 2
Feeling More Confident
Feeling More ConfidenttrailgirlOutfit
0 0
My First Stilettos
My First StilettostrailgirlShoes
11 6
Another New Skirt
Another New SkirttrailgirlOutfit
4 1
Longline Blouse
Longline BlousetrailgirlOutfit
0 0
Longline Blouse, Photo 2
Longline Blouse, Photo 2trailgirlOutfit
0 0
Day Off Outfit
Day Off OutfittrailgirlOutfit
15 4
At the Drag Show with Philma
At the Drag Show with PhilmatrailgirlOut and About
18 6
Getting Ready to Go Out
Getting Ready to Go OuttrailgirlMakeup
11 6
Candid Shot that Turned Out Well
Candid Shot that Turned Out WelltrailgirlOutfit
12 4
First Time Out
First Time Outtrailgirl
14 11
It’s All About the Details
It’s All About the DetailstrailgirlAccessories
0 0
Crossplay at a cosplay/anime convention
Crossplay at a cosplay/anime conventiontrailgirlOut and About
18 6
Me With the Queens.
Me With the Queens.trailgirlOut and About
19 6
New Outfit
New OutfittrailgirlOutfit
2 4
Seen by the Neighbor
Seen by the Neighbortrailgirl
0 2
First Time in Public Fully Femme
First Time in Public Fully Femmetrailgirl
8 11
At the Drag Show Dressed
At the Drag Show DressedtrailgirlOut and About
2 1
Stupid Face Mask
Stupid Face MasktrailgirlOut and About
8 10
I LOVE These Boots
I LOVE These BootstrailgirlOutfit
2 2
Free Skirt
Free SkirttrailgirlOutfit
1 2
Waiting for the Fetish Ball to Start
Waiting for the Fetish Ball to StarttrailgirlOut and About
11 6
Free Skirt
Free SkirttrailgirlOutfit
4 3
My First Nail Art
My First Nail ArttrailgirlMakeup
4 0
4 0
Fetish Ball
Fetish BalltrailgirlOut and About
8 4
Making a Poor Fitting Shirt Work
Making a Poor Fitting Shirt WorktrailgirlOutfit
3 1
One of My Favorite New Outfits
One of My Favorite New OutfitstrailgirlOutfit
4 1
The Rainbow Rave
The Rainbow RavetrailgirlOut and About
4 2
The Public Wig
The Public Wigtrailgirl
12 10
No Mask Finally
No Mask FinallytrailgirlOut and About
24 8
My first pumps
My first pumpstrailgirlShoes
6 1
Styled my wig a little more to go out
Styled my wig a little more to go outtrailgirlOut and About
21 8
One of My Few Long Dresses
One of My Few Long DressestrailgirlOutfit
6 1
Channeling Emily in Paris
Channeling Emily in ParistrailgirlOutfit
11 2
New Wardrobe
New WardrobetrailgirlOutfit
3 2
Testing My Skirt Length Limit
Testing My Skirt Length LimittrailgirlOutfit
7 3
New Outfit
New OutfittrailgirlOutfit
4 1
Serving and Sampling at a Beer Festival
Serving and Sampling at a Beer Festivaltrailgirl
7 10
Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Happy St. Patrick’s DaytrailgirlOutfit
4 0
Fetish Ball!
Fetish Ball!trailgirlOutfit
7 4
Simple Knit Dress
Simple Knit DresstrailgirlOutfit
2 0
Out Again
Out AgaintrailgirlOut and About
20 7
Finally Fitting Into This Skirt
Finally Fitting Into This SkirttrailgirlOutfit
6 2
New Sweater Vest “Dress”
New Sweater Vest “Dress”trailgirlOutfit
2 0
Pants Day
Pants DaytrailgirlOutfit
0 0
Girls Night Out
Girls Night OuttrailgirlOut and About
5 7
Feeling Casual Today
Feeling Casual TodaytrailgirlOutfit
0 0
Moving On Up: My First 5” Stilettos
Moving On Up: My First 5” StilettostrailgirlShoes
0 2
Tried a White Eyeliner
Tried a White EyelinertrailgirlMakeup
5 6
Mika in Leggings?!
Mika in Leggings?!trailgirlOutfit
11 9
Getting Colder but Still Showing Some Leg
Getting Colder but Still Showing Some LegtrailgirlOutfit
4 0
Seeing Good Friends
Seeing Good FriendstrailgirlOut and About
1 3
Trans and Drag Do Mix
Trans and Drag Do MixtrailgirlOut and About
3 6
Another Daytime Excursion
Another Daytime Excursiontrailgirl
3 5
Fabulous night out
Fabulous night outtrailgirlOut and About
4 7
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