Hello to everyone. This article is about my Keystone experience.

On Wednesday, March 20th I arrived at the Keystone Conference in Harrisburg as Tim. I saw these beautiful ladies and I was in awe. I couldn’t wait to get dressed. I just knew I was going to meet up with a new friend I have never met. No, I am not going to be the most passable, that is for sure, but we have to start somewhere. So I got dressed; I am sorry I don’t have a first outfit picture. However, I went to the door, put my hand on the handle and said “Suck it up buttercup, it is now or never.” I opened the room door and went out into an empty hall. Pressed the elevator button, the doors open and there are about nine ladies in there. My eyes must have been huge. But I said hello, and they said it back so nicely. Then I said hi to a few more. Made my way to the bar area. Chatted for a little.

Then I got a text from my new friend. I can’t wait to meet her. When she walked in I saw this beautiful lady that was meeting me there. I am still in awe. We introduced and started to talk. I did have a mask on because of being self conscious. We then boarded the bus for dinner. I also met two other ladies. We all sat and ate. I had to pull the mask down for that. But these ladies never looked at me weirdly. They all accepted me. Wow, what a wonderful feeling. Till the night was over the mask stayed down and never went back on again. The lipstick even came out. Anyhow, the next few days and nights only got better each day. My first experience was very uplifting and fulfilling. I did spend several days as Tammy. Which was just an amazing feeling. I look at the pictures now and I see Tammy. I feel very proud of her. I love that girl. She has always been part of me, although “kept in the closet”. Now that she has made it out, I feel happy. I feel like my wings have spread. I feel proud.

Thank you to all of you lovely ladies for being so nice with your hello’s and smiles. Thank you to the Keystone for making this possible. Thank you to all of you at CDH. I met someone years ago on CDH. We have never met but she has been such a great friend. She made the contact with my new friend whom I met here at the Keystone. We actually spent most all our time together. I am so grateful for her friendship. So CDH was the link that connected a lot of us here; Thank you.  Also a thank you to everyone at the Hilton. You made our stay at your hotel and my first time out very special.  So I say to anyone who is thinking of coming out, be brave, be safe, and be proud of yourself. Fun fact, today is actually my Birthday with CDH. I joined 3/26/2019. Thank you CDH.


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    Gaje Snolyn
    7 days ago

    Such a wonderful, from-the-heart, article from Tammy… one of the nicest, kindest souls you’ll ever meet!

    Samantha Marie
    7 days ago

    @Tammy CD What a great article and it just reinforces what a wonderful forum this is to introduce so many wonderful ladies to others. So proud of you Tammy xx

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