(Disclaimer: I took the selfie accompanying this story with the Snapchat My Twin filter. It makes me look younger and more feminine than I actually am.)

My wife—we’ll call her Rachel—blows hot and cold on my dressing. She does not like to see me as Moira but makes sure to give me time and space to make the transformation. She complains I have more girl shoes than she does (fact check: true) but gets me another charm for my bracelet every Christmas. We have spent time working out my limits. Mostly they come from her concern for my physical safety and for harmony in our extended families. But she truly does support me more than I dreamed possible while I still hid Moira from her.

I admit Rachel surprised me this Valentine’s Day. She proposed that we both get girled up, drive to the nearest big city and go shopping. When I opened her card with this offer I burst into tears. It was the most loving, considerate gift ever. It certainly made my gift to her of a birthstone necklace pale in comparison.

On the appointed Saturday we took extra time to get ready. Since I wanted to blend in as much as possible, I put together an outfit a woman of my age and place in life would wear to the stores. I chose my short, salt and pepper wig, a long sleeve floral print top over a pink camisole, leggings and flats. I layered on the stubble-covering foundation and contoured my cheeks and jaw, but used understated eye makeup and lip gloss. Rachel, having consulted with me, presented a similar look.

We took a picture together in the full-length mirror down the hall and climbed in the car. We chatted the whole way about what we hoped to find. A springy skirt and a wide belt for me, some low heels for her. As it happened, neither of us bought any of the things we thought we wanted.

Now I have gone out in public as Moira many times. But I have come into close contact with other people only by accident. Getting out of the car in the parking garage did not frighten me. Walking into the first shop scared the heck out of me. But as we moved around the racks, talking and holding things up against each other, nobody paid us the least attention. I relaxed and began to enjoy the experience.

When we took our things to the register the cashier clocked me immediately. I am tall even for a male and my face without Snapchat filters fools nobody. But she just smiled and said, “Cute top!” Rachel beamed at her and said thanks at the exact moment I did. We spent the next couple of hours in three more shops. With one exception every interaction I had with other human beings was totally cool. (The exception came from a bored husband sitting on the Man Bench at Macy’s. When Rachel and I walked past him he snorted and said something mean and profane.) But I was having such a free, fun day it did not matter.

We went to a local coffee shop and talked. Rachel said she’d gotten more used to Moira as the hours passed and we might do it again some time. Of course I agreed. She quickly added that she was uncomfortable with doing it anywhere close to home. We discussed other ground rules and finally it came time to drive back. I waited until after I had cleaned my face and changed back into my male persona to give her a big kiss. She drew back in my arms and said, “I love you.” I burst into tears again.

Thank you girls for taking the time to read my most wonderful story about the girl’s day out with my wife. Please take the time to respond to my story or to answer one or more of the questions I posed to you below!

Sincerely, Moira

Exceptional Voice
  • When did your wife give you a big surprise letting you know she was all in with your thrill of cross dressing? Did she give you something special to let you know your thrill of cross dressing was finally acceptable with few limits?
  • Currently, if your wife is accepting of your thrill of cross dressing with limits, what are the limits she’s established on your cross dressing?
  • Is there a current limitation placed on your cross dressing by your wife you would like to see eliminated from her list of limitations? If so, which is the limitation you would like to see go away?


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Sarah Kanter
Active Member
11 months ago

What a great experience, thank you for sharing.

Trish White
Active Member
11 months ago

Hi Moira, thank you so much for the article. I am so happy for you that your wife is very accepting and supportive. It’s something that I can only fantasize about. My wife has always known about my cross dressing, I told her before we were married, but at this point the best she can do is tolerate Trish and has no desire to be involved what so ever. Begrudgingly she does allow me to shave my body, pluck my eyebrows and piece my ears so I guess I count those blessings. Have a great day and tell your wife… Read more »

Ric Wald
11 months ago


Active Member
11 months ago

You are special. And I think have a special wife. I’m sure if I ever get the nerve to get out of my closet, she will leave me.

Natasha Inaskirt
11 months ago

Fabulous experience I’m quite jealous. Hope you have many more x

Lucinda Hawkns
Trusted Member
11 months ago

wow what a fabulous wife you have, to have you get all dolled up and go out. looks like she is getting more use to you being dressed up. yes my wife knows and tells me when i can dress up for we have a 23 year old son still living at home. my daughter might know i cross dress, and my niece most likely knows for i had her dress me up for Halloween one year. my daughter seen a pic of me dressed up and i forgot to put it away, she showed mom and daughter said its… Read more »

Geraldine Mac
Active Member
11 months ago

Thanks for sharing. I’ve only recently disclosed my crossdressing needs to my wife but we still haven’t had ‘the talk’ about mutually agreed limits. It could go either way, but I suspect I have a better chance at convincing her to accept it if she thinks I’m semi-passable . She’s always been a ‘girly girl’, and I hope that she might take an interest in helping me.
Geraldine, Canberra, Australia

Sherry Kirk
10 months ago

I’ve been out for several years now. Church, malls, dinner and even working for the USAF as a simulator instructor pilot. I’ve only encountered a very few males who have given snide comments. Most people just want to go about their business and don’t care that I’m not a GG.

Mellissa Drake
10 months ago

What a wonderful story. I would love to have an experience like that one day but alas my wife does not approve of Mellissa at all.

Monica Grand
10 months ago

Hi Moria – this is my first time responding in any way on CDH so your story is a success. My wife is very supportive of Monica although we have limited most of Monica to the house. We did travel before covid to Toronto where Monica received a full makeover and we walked around the city center for the day. I was terrified and elated at the same time. We have discretely walked around a few other cities but nothing as public. Looking forward to mainlining some outings like yours soon. Thanks for sharing and for helping me engage.

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