Over the last 2 1/2 years, my wardrobe has become quite extensive, so much so that I haven’t even worn some of the dresses and other items yet, and I still seem to keep buying. It may be related to a little OCD and stress management, which I have been thinking about.

After purchasing bras online and some not fitting just right, and after hearing the experiences of others, I decided to visit Victoria’s Secrets store and get measured. I went to the store as a man and initially asked where the rhinestone panties were located. The young lady took me to the area. As I was looking, I very calmly told her the items were for me. I then asked about getting the correct measurement for my bra size, explaining that my alter ego wanted to have a nicely fitted bra. I had thought my measurement a 42D, but after being measured, she said I was a 38 or 40 depending on the bra.

Afterward, I stopped by and thank the young girl for her respect and professionalism. With the cutest smile, she said she was happy to help, and then she hoped I enjoyed the bras and “I think you will look great in them”…. Oh, my goodness…. I was on cloud 9. I left the store, and when I got home I tried them on. They were expensive worth every dollar.

An observation for anyone out there who might be interested; it’s not uncommon for us gurls to buy from VS in person, even dressed as a man. They are used to it. If you have the desire to go in person, I recommend you don’t wait. It was an experience I will never forget!.

So, I have been thinking about my recent purchases. Most have been mainly on Amazon, but I thought I’d share some of my experiences.

In my early days, Fredricks of Hollywood, which was located in almost all major malls was where I purchased some of my first “sexy underwear.” They used to have a great selection and would rotate the styles often. I found out through time that most lingerie stores also had a selection of items, but the cost could be ridiculous.
As the Internet grew, I found a few locations that I started to buy items from. At some point in my journey, I started buying lingerie and panties from the big stores, which was also fun, but they never quite had the items I wanted

I am an Amazon fan and have been amazed at what you can buy in any area. Many years ago, I tried to buy some lingerie from there and they just did not have the items I was looking for. More recently, I noticed them selling more and more items. I purchased a few items and was pleased with what I received.

In the last 2 ½ years as Missy has blossomed, I’ve come to realize how much easier it is to purchase the items I’ve always wanted to see on women and hoped to see on myself.

Amazon, what a merchandiser they are. I have purchased so many items from them and most all have been exactly as advertised. Obviously, as a CD, purchasing the right size can be a challenge. Once you really know your measurements, it is easier. With them, when a dress arrives that just does not fit, it is so nice to be able to easily request a return, put it in an envelope, and send it back, no questions, no fuss. It is awesome. It is amazing how Amazon’s “algorithm” seems to show me exactly what I am thinking about buying or they present ideas, which I will see, and many times think I have to get that item. As a gurl, I now understand the benefit of having the same outfit in different colors once you find a look that works.

I do not dress 100% of the time and will never do so, but I have found that I enjoy wearing leggings much of the time. The selection of leggings that Amazon has is wonderful and many are a very feminine color. I feel completely comfortable wearing them in public.

At one time eBay was the place to sell used stuff, not so much now. eBay has become one of the conduits for us to buy all kinds of items worldwide with ease. I have bought so many items from eBay, and for the most part, I’ve been happy. Sometimes, the items can be of lower quality than items from Amazon.

On shein.com, I have found some of the most wonderful dresses and their quality is pretty good, the prices are reasonable. They have an incredible selection of satin clothes that I would highly recommend them

Walmart and their self-checkout is remarkable. I shop there for makeup, stockings, and all kinds of women’s items. If you have any concerns over anyone watching you, I have found people are more worried about getting their own items paid for than to be concerned with you. I feel very comfortable buying about anything from there.

Even though Dollar Tree does not have self-checkout, I am at the point where going in there and buying makeup, face cream, and whatnot is no big deal. The checkout girls just don’t care.

I talked about Victoria Secrets and their beautiful items earlier. Their rhinestone panties are gorgeous and so comfortable. Their bras are fantastic as well. Of course, they are expensive.

So here are a few questions I would love some feedback on:

1. Where do you shop?
2. Have you found yourself lost on Amazon for 2 hours and not even purchased a thing, but filled up a cart to only purchase a few items later?
3. How often do you shop online?


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    Missy Thompson

    Have been wearing lingerie since a very young age. Once I got in college I purchased men's lingerie from Fredrick's of Hollywood and would only wear thongs or G-strings. Once out of college, I started to purchase woman's lingerie and panties. I purged several times, but always went back. Met a girl who was very excepting of the mens underwear but did not know about the lingerie. We where married and she continued to be accepting, until we had kids. We are now divorced. Since being alone, I have found myself buying from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Shein on a regular basis panties, lingerie, satin robes, etc.. and have purchased substantial amount of makeup.

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    Alice Black
    Active Member
    22 days ago

    I am with you on Amazon. I have bought most of femme wardrobe over last several months and am rarely dissatisfied.

    Alice Black

    Dani Smith
    22 days ago

    Hi Missy,

    I too shop on line, but my store is Lane Bryant’s. Since I live with a SO who does not approve, I am unable to get things shipped to the house. I have all of my purchases shipped to the store and they email me when the arrive as well as the being no shipping charges when I have them shipped to the store. I am 72 and wear a 46 band length in my bras so I can’t shop just anywhere.

    I thoroughly enjoyed you story and wish you luck on your adventure.


    Lacy Satin
    22 days ago

    I have enjoyed shopping VS and the girls were always so nice and helpful. It’s a wonderful feeling to not have to hide the fact that I’m shopping for myself. Like you Missy my wardrobe has grown over the years to be quite extensive. I always try on everything I buy but so often things just get hung in my closet never to be worn. I think my compulsion is just to get a new piece of clothing to add to my collection of pretty feminine clothing. I can so understand why women have such big closets. I don’t have… Read more »

    Kimberly Ann Victoria
    21 days ago

    I like shopping in person, I have gone to VS several times and let them know that I am shopping for myself. They are very nice and helpful, I have even had a bra fitting there

    Celeste Starre
    Active Member
    20 days ago
    1. I shop mostly on Amazon. I used to shop a lot on Ebay and still do occasionally but have found many of the sellers are asking way to much for their stuff. There’s a salvage store near me that sometimes has some great stuff. I still sometimes sell off some things on ebay.
    2. Yes. I often add things to the cart that often go into the save for later pile or get deleted.
    3. Everyday but I don’t actually buy things everyday. That happens at least once a week though.
    Stephanie Aston
    Active Member
    13 days ago

    Hi Missy love your article. I do nearly all my shopping online as it’s very convenient and generally shipping is within a couple of days. I did use Amazon a lot up to a couple of years ago but I found their sizing and quality a little to hit and miss which is mainly down to the Chinese imports I think! Now I have a few online favourites such as New Look, Prettylittlething, ASOS, Dorothy Perkins, SilkFred and Roman, being a UK gal obviously these are all UK based but I’ve got to know their sizing which is very important… Read more »

    Last edited 13 days ago by Stephanie Aston
    Active Member
    6 days ago

    I love thrift stores, especially 2 near me that have $1 racks. Super good deals for patient shoppers, name brands, cute styles.

    When Payless was around, that was one of my favorites. I still fall for buying Christiano Siriano or Fioni heels at thrift stores.

    Target has nice styles and clearance.

    JCP has a lot of size 11 shoes, crazy clearance deals, cute outfits.

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