A Hodgepodge Submission

Who has a SO who borrows their dresses? And who has their SO lend them dresses along with the comment that she thinks it will suit you?

Recently, I opened up to my wife of nearly ten years about my desires (divorced from my first wife who never knew about my inner thoughts and feelings.) My wife said that she was a little surprised, perhaps mildly shocked, but what was a huge relief to me was that she was not at all judgmental or negative when I told her. In fact, she wanted to understand more about me and why. Can anyone answer the why question? I cannot. It’s just me and has been from an early age.

Anyway, moving along with this story, I began to openly buy and wear women’s clothing, makeup perfume and jewelry at home. Two recent dress purchases impressed her, enough so that she recently borrowed one for an afternoon outing we had. Last night, being Saturday, meant we were going dancing and she asked if she could borrow my tango dress. My heart melted when she said I had such good taste, and it was something she wanted to wear.

So the upshot was that she did wear it and she looked fabulous in it. So much so that a lady came over to us on the dance floor to comment on what a lovely dress it was. Being honest, I was a little envious the compliment was directed to her and not to me. I was feeling quite proud that I had found such a nice garment that garnered such praise, but part of my envy was in that I couldn’t wear it when we went dancing together—perhaps one day that might happen.

The point of my article is that we are having a few laughs and fun sharing our dresses with each other. She’s looking forward to joining me in prepping for a photo session with more of her dresses. She is a lucky girl, too; she’s doubled her available wardrobe as well. Sometimes everyone wins 😉

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Gianna Bonita

From an early age I have wondered why I feel different from other men and now I am accepting of my true self. I am very happy and enjoy my life immensely. I am grateful for all that I have and the challenges I have overcome in my past have all been learning experiences. My wife is wonderful and we enjoy being together. Allowing myself to relax and think and be a woman has been a relief. And my wardrobe is expanding rapidly. Joining this site has been wonderful too. I no longer feel alone and unusual. Smile, laugh, and make every day a happy one. Hugs to you all, Gigi.

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  1. Rochelle Mills 3 months ago

    What a wonderful story, Gianna! My wife and I have a middle section of our closet with outfits that look good on each of us that we share–the “sharsies” section, if you will. Hugs, Rochelle

    • Author
      Gianna Bonita 3 months ago

      Thankyou Rochelle, I like the idea of the middle section of the wardrobe! I bet there is the occasional ‘border crossing’ into the other clothes too. LOL.

      • Rochelle Mills 3 months ago

        Absolutely! And a few items that were originally designated for (or rather taken for) one’s personal collection find their way back to the middle of the closet, lol.

  2. Petra Smyth 3 months ago

    Having a supportive spouse is priceless. We shop together, share clothes, and she does my make up. I’m happier since I came out to her, which took some time, but she’s happier now too. We’re way more intimate as well as a result.

  3. Rhonda Jones 2 months ago

    Thank you Gianna .Your article made me chuckle and smile Rhonda .

    • Author
      Gianna Bonita 2 months ago

      Well Rhonda, laughter is something the world needs more of! And hugs too! Nice to hear from you, Gigi

  4. *skippy1965(Cynthia) 2 months ago

    Not an SO (my ex could neither accept nor tolerate my dressing) but my sis borrows from me all the time. And when she gets complimented on them, she’ll tell them who she borrowed them from(her brother if they know about me or her sister if they don’t)). she has told me often that I have way better taste in clothes than our sisters do.

    • Author
      Gianna Bonita 2 months ago

      How nice that your sister ‘shares’ with you Cyn. I’m sure you have great taste in clothing and you sister is lucky to have you choosing for you both! Hugs, Gigi.

  5. Patricia Marie Allen 2 months ago

    While I’ve told my wife that she’s more than welcome to borrow any of my clothes, as far as I know she’s never availed herself of the privilege. On the other hand, I’ve asked and received permission to wear a couple of her tops. The inference is that as long as I ask, I’m welcome to borrow from her.

    • Author
      Gianna Bonita 2 months ago

      Patricia that’s a great inference to take from your wife’s permission. I am glad for you. Thanks for commenting g, hugs, Gigi.

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