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I have never truly understood our society when it comes to the trappings of what we put onto our bodies. Look at the history of Europe. In the 1700s men wore stockings, wigs, and even makeup. As time went on makeup went away however stockings and wigs remained until the late 1790s. Ancient history I know but wearing what is known today as women’s clothing was an acceptable practice.

Women’s fashion for years relegated those individuals to skirts and dresses for everyday wear unless wearing them was not practical such as women working in factories during World War II however, once they returned home back into dressed they went. Then the 1970s brought on a whole new fashion craze for women, they could now wear “Pant Suits” and no one really cared.

This did not turn those women into something that was shunned. Society didn’t even blink and fully accepted the practice. On a personal note, my Grandmother at the age of 69 wore her first pantsuit, she didn’t care for it much but she had been in a vehicle accident and had broken her leg and the pants covered her cast, again it was accepted by the family. Grandma was not deemed a deviant.

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During the same time period men were allowed to grow their hair as long as they wished and society just overlooked this fashion statement.

I can mention other examples of how society changes and starts to be more accepting however as we all know our situation is much more problematic for current society. We are such a diverse group each having their respective reasons for donning that pretty frock.

As for me it’s more escapism than anything else, granted I do love the feel of silk, satin, and nylon and that was a powerful draw for me originally. But now it’s different one part of me can put away the pressures of the world and the softer side can take his place. She does not have to worry about work, money, or anything else. Worse thing Cynthia worries about is either the run in her hose, that drives both of us crazy, or what shoes work with what outfit.

Additionally for the past few years the lines between us have blurred. What I mean is, taking off the suit and tie and putting on hose and heels feels as natural as can be. Not any different than other men changing into shorts or jeans after they get off from work. For me there really is no him or her any longer just me. I still like romantic comedies along with my love of sci-fi, and I do ask for directions when lost. Cynthia Marie is real just as much as he is. She is just a little more emotional and vain.

I guess what I am trying to say is society will eventually come around and accept us and in the mean time we must accept who we are, and love who we are, be it someone who knows they can’t be truly happy until they can walk into some type of women’s environment and no one could guess they were not born what they appear; or just having the desire to look pretty and be able to go into the world without fear of rejection.

Ladies thank you for the warm reception you have afforded me and to those special ladies who have made all of this possible.

Love to all,
Cynthia Marie

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Cynthia Marie

I am a MtoF crossdresser by definition. I honestly believe I am someone who enjoys wearing hose and heals whenever possible and who is forced to go into the world dressed differently. I have been married for over 36 years to a wonderful woman who not only accepts me for who I am but considers me a sister. She even asks for fashion advice when out with the man of the house since I am forced to stay home. I am a BBW who stands over 6 foot in stockings and in heels over 6' 3". Zena has nothing on me. Having the support I do has given me the freedom to exist within our home.

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  1. Terrisa Washbourne 7 months ago

    Very perceptive article Cynthia, and it is so true that women can dress F2M without any trouble but when a man puts on women’s clothing it’s like a major catastrophe. There have been a lot of changes and I agree with you there, just wish we didn’t feel so anxious about what society or our families felt about what we do. I believe it is our own fear and our constant deceit (especially in these fluid times) that keeps us from achieving the acceptance we all so desire.

    Again incredible article, thank you. – Terrisa

  2. Lauren P. 2 years ago

    Wonderful article Cynthia! Certainly times have changed, and they are continuing to change. As pointed out by Karyn and Codille, it’s up to us to live as authentically as possible despite what society views as “normal”. True acceptance starts from within each of us, the rest of society will follow suit when they catch up to our progress. Easier said than done sometimes, but the goal nonetheless!

    <3 Lauren

  3. skippy1965(Cynthia) 2 years ago

    Great article-from one Cynthia to another! LOL. THe moment i begin to feel most like myself when I get home after work is when I spritz on my Vanilla Fields perfume! Chest.wrists behind the ears and behind the knees!

  4. melissa moore 2 years ago

    well said

  5. Codille Benton 2 years ago


    That melding of your gender identity is something that I hope occurs to all the girls on the site. whether it it just a little bit or a large shift. Having the ability to say this is ME and be comfortable with it is an amazing revelation and is a gift. As for the history of gender clothing, as a history major don’t get me started. Gender clothing though the ages has been so fluid until the start of the 1800’s where things started to get gender specific and society more conservative. Yes, when the war showed up and women went to work in factories, that norm changed what was acceptable. I use this example a lot.

    Walk down the main street in any major town and count the number of women in suits or slacks, now walk down that same street and count the number of men in skirts, blouses or dresses. Why such a discrepancy? Societal swing.

    Everything comes in good time. Slavery ending, Women rights to vote, Civil rights, The HIV scare, Gays coming out of the closet and being accepted (by most), Gay marriage in America (never thought I would see it in my lifetime and I am only 46), Transgender individuals on the front cover of major magazines and praised fro their bravery (this I really never thought I would see!!) …. is the crossdresser next, are we the next ones to be able to not fear losing our wives and jobs? We can only hope!!!!


    Codille Benton

  6. Dayle 2 years ago

    Well said to both Cynthia and Karyn.

  7. Karyn Lobelia 2 years ago

    Wonderful article , fashion is related to many aspects of historical facts , some we would rather not talk about . Wigs for example became popular in Europe because of the spread of syphyliss and the aristocrats losing their hair ! Europe gave the native Americans a host of news diseases , but syphyliis came back to Euorope with Columbus ! And wigs came into style to cover up the baldness it caused .
    It’s offset styles today come into vogue because of Hollywood or the media . Feminism promotes the idea that gender is a social construct but science has shown that studies of identical twins reveal that sex occurs at birth while gender identity occurs on day 21 ! Several books on transgender twins ,one male and the other transitioned to female because of gender roles Idenity . I love that we have different gifts from God , and should be free to choose . We have so many choices today that to some it is overwhelming . The Apache Indians had only two choices warrior or squaw . If a male was feminine or inclined to be a squaw , it was considered only natural without any shame to take that roll for a that young male . Today there is in the western world , a openess to discover who you are . How you want to dress and look should be your choice and you must be honest about what really makes you feel comfortable . NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK OR BELIEVE OR WANT , YOU MUST FEEL HAPPY , AND COMFORTABLE IN THAT DECISION or you are deluding yourself . Transitioning is another factor in becoming in line with your real Idenity AND hormones , surgery can make that change to another gender in body chemistry , amazing isn’t it . However , only you can change how you think , only you can change yourself . You can love other people and kindness is like a perfume , wear it every day . You cannot change other people . You happiness depends on you but not realizing the social waters you swim in is delusional . Character is the most important part of your life , always be polite , kind , and nice and never return rudeness or anger . Then go out and make the world a better place by being a loving kind person and live your life . You only have one , I tried living the life other people though I should live , then I realized God gave me only one life to live . I am happy and love being femme , because I love all the parts of being a lady . That is now my role in life , I hope you find yours not someone else’s because the Angels only made one of you . Kisses and Hugs

    • romi 1 year ago

      Awesome message one vessel to drive be happy in it s h ow the world your vessel

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