I’ve been dying to dress all week. Decided on a body shave earlier at home, it was overdue. Felt so clean and crisp after, like I’d just been born. Packed up my nice blue lacy bra and cheeky panties, skinny jeans, a few tops, makeup and flats rounded out my bag.

Finished my last class a few hours ago. Came to a secluded part of campus… I love this place … 6 floors up from a busy street, open area about 100 feet long. 10 foot floor to ceiling windows all the way down and comfy chairs.

I changed in the little girls room … off with the male clothes. Slid on my bra and panties … oh, the infusion! Softness … peace … tranquility, a calm energy ….  s e r e n i t y …  is charging me up. On went the skinny jeans and a strappy cami top. Did some quick make up. Nothing special – concealer, foundation & a dark wine colored lipstick. Fitting for a subdue Friday night.

OMG  I felt sooo girly even with that. Love how my products are scented, just adds to the whole experience. My heart skipped a beat …. heard voices outside! …. the door opens … eek

Was just a regular girl. She did her thing, checked herself in the mirror then left. We didn’t exchange words but I could tell she was chill in my far-from-passing presence. Whew … first time for everything, glad it went well.

Sitting now, at a table writing this. There’s no one here. I’m by myself but not alone … its dark outside. My reflection beckons me in the glass. I like what I see, I like how I feel. A feminine energy emanates from my pores.  Pedestrians and cars below are blissfully unaware a little piece of Kristy is radiating to them. I am connected … connected to the world from my safe place. It’s a public space here. Anyone could suddenly come in …  though I feel the balance of being exposed to the world, yet at a safe distance.

As I move my shoulders, my bra straps kiss their tops gently. The blue lace still hugs my chest with tenderness. My next thought …. I want to learn the craft of makeup. Becoming a sort of artist, or perhaps a sculptor. One who sees life buried in the stone and merely chisels to set it free.

Freedom was always the prize here … whether I realized it or not. Now I’m free from guilt. Free from shame. Free from purges. Free … to be Me. The recent past had me wrestling with thoughts of having a femme name. Was this an alter ego? Another person? A split personality? …

En Femme Discover Woman Within

I stare blankly at the sidewalk below. What’s just occurred to me … is, I have dual citizenship. Dual citizenship to the world. I can engage life on my default male credentials, or … in time be able to relate and participate on the ‘passport’ of Kristy. They are both me, contained in a single person. Moments pass …
I wonder then … how a coin must feel, left on a table indefinitely. Only a single side shows, the other side banished until its keeper returns.

Perhaps the keeper and I have had more in common than I realize. On the other hand, I’m glad to have learned I am indeed a keeper. A keeper instead of a tyrant to that part of myself I had understood so poorly … Thankfully, that’s in the past.

Soon also this Friday night will pass. It’s time to set aside my thinking cap and relax….

Here’s to all of our futures: they are bright if we choose them to be.


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Kristy Violet

Hi All, I'm here to continue the journey of self acceptance and personal growth I began almost 2 years back. Was deeply closeted and not accepting of myself for most of my life since childhood, I'm 37 now. Much happier to not be purging clothes, hating myself & bouncing between extreme repression and indulgence. I've had to buy a separate dresser for my accumulated female wardrobe! Even then it doesn't all fit. Wanting to learn more about makeup, hair and feminine mannerisms as to fully enjoy myself in public one day. Hoping to find some like minded people online, who knows,may lead to some new gal pals IRL. Currently living in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Cheers

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Josie Rodriguez
Josie Rodriguez
1 year ago

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Josie Rodriguez
Josie Rodriguez
1 year ago

How exciting.

skippy1965 Cynthia
Trusted Member
1 year ago

Kristy-you have a wonderful way with words and great metaphors for things we all share in our journeys of exploration. Thanks for giving me even more to ponder!

Kim Austin
Kim Austin
1 year ago

Hi Kristy,
I loved your article. It was so well written, I could almost see you there in your special place. There is an urban forest in Queens, N.Y. where I can go to walk, or just sit and be myself. No one bothers me there. Its so freeing.

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