Hi everyone! It’s Sarah here. I am a 53 year old married MTF crossdresser who recently went out shopping en femme to the mall for the first time! I was very nervous, but once I went through with it the whole experience was exciting and liberating. My wife was away visiting her daughter and granddaughter. I took full advantage of dressing up around the house with the blinds closed.

The day before she came home I mustered the courage to go out en femme! I was both super nervous and excited. I wore Hue leggings, Vans floral high top sneakers, and my wife’s cute white shawl to the mall. I started at JC Pennies and found a cute pair of black ankle boots. I then went to the clearance rack and found a beautiful wine-colored long-sleeved top for 75% off! I also picked up some nice tops at a huge discount! Did I mention that I love clearance racks and online thrift stores?

At the check out a lady behind said, “Excuse me Miss, did you find that on the clearance rack?” referring to my wine colored top. In reply, I said “yes” accidentally in a male voice 😆! I quickly corrected to a female voice.  I am sure I was clocked but didn’t really care.  It was funny to hear her reply: “Oh, I didn’t see anything like that on the clearance rack!”

The sales associate was very kind and friendly. We engaged in small talk about my great clearance rack finds and we wished each other a happy new year.

In the main mall I saw a cute place that sold earrings. The young sales associate was sweet and fun to chat with. She helped me to pick out some hoop earrings and feather earrings. She complimented me on my Vans high top sneakers!

I was totally over the top happy to get a compliment! I mentioned that I had gotten them used online. It felt exciting to be complimented and to be able to interact with kind and pleasant people at the mall. It was way easier than I ever expected! I went home and had a blast trying on my new boots and tops with a skirt that I purchased online.

I am glad that I was able to have such an amazing experience my first time out! I look forward to sharing experiences and giving/getting support and advice from my fellow crossdressers. It was wonderful being able to express my true self.

Love, peace, and happiness to my CDH community members!

The picture is the outfit that I wore to the mall.

Love ❤️ and hugs,



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    Sarah Shimmer

    I am a 53 year old married gal who always enjoyed seeing women in pantyhose, makeup and heels. I started wearing my mother’s pantyhose when I was in my teens. I really was turned on by it and have always had a fascination with lingerie, perfume, and women’s shoes. I just recently started dressing fully in 12/20. I went out to the mall fully dressed and it was a rush of adrenaline and excitement walking around in public as a girl. It was a happy satisfying experience to finally express who I am and what makes me happy! I loved interacting with people and everyone I met was very nice and pleasant. I even used the ladies room without any problems. My wife knows about my cross dressing and tolerates it, but does not want to be seen with Sarah yet. I look forward to sharing experiences and giving/getting support and advice from my fellow cross dressers. Update: my wife has no problem with me wearing women’s leggings around the house with thigh highs underneath with no socks or shoes. However, she doesn’t want to hear the clip clop of my heels around the house. Baby steps but she seems to be more supportive of my cross dressing. Very thankful that I can be a little girly around her now. I also went shopping with her in the same jeans leggings and bought ladies perfume for myself with her. I am a lucky person to have such an awesome wife who seems to be more accepting of my cross dressing

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    Katie Moore
    8 months ago

    congrats sarah I know it can be scary but I have done it now mant many times and love it you chose sensible clothes and the secret I believe is to blend in also be confident and dont rush. I find that most people aren,t looking for a tgirl/cd they are thinking about their own shopping to notice hope this has given you the confidence to do it more.
    love katie
    p.s you look great by the way

    Marie Chandler
    Trusted Member
    8 months ago

    Congratulations! I’m glad the adventure went so well.

    Julie Shaw
    8 months ago

    Wonderful experience! And I hope and pray it will be the first of MANY, Sweetie. Because the more you get out there, the easier it will be.

    Last edited 8 months ago by Julie Shaw
    Alisha Alex
    8 months ago

    nice post. You look stunning, honey.

    Amber LeFey
    4 months ago

    Sarah, Beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing it with us. I spent a lot of time in my youth as a retail worker/cashier and I can assure you that in many cases all we wanted to do was get our customers served and out the door. Now many retail chains train their personnel with diversity training and how to handle situations where not all is as it seems. I think the younger generation is much more aware when it comes to dealing with the trans/non binary community. In the end it is all about customer service, you spend… Read more »

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