So for years, I’ve been going to different Anime and Comic conventions within my area. I believe it was during middle school when I attended my first one, and it just continued on from there.  I didn’t know at first that some of the girls in cosplay weren’t actually girls and that some of the guys weren’t guys.  I just liked that they were wearing costumes of characters that I’d only seen in shows or books.  It wasn’t until high school that I found out about the Crossplay side of cosplaying.

Crossplay is the mixing of Crossdressing and Cosplay and can either be MtF or FtM.  I have gone to several conventions, up and down the East coast of the U.S., and the amount of people who play the opposite gender is crazy. The acceptance by those attending is quite amazing.  From the people that I have talked to who participate at these conventions, they’ve not had any problems with the people attending or with the people staffing the building, (convention center or hotel staff, not the convention staff.)  The only problems they have encountered when in costume are with people who aren’t attending the convention and wander into the place, or when they leave the convention to have a photo shoot in the surrounding area.  Security usually takes care of the wanderers, and when they are out at shoots, their friends and the photographer usually scare them off, or if necessary, the police will take care of them.

This year I got the courage to do Crossplay. I started by going to one in the DC area where no one knew me and then did two at my local convention just recently.  I wore the same outfit in DC as I did at my local convention for one of the three days. Also, both of them are Pokémon; so if you don’t know what I’m talking about, take the time to open a new tab and look it up.

The first one was a Pokémon Fusion (taking elements from two or more Pokémon to make a new looking one) of Lucario and Gardevoir.  It’s my avatar, and here is the full photo (Here). At the time, it was 75-80% done, but I wanted to wear it, to figure out how to walk in a full ball gown.  I wore it for four hours and liked it and the interactions I had with the people at the convention.  The cover photo is from that day.  The first day of the second convention, I wore the dress again.  I could move around much better than I did the first time, (though I think it is because I switched out my heels.) The train was only stepped on twice, and I added some colored globes to simulate Pokémon attacks.  (Here) that days photo and I wore it for six hours.


The second cosplay was a commissioned Kimono Dress based on the Eevee dark evolution Umbreon, specifically the shiny version (shinny mean a different color then the original and they are hard to get in game).  (Here) With this one being smaller and wearing gladiators, I managed eight hours wearing it at the convention. There were lot of photos and complements, and I met up with my brother and his friend, who’ve been doing this longer than I have.  They told me to work on my makeup skills, and the two cosplays will pop when my skills have improved.

Throughout both conventions, there were guys in ball-gowns just as big as mine, some that were bigger.  Then there were guys in cosplays that made me think they walked off of a drag show, and others that I couldn’t tell they were guys until they spoke. These conventions will make you rethink your outlook on the world.

“Is that guy/girl really a guy/girl” “Am I going to say the right pronoun when I talk to this cosplayer?” “DID I JUST WALK INTO A TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODE” and many other sayings and thoughts go through your head when you first attend a convention.  I’d like to finish by insisting that if there is a comic convention, anime convention, or a gaming convention coming to your area, you need to go to at least the Saturday event so you can experience this magnificent melting pot for yourself.  And who knows, you might come out seeing the world in a brighter and happier light.



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    A young crossdresser who is coming into this side of myself. Trying to figure out this crazy road that i have started down and where to go and what to do.

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    Michelle Liefde
    Active Member
    4 years ago

    Anime or Comic Cons are a fantastic place to see how creative and imaginative people can be in creating incredible costumes. I have been going to them off and on since the mid 80’s and have seen such a change in the culture for the better. The fact that so many folks are willing to gender bend or crossplay as their favorite character is just awesome! Maddie, thank you for writing this article and thank you for the pics, though I may not know the particular characters, you look fantastic and more importantly look you had fun.


    skippy1965 Cynthia
    Trusted Member
    4 years ago

    If you get a chance go to Atlanta on a Labor Day weekend for DragonCon. It’s a combination of fantasy,sci-fi, comic, and cosplay and draws 50,000+ attendees filling five downtown hotels. I visited for one day while in Atlanta for a football game and it is indeed something to see.

    Julie Kay Kule
    4 years ago

    Being a fan of Anime I know from Those in Japanese Cosplay to pull off looking female is the ultimate goal for many to be able to fool some close up as to being female or to the point no can tell is big. Now are many of them Cross dressers or Trans? This sadly will never be spoke about by Japanese fan. US fans let all good and nothing is off base. Many of the cosplay can will big money too so a lot travel here to the US. I remember being at a convention watch guy fall over… Read more »

    Autumn Valiant
    Active Member
    4 years ago

    I would love to dress as Nebula from Guardians of the Galaxy I & II and Avengers Infinity Wars & Avengers Endgame. Maybe for Halloween……..
    Or Xena warrior princess…..

    Trusted Member
    5 months ago

    Some of the friendliest people I’ve met when crossdressed and out shopping had elements of Anime in their clothing or hair style. It felt like they understood me. I guess crossdressing is about living out a fantasy experience that’s different than what is expected of us.

    Crossplay sounds like a fun idea!

    I’m so glad the world continues to evolve in acceptance.

    P.S. I love your outfit! Its inspiring.

    Last edited 5 months ago by Lea
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