Here on Crossdresser Heaven we generally avoid topics of a political nature because that can quickly devolve into angry exchanges of words. We are here as emotional and moral support for our crossdressing and transgender sisters and brothers, an oasis from all the noise outside where you can be comfortable being who you are amongst others who accept you as the person you are.

A story was published in The New York Times this weekend regarding efforts by the current U.S. administration to roll back civil rights protections for transgender people. Information about this story from the National Center for Transgender Equality can be found at the following link, which in turn contains a link to the original news story. Please check it out:

We at Crossdresser Heaven stand in support of your right to self-identify and to undertake the journey you are taking. We are bringing your attention to this because it may impact the choices you are making at this very moment. We recommend you keep yourself informed on this as it develops.

Comments have been disabled. This is to inform and not to create debate. Thank you.

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Dionysus (Captain Di) The Corsair

Captain Di is an evolving explorer of the merger, or co-mingling, of the elements of the masculine and feminine that exist in different levels within us all. Captain Di believes in honest, self-expression and self-exploration with the goal of pushing the boundaries of what we limit ourselves to when we adhere to a system of what we "should" or "should not" do, become, or express our individuality through.

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