This article is a fun test for identifying how much you like bras.

If you scored at least one point, put on a bra immediately and look for a specialized store to have a proper fitting done.

(So, score one point for each yes answer.)

1. You tried on a bra for the first time as a child or teenager
2. You like the feel of the bra on your body
3. You wear a bra even though you’re wearing men’s clothing over it
4. You wear a bra even outside the house.
5. You have your own bras
6. You own more than one bra
7. You are a collector of bras (at least 10—score an extra point!)
8. You own more bras than your wife/girlfriend
9. You always wear a bra and panties
10. You even wear a bra to sleep.
11. You buy your own bras
12. You know your proper bra size
13. You wear a bra every day
14. You try to notice which type of bra women wear through the strap showing or the contour and transparency under the clothes.
15. You wonder what it would be like to have breasts to fill out a bra
16. You remember the first bra you wore
17. You remember the first bra you bought
18. You and your wife/girlfriend “match” bras
19. You learned how to unbutton your girlfriend’s bra while wearing a bra
20. You know which type of bra to wear for particular situations
21. You are anxious to get home and put on your bra
22. You worry that someone might notice you are wearing a bra
23. You have a bra for every occasion
24. You know how to put your bra on without turning it
25. You know how to take off your bra without taking your shirt off.
26. You organize your bras by color, style, etc.
27. You have a favorite bra
28. You love shopping for bras online
29. You love shopping for bras in stores, even though you get anxious.
30. You wear a sports bra to exercise
31. You own and use push-up bras to simulate projection and cleavage?
32. You own and wear lacy bras?
33. You started out wearing your sister or mother’s bras
34. You love looking at catalogs or researching bras online
35. When you go to a clothing store, you always visit the lingerie section to browse bras.
36. You have different colored bras – and you have a favorite color
37. Buttoning and unbuttoning a bra is a magical and exciting ritual for you
38. You take advantage of very cold days to wear bras under several blouses and thus not be “discovered”
39. You love the smell of a new bra
40. You know most women don’t like bras because they wear the wrong size
41. You like bralettes, but you prefer them to have a clasp for you to button and unbutton
42. You think it’s unfair that bras cost so much?
43. You don’t mind not dressing completely like a woman… as long as you’re wearing a bra, of course!
44. You once thought you were the only man on Earth who liked to wear bras?
45. You love buying bras for your wife and girlfriend – and when you don’t get one exactly like it for yourself, you’re tempted to “try on” the gift later.
46. You unbutton your bra with one hand.
47. You looked online to find out about men who wear bras
48. You visit forums like CDH to find discussions about bras
49. You are reading this article right now
50. You are wearing a bra right now

If you scored up to 10 points: You are curious. Try on a bra immediately one or more times and retest.

If you scored 10 to 20 points: “Bronze bra”: You have at some point tried and enjoyed wearing a bra. Practice more and you might be surprised.

If you scored 21 to 40 points: “Silver Bra”: You like to wear a bra. Keep it up!

If you scored 41 to 49 points: “Golden bra”: You love wearing bras!

If you scored 50 points: “Diamond Bra”: You love wearing a bra more than any woman!

– How many points did you accumulate?

– Do you know why you like to wear a bra?

– What items did you most identify with?


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Amanda Sanders
6 months ago

I wear panties every day. Bras are a little trickier but now that the weather is getting colder I wear a bra under layers, PS- Scored 35

Lisa Roberts
5 months ago

49 !!! I love that undergarment. I bra shopped with my grandma at a very young age. She let me put one over my clothes at the age of 4. I was “hooked”.

Rayna Carlian
Active Member
5 months ago

I have tried bras, I tried different types and yes I know my proper size. I learned how to take a bra off when I was 14, didn’t need to be wearing one for that. I don’t like the restricted feeling. I put myself through wearing them a few times to hold forms, but I’ve stopped that too. I hate the feeling of the bra constricting around me. I have grown to love the feeling of backless halter style dresses that wouldn’t allow for a bra anyway. So, there we are. If you enjoy them, good for you and I… Read more »

Katherine Leigh
Active Member
4 months ago

Only got a Silver Bra, but loved taking the quiz and reading everyone’s responses.

Nadia Bentley
Nadia Bentley
4 months ago

Love this! Only scored 29 but gives me room for improvement for next year.
N x

Gina Smith
Gina Smith
3 months ago

Golden Bra! 47! I not only have a favorite overall bra I also have favorites in each cup size. For going out in cool weather and a jacket I have an A-cup red lace bra which I can still have a nice squeezable shape. If it is winter coat weather, then my Warner’s Cloud 9 light pink B-cup bra. Around the house I like my Bali glossy underwire in a C-cup. And for sleeping my total contentment is a Balii One Smooth You D-cup.

Lynda Jones
Active Member
3 months ago

@Marie Claire Love all your questions. I am 38D or 40C with forms, and fill 38A with out, and I scored 42.

Roni Calin
3 months ago

I scored golden  

3 months ago

Thank you so much for these questions.  I scored a 46 and it made me realize how much I love indulging myself with a bra and inserts to fill it out.  I wear a 48B with C inserts.  As so many have stated, I started wearing my mothers clothes when I was young.  I was very ashamed of myself but also knew how much I enjoyed the feel of her skirts and blouses.  I have recently started wearing a bra out in public but only with a coat over my girls. I hope there comes a day when I can… Read more »

Barb Sexygal
3 months ago

Silver bra. I love wearing a bra, and panties. Sadly I don’t have a matching set yet, so i guess i need to do more shopping. 🙂

Barb Sexygal
28 days ago
Reply to  Barb Sexygal

i bought a matching set last week, and i love it!  💕  💕 

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