If you are suspicious that you are a crossdresser, watch out for the signs below:

  1. You think women’s clothes are prettier than men’s clothes.
  2. You feel more like dancing ballet than practicing martial arts
  3. You prefer the princess costume over the prince costume.
  4. You discover mom or sister’s closet and have fun with her clothes, dresses and lingerie… always afraid of getting caught.
  5. You don’t mind being dressed up as a girl by your sister or cousin.
  6. Lingerie from the sister, girlfriend, wife or even the mother “disappears” from the clothesline, from the laundry basket or is simply separated for donation but does not arrive at the intended destination.
  7. You see the girls at school starting to wear bras and you feel like getting your first bra.
  8. Learn to make up and do your nails
  9. You have to police yourself not to expose your manicured nails or traces of the makeup you tried to erase.
  10. You have a secret stash for your girl stuff.
  11. You get an adrenaline rush when you buy your first girly stuff.
  12. You take advantage of winter to wear a bra outside – always with several blouses on top and afraid of being caught
  13. You wear panties and a bra under men’s clothes
  14. Afraid of letting lingerie show and getting caught.
  15. You need to look for heels that fit you.
  16. You need to learn to walk in heels.
  17. Feels in the dilemma of whether or not to tell his wife or girlfriend the “secret”
  18. I would like to “date” the wife or girlfriend with both wearing the same lingerie
  19. Has more beautiful lingerie than the wife/girlfriend
  20. Has more shoes, clothes and bras than wife/girlfriend
  21. Has the desire to get married in a wedding dress.
  22. Takes “two” suitcases when traveling alone
  23. Always wanted to be or has been in a decent Womanless.
  24. Unbuttons a bra with one hand behind her back (literally)
  25. Do you know how to take off your bra without taking off your shirt?
  26. Notice the clothes women wear – including the bra, depending on how transparent the clothes are
  27. Buy women’s clothing after seeing a woman wearing something you like.
  28. You have to police yourself so you don’t seem to understand more about makeup, lingerie and women’s clothes than your wife.
  29. You like to search for feminine looks on Pinterest.
  30. You loved being able to buy your girl stuff online and pick it up at the store or in a locker.
  31. You searched the internet or elsewhere about crossdressing even when you had no idea the word even existed.
  32. When you get home from work, the first thing you do is put on panties and a bra – and even other women’s clothes.
  33. You never go to Walmart (or other) without visiting the womenswear department.
  34. You’ve always been curious about having breasts to fill a bra.
  35. You use breast forms.
  36. You wear the correct size bra.
  37. You got a professional fit at a bra store.
  38. You love being alone at home to dress up as a girl.
  39. You preferred to live alone so you could dress like a woman at home.
  40. Google displays ads for women’s clothing on your screens.
  41. You’d rather have worn dresses to prom.
  42. You chose a girlfriend who had the same number as you.
  43. You have a wig – or a wigs collection
  44. You always wanted to have long hair

45.You let your hair grow.

  1. You like to put on makeup and do your nails.
  2. Follows crossdressing sites and forums like CDH.
  3. You are reading this article
  4. You identified with several items in this article
  5. You identified with ALL of the items in this article.

– Have you confirmed, by the signs below, that you are a crossdresser?

– How many “points” did you make?

– Do you know of any other signs?

Let’s make an interactive article, completing the list.

Although this article is a bit fun, I believe it is a synthesis of what we have all been through.

Marie Claire

En Femme Style


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Lisa Leigh
3 months ago

I didn’t count my way thru I just nodded my head thru the list. But I would say the high 30’s easily for me. Yes, I’m letting my hair grow out! Right now it’s at my shoulders and has started to curl!
#20, too many purges!
#28, I really need to do a better job. Don’t need to get busted!
#37, no I have been to one yet.

Love the list!

Deena Smith
Active Member
2 months ago

You love the thrill of being en-femme on work Zoom calls

Brittney Andrews
2 months ago

I plead guilty to #s: 1,3,8,10,11,15,16,19,21,28,33,34,35,38,41,43,46,
47,48,49; and happy to do so.

Jill Stevens
2 months ago

35 for me. My add on would be that when I’m watching a movie or TV show I always identify with the female characters and concentrate on their fashion sense to pick up some pointers.

Alison Anderson
Active Member
2 months ago

I have about 35 (if I counted correctly).

I do have another sign. Not just to add to a list, but you can see it on me under the right circumstances.

  • You have strap suntan lines in your skin from sun exposure (in my case, from going to the beach in a women’s one piece bathing suit).
Julia-Sophie Seidenglanz

42 out of 50 ! No surprise to me , i ”crossdress” since i was a 12 year old kid.

Lucille May
Lucille May
1 month ago

Has the desire to get married in a wedding dress: O M G it’s my hottest fantasy, spending the night in the arms f a man who knows how to treat me like a lady.

Ashley Pinot
1 month ago

Definitely a cross dresser. Had to nod to most of it.

I do love dressing but wish it were easier when you have to hide it

Ashley Pinot
1 month ago

To add, I do notice that I perk up and look closely at adds for women’s dresses, skirts, lingerie always thinking how nice they would look and feel on me.
That probably seals it… I am an on femme CD.

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