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People often ask about makeup and cosmetic products brands. My experience has shown that it is necessary to invest the minimum in a well-known brand. Over here, Maybelline and L’Oreal have the mass market sewn up. Luckily, I don’t have problems with facial hair, which in its natural state is wispy and weak. It may behoove people suffering from a five o’clock shadow to try out brands like Jecca Blac, which are prepared for them. Cheaper off-brands can work for some things, but overall, a better quality product will stay where it’s meant to stay, will not come off when you sweat or eat something, and will overall look better every time.

Primer. Currently a sampler of Chanel face cream

Concealer: L’Oreal is about to run out but there is Maybelline left. I plaster this on and it is probably the most important makeup item used to eliminate bags under the eyes. Blended by dabbing with a sponge.

Herbal_breast_enlargement_naturedaycom (1)

Foundation: currently a very pale Korean item, but Maybelline has worked well in its lightest shade.

Powder puff/ BB powder was Maybelline but now it is also Korean. As it is with my foundation, the Korean brand runs paler. That’s the entire face done. I use concealer, a foundation with sponges of any shape, light colors or even a beauty bulb, (as a rule, either reuse one that was previously used with that product or start with a brand new and clean one), and the powder with its own puff in the compact of course, along with the lipstick the only two items of makeup I carry around in my handbag.

Eyebrows: kept in shape with an electric eyebrow trimmer that is like a pen. My preferred shape is very thin and long, and the pencil easily follows the line of the trimmed eyebrow. No more eyebrow razors. No propelling pencils, a decent pencil that is sharpened, a dark brown, cheap local brand.

Eye shadow: currently using L’Oreal sometimes with a Korean one that has clear glitter. It’s been a revelation to me to put the slightly darker shade down as a base, and then move the darkness of the lid and crack colors up a notch with the crack colour the darkest. Applied to a decent degree with the disposable applicator sponge tips, a new one for each colour. I do so with little care for precision between the colour layers, because I blend all with an eye shadow brush, which is as big as the eye socket and very fluffy.

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Blush accentuates the cheekbones; from a store brand called All About Faces and a custom blush brush that packs away. I am not competent to add contours and highlights, so I don’t.

Lipstick: again, a decent brand which won’t wipe off at the first opportunity but whatever the brand, always a bright scarlet fire engine kind of red. Sometimes it’s lipstick, sometimes an applicator. The first gets more area covered, and the second is slightly more accurate.

Eyeliner and false eyelashes have to be done by somebody else. I have previously used mascara, and it’s OK. I recently realized that Maybelline invented mascara. But false eyelashes really show up and some of them are quite long and patterned, and more visible from a distance. When I did my eyeliner, a bit of gold on the lid was enough, because it looked half decent. The whole mascara/ eyelash/ eyeliner situation should be done with the eyes closed to prevent product getting in the wrong place, like waiting for nails to dry and not using your hands so you don’t rub a semi-wet nail on something and ruin the surface.

A special mention for having Q-Tips or what I used to call cotton buds on hand is essential for correcting tiny mistakes in any lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, or mascara fails. In all cases, wait for the product to dry.

While that is more or less the complete face makeup for me, there’s another important consideration—removing the makeup. I was doing this myself with wet wipes until I discovered that there are wet wipes designed by Biore and Bifesta to remove makeup, and they are a bit more pokey than the average wet wipe to get rid of caked in eyeliner, etc. Three or four wipes completely remove any trace of makeup. And you can believe that I’ve had to do it quickly sometimes, LOL.

What’s your makeup routine?



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1 year ago

Hi Smartina. really useful post. What brand of electric eyebrow trimmer do you use? it looks good (I live in UK).

Hugs, Robyn

Angela Booth
Trusted Member
1 year ago

After years of trial and error I have a few store brands that I use all the time now. I start with a primer, then beard cover which gives a good hue under the Kryolan creme stick which goes on next and then a foundation creme over. Powder and blusher to finish, Eye brow pencil, eyebrow brush, eyelids, eyeliner, mascara then lip lined and filled with pencil and a liquid colour over the top. It is my everyday look and stays put, apart from a lip touch up or powder occasionally and will last over eight hours. I have timed… Read more »

Janet Barrie
1 year ago

Hey smartina nice article, I’m a bit of a makeup whore, my girlfriend says I have enough to do 2 episode’s of Rue Paul’s drag race entire staff and family lol.. I just love the stuff, but only really get to enjoy it Friday’s and Saturday’s, I work in a guys guy world welding pipe, can’t have the Alpha’s asking is that maskara or eye liner I couldn’t completely remove I see.. you look fabulous and thanks for sharing your routine.

Nora Smith
1 year ago

Love the post. This is all so new to me

Nora Smith
1 year ago

You certainly do a good job on yourself. And I love your smile.

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