Hi Girls! Today I’ll be covering as much as I can about shapewear in as few words as possible – which is a real challenge given the numbers and styles of the various forms of female shapewear! I’m gonna save you a pile of money as well!

Shapewear comes in many shapes and styles designed to give a lady an elegant, classy, cute, and sexy look while wearing her clothing. The words used to describe different types of shapewear I currently own include the following: bras, corsets or waist trainers, butt and hip enhancers, body briefers (both full and no breast types), and waist trimmers. I own every single type of these forms of shapewear in their three basic colors – black, nude/beige, or white – depending on what I’m going to wear that day or night over the shapewear.

All the above noted forms of shapewear may have different descriptive names assigned to them, and I couldn’t begin to list them all in a limited amount of words.

Here’s a couple of my best money saving tips when purchasing shape wear. 1) Please don’t go online and spend $100 to $300 on some silicone butt or hip enhancers or a pair of $200 silicone breasts. What a waste of money! Especially when you can get exactly what you need for a fraction of those prices! 2) You can purchase all the shape wear you need online at Amazon or in brick and mortar stores such as Walmart, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, The Ross Stores, or The Burlington Stores.

En Femme Style

When it comes to silicone breasts, you can’t beat Amazon for the quality and price. Mine are gorgeous in a perfect 38B size and a perfect tear-drop shape with the most beautiful nipples on them you’ve ever seen! I only paid 28 bucks for them on Amazon and have had them for over five years. They are still perfect! My foam breasts I purchased online from of all places – Walgreens! They are extremely light weight, and I use them when I’m wearing my strapless bras, which are needed for dresses or tops that are shear from the top of the breasts to the top of my shoulders-(so no bra straps are showing.)

My butt and hip enhancers cost between $10 and 15 dollars from Amazon. I like the ones that come with the removable foam pads, have interior pockets for the pads, and have about a 2-inch piece of stretch lace at the bottom of the spandex panties. You usually must purchase the butt and hip-padded panties separately and put on both pairs when wearing something that has a snug fit around your butt. And when you order on Amazon Prime, the shipping is free, and the items are on your porch either in one or two days!

My corsets or waist trainers come from Amazon or all the brick and mortar stores noted above. The price for them ranges from $14 to $25 each. I have them in all three of the basic colors – black, nude, and white. The same goes for the purchase of full body briefers or braless body briefers. The location of purchase is the same as corsets or waist trainers and the prices are the same as well. When it comes to body briefers, you can buy them online or at any of the brick and mortar stores noted above.  

Here’s another couple of my very important Scarlett shapewear tips for you! First; when purchasing online, take the time to read the reviews from the customers who’ve already purchased the items you’re looking at. These reviews are critical to finding out about form, fit, function, and durability! I never buy any shapewear online without reading these very important reviews! Secondly; I usually purchase my shapewear one size smaller than recommended on the size charts. I like a firm fit when it comes to creating my girly curves! In many of the photos that you see of me on CDH, the only shapewear I have on is a size 38B bra with my 38B silicone breasts inserted in the bra. I simply don’t need shapewear when wearing dresses that have some sort of flare from the waist down. 

And speaking of breasts; Many crossdressers think “Bigger is better or sexier!” – WRONG! – That’s just not the case! In my Scarlett photos, I’m wearing 38B silicone breasts in a 38B bra. Based on the overwhelming number of compliments I receive, from so many of the sweet girls on this site, it confirms that my breast-size choice is the right choice! I want to thank you girls for all your lovely notes. I never take any of them for granted. Thank you so much for sending them to me!

Well girls, that’s a good start on this topic. I’m sure you may have additional questions you want answers to. If you have further questions regarding shapewear, please send them to me in a private message.

Love, Scarlett  XOXOXO

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Amy Myers
Noble Member
3 years ago

Thank you Scarlett for the information on this very important subject. I have a few things, and some work better than others, and I hate over paying for things like this!

Dawnie Saxton
Active Member
3 years ago

What a Wonderful Article, Scarlett!!! Great Advice!!

Paula Malmborg
Active Member
3 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to write this fantastic article, this will save money for all that read it, I wish i had this information when i started dressing

stephanie plumb
Active Member
3 years ago

Yeah. I agree with (almost) everything you said. I buy all my shape wear and forms and wigs from Amazon UK – who offer free delivery to amazon lockers or pick up locations, for privacy reasons. I have several sets of forms and they have lasted extremely well. I am a 38″ chest but find a 40″ band size a little more comfortable. My (current) favourite forms are 2XL 600gm/1200gm a pair which gives me a generous C-cup profile or maybe a D in a push up bra. I used to thing “bigger was better” but since realising that I… Read more »

Peggy Sue Williams
Noble Member
3 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to compose this informative article, Scarlett. Exchanging CD tips on how to look more beautiful and save money at the same time has always been a priority with me. IMHO, supporting each other is what we loving sisters should do. Here in Atlanta we are blessed with a plethora of shopping choices, but Amazon has also been my friend, many times. We have a huge number of thrifts, and I see CDs and trans girls all the time, shopping the racks, scoring bargains. They know me by my female name at many thrifts. I wonder… Read more »

Peggy Sue Williams
Noble Member
3 years ago
Reply to  Scarlett398

OK, thanks. I missed that suggestion but will go look for it on my public photos.

Diana Renee Baker
3 years ago

Well I suppose everyone has their own preference when it comes to shapewear. But I don’t believe in buying cheap. You have heard the saying, ” You get what you pay for”. But I am also not saying not to pay attention to price but rather what works and allows you to achieve the best figure possible of course as a woman. I have used a product called ” Vedette” and you can google the Vedette Store and they have such a wide variety shapewear and bras. You can also buy these products on Amazon as well. And I will… Read more »

Danielle Rose Fox
3 years ago

As always Scarlett your advice is the best! I purchased my breastforms from Amazon and went with the asymmetrical and a C cup size but then I have wide shoulders and a little overweight so they are proportional ! I do need to look into padding for hips and butt! Always a pleasure reading your posts and articles. Love ❤️ and hugs

daina gurlee
3 years ago

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your advice and experience, Scarlett.

Dame Veronica Graunwolf
Active Member

Great article Scarlett….thank you. Like I have always maintained, far too many shops are ripping us off. Shop around girls………lingerie need not cost an arm and a leg.

Dame Veronica.

Dame Veronica Graunwolf
Active Member

One more thing……..we want to look all in proper proportions. Look at all our sisters in the world………giant boobs are not natural, in most cases.

Dame Veronica

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