Or as Paul Harvey used to say, “And Now for the Rest of the Story.”

This is a follow-up to my “First Time Out” article. As part of my preparation for my transformation, I packed my large breast forms, sized for 40D, in my suitcase. (Those must have provoked some wonder in the person that ransacked my bag.) I didn’t pack a bra as that was to be included in the Real Girl transformation I’d scheduled with Just You.

When I got to my appointment, Amy had several bras for me to choose from. I initially chose the one I thought was prettiest, but selected another based on Amy’s input. While being Amy’s “Barbie”, trying on assorted outfits, my left form suddenly dropped out the bottom of the bra! Amy helped me get it resituated and adjusted the chest band tighter so that it wouldn’t happen again. We completed the rest of the appointment without incident, and I navigated back to my hotel room as previously described.

Back in my room, I collected the ice bucket and went down the hall to get ice so I could chill down drinks for the next day. With the drinks on ice, I prepared to go back out to spend more time in public. As I picked up my purse, I suddenly was confronted with my left form lying on the floor, having once again escaped out the bottom of the bra! That shook my confidence enough that I decided to call it a night and proceeded to get undressed. When I got down to my bra, I reached behind to unhook it when suddenly my right form hit the ground as the shoulder strap came undone in the back and flew over my shoulder! I’m afraid that poor bra just wasn’t up to the task.

Since getting home, I’ve examined the failed bra more closely and have observed that the left shoulder strap was in the process of failing in the same way as the right one had. I would hate to think what the experience might have been had I suffered a failure while taking the long route back to my room. From now on I’ll be sure to take one of my Playtex bras if I’m going to be wearing my large forms.

Based on my build and evidence of family genetics the Ds really are roughly the minimum size I’d have been endowed with had I been born a GG. I do have a smaller size purchased to fit an outfit that simply won’t accommodate the D’s, but they weren’t what I wanted to wear for my transformation.

Since none of the failures happened in public I can laugh at them, and I hope that you too have gotten a chuckle or two from the travails I faced in private.



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Thank you for sharing your experince…. I hope you don’t mind , I did chuckle a little bit!! But most of all thank you for the heads up … To take care of our “girls”.. Leonara

Active Member

Hi Stephanie
Thanks for that uplifting read, we all have fails and its great to have a laugh to let the hard times go by
Paula XX

stephanie plumb

Never happened to me . I suspect your bra size band size is too large. Pop out of the top I get – it has happened to me – but never out of the bottom of the bra. I am a size 40 chest and wear bra’s with a band size of 40 or 42, sometimes a 38. What band size do you wear? See my post “The great underbust issue”.

Alicia C
Active Member

Been there and it can be embarrassing a bit if you aren’t quick on the catch. I’d suggest looking at bras with pockets. not necessarily the ones made for forms as I think they are often pretty ugly, but regular ones designed for “bust boosters” that GG’s will slip in to make their bust look larger. I have one with a lace front of the foam that turns out are pockets – the lace isn’t sewn on the top and forms fit nicely in. That still doesn’t mean a bit of med tape to hold them in on the top… Read more »

Emma Jackson

As I shared in my post, “Near Epic Fail / Amazing High”, I had this happen to me not once but twice in the shoe department at Target. Fortunately, no one witnessed it, except possibly the “eye in the sky” security cameras. I used to assume I wore a size 40 bra since I used to wear a size 40 suit coat back in the day. However, after reading the fitting guides at The Breast Form Store linked on this site, I discovered that a bra band size of 34 was the right size for me. My forms now stay… Read more »

Dame Veronica Graunwolf
Active Member

Hi Stephanie……..and you had us girls have it a “breeze” at as it’s very! First forms are a pest breeze goes the wigs!

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member

Lol-this happened to one of the girls at Esprit conference last May while playing pickleball. She ran forward to hit a shot and as she leaned over, one of her forms flew out and landed “in the kitchen “ area of the court (which is a foul but wasn’t called due to the fact that we were new to the game and the fact that it was so funny too). Thanks for sharing your own (in RETROSPECT) humorous adventure.


OMG! That would have been so embarrassing, had it happened in front of a lot of people.
Please, do your sisters a favor, & post the brand of the “offending bra”!
A mishap like that, could set a girl back YEARS in her journey!
I’m so glad it happened while you were alone! My takeaway from this (& so should everybody else’s),
“Quality bras are NOT expensive, they’re priceless!”.

Diane McG

I’ve found a great way to prevent form drop out as well as avoiding the forms sitting directly on my chest. I buy unpadded bras that have two layers to the cup. I make an incision in the edge of the inner layer facing the armpit, large enough to squeeze the form through. Once they are inside this pocket, and they are secure, and very comfortable.

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