Crossdressers, what is your occupation

I was fortunate enough to meet many wonderful ladies at Esprit this year, and perhaps by coincidence found that a good number of the transgendered woman I met were in the engineering field. This sparked a conversation that could only be of interest to engineers and statisticians about the distribution of transgender woman, whether the engineering field had a higher proportion of transgender woman, or perhaps the engineers we meet are self selected because engineering fields tend to be more tolerant.

This is where you come in, dear reader. I’d love to learn more about what you do for a living – perhaps there is a typical crossdresser occupation or perhaps (as I expect) the transgendered travel through all walks of life. Nonetheless it will be interesting to hear what the community on Crossdresser Heaven have to say about it all.

The only promise I can make is that this poll will reveal an “Internet Truth” – which is a piece of information believed to be true because it is published and shared by others on the Internet. The weight of the “Internet Truth’s” broad distribution compensates for any lack of substantiating evidence or flaws in scientific method.

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Crossdressers, What Is Your Occupation?

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  1. T bender 3 years ago

    I am actually married to a cross dresser. Anyone else have the same experience. I would enjoy sharing any information. Thank you

  2. Margie 3 years ago

    I’m retired since 2009 but was in the IT field for 40+ years. My titles were Field Engineer, Senior Field Engineer & Computer Engineer Specialist, with a spattering of Purchasing Manager and responsible for Accounts Payable. Chalk one up for Engineering … that was quick?

    • Stephanie Q 3 years ago

      Welcome Margie. Electronics Engineer here. You’re in good company!


      • Margie 3 years ago

        I thought I would be Stephanie, Loving it. Ready to hold hands? We can start a chain … or something 😉
        Hugs Margie

  3. Sheryl Johnstone 3 years ago

    Hi T bender,
    Welcome to CD Heaven, the best CD/TG support site on the internet.
    There is a group called Wives and Significant Others under the community and groups section which is exclusively for partners.
    Of course you will be made very welcome in the public or members chat rooms too.

  4. Paula 3 years ago

    I was originally in the medical field (Medical Technologist – hospital laboratory) for about 10 years and then went back to school for a degree in computer science. I was then in the IT industry for about 30 years.

    Have a great day!

  5. Sarah Daniels 3 years ago

    Ex military. Then civilian explosives tech (eod etc) then truck driver as fill in before i got an apprenticeship and am now training as electrical fitter.

  6. Rebecca Smith 3 years ago

    Well, I worked in a factory (made for easy under dressing) then joined the military and now I am in the military reserves and a police officer.

    My femme side has helped me deal better with people and is more my true self than how I usually have to present myself while working.

  7. Lizzy Bee 12 months ago

    Oh Gawd. I find myself really funny in that department.

    I am an interior decorator. So yay for that being a CD worthy occupation.

    I am also a professional MMA fighter. Crossdressing is slightly less applauded in that occupation.

  8. Miranda Lebel 12 months ago

    I’m retired since 2016, however I was a wireless system engineer working on cell phones and public safety radio (cops, EMT, fire).

    These days I’m an avid triathlete. Just signed up for a half ironman this summer.

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