Thank you for your help on my transgender journey

I decided to take the time to not only thank all of you on this site for all your support and formally introduce myself to all of you. Since I joined this website I have been blown away by how nice, friendly and sweet all of you have been when anybody asks a question on chat or in forums, everybody is so eager to offer advice and be as kind as possible to all those who enter the chat. I always have fun talking to you all of you lovely ladies and its so great to know that I can share my journey with others and feel safe to talk about it. Keep up the great work all you lovely ladies, all of you are beautiful in my opinion and do not let anybody make you think otherwise.

Now all the sappy stuff is out of the way, I thought I would also introduce myself and talk a little about my journey. My name is Alyce Victoria and I am bisexual cross dressing male, for a long time I felt ashamed of it, considering I have always been around people who didn’t understand people like that or wanted to understand people like that, until I met my current girlfriend, who is on this site nicknamed Pandora Draven, she has been a huge supporter of both my feminine side and my sexual preference. Considering that there are many who come to this site and say that they cannot come out to their spouses, I am a very lucky woman.

We have been together for six years, I couldn’t tell her at first because I was embarrassed about it and thought she wouldn’t understand or want to be with me, it caused a lot of friction in the relationship, all of which was my fault, but then through difficult circumstances, that I caused, because I couldn’t open my dumb mouth about it, was confronted about it and now the communication lines have been opened and our relationship couldn’t be better. We still have a long way to go in our journey and I know we have a long one a head of us, but we are willing to tough it out, yes we have typical relationship issues, but we are happy. I am very happy that she has accepted Alyce Victoria in her life and I hope that bearing my soul here will hopefully help others come out to their spouses. I also plan on writing a series of articles about my emotional struggles.

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    Sallysim' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    6 years ago

    Thank you Alyce, what a beautiful article. I to am lucky I respect that I have opened up to someone special who accepts me for me and is willing to fight for Sally’s happiness and wellbeing , she provides a shoulder to cry on when needed.

    Rosaliy Lynne
    Rosaliy Lynne
    6 years ago

    great article, Alyce – I am so happy for you in this relationship.
    something many do not consider, especially those who can’t figure out trans gender people, is that we are PEOPLE, first and foremost. The same as everyone else in our feelings, desires, goals, needs and so on. At the same time we are different too, just as it should be.

    It is time to drop the adjectives that are used to define and/or judge each other. “Peoples is peoples” (Muppets Take Manhattan)

    6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing, Alyce! I found a lot of myself in your words…particularly the parts about being to scared to open up to your significant other. I too caused a lot of damage to mine and my wife’s relationship. She still has trouble with the cross dressing from time to time but what really hurt her was the lies. She has since confronted me and I have come clean. We also have typical relationship issues, but we’re constantly making progress together (even when it’s two steps forward, one step back). Thanks again!

    skippy1965 Cynthia
    Trusted Member
    6 years ago

    Alyce-what a wonderful article and I am so happy for you. I can’t WAIT to read more about you in your next article!


    Caren' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    6 years ago

    Awesome article Alyce! Please know that we are here for you and I am looking forward to reading your next postings… Love ya!

    Cyndi' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
    6 years ago

    That was a great article. I am glad that you have someone on you side to help you grow as Alyce. You are blessed and I hope you continue to communicate with Pandora. Always let her know how you feel, and your needs but always show her the love that she shows you. I also have support from my wife of 27 years and I too didn’t communicate my desires to be Cyndi. We are always communicating my needs but also her needs to be happy. She needs you to be you and that one she loves. Good Luck on… Read more »

    Codille Benton Baer
    6 years ago


    It’s has been a pleasure to meet and talk with you. Can’t wait for movie time, I hope I can make it!!!


    Cookie JessicaLynn (Irish)

    Awesome article Alyce, I’ve enjoyed chatting with you, and pandora. Thanks for sharing this part of your life.

    Trusted Member
    6 years ago

    The support, encouragement and determination all ride in the same cart as the shame, guilt and fears each of us faces on a regular basis; I too am unspeakably grateful for this platform and I humbly thank each of you, Thank you for joining us AV, it it a pure pleasure to know you Dear

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