One of the greatest joys that we as crossdressers experience is transforming ourselves from the male body we live in daily to the wonderfully feminine body and persona that really reflects who we are and who we want to be. Numerous joys abound as we feminize our bodies, becoming smooth all over by shaving all that yucky male hair off and then applying those wonderful scented lotions so we’re both soft and smooth all over like real women. Then doing our nails, putting on all of our wonderfully feminine lingerie, picking out our dress and heels, putting on our makeup and jewelry, spritzing on a lovely perfume, and then choosing just the right wig to truly show the world our feminine selves. All of those steps are literally transformative.

And the truth is, we enjoy every single moment of the process, so we plan for those times. We live for those times.

But for some of us, that’s where it stops. Some of us don’t have a situation that allows us to go out in public as the woman we want to be.

But there may be a solution.

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Getting in our car and driving around as a woman.

Because the reality is, driving around in our car as a woman allows us some freedom to actually get out in public and interact, at least to a limited degree, with the world as a woman. We’re seen by others in their cars as we drive past or pull up next to them at the light. People glance at us and see another woman out in her car. Maybe she’s going to work, or running errands, dropping off her husband, or picking up her kids. It doesn’t really matter, because driving around in our car gives us a way to get out in the world and be seen to some degree as a woman.

Sure, we may not be actually talking to people or even seeing them up close, but it’s a start. We’re not going out shopping in stores, but at least driving around as a woman gets us out of the house and lets us begin to experience the world as a woman.

And truth be told, driving around as a woman is a lot more fun than driving around as a man.


Because as men, when we drive somewhere, we have a destination in mind and want to get there as fast as possible. Men are competitive, so it’s like we’re driving in a race, competing against all of the other cars on the road. We floor the gas pedal to pull out first from the stop light so we can get in front of the others, or we pass the people who are going too slow. We’re in a rush.

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Compare that to how a woman drives. Sure, she may have someplace to go, but she’s not in a rush, she’s careful how she drives and she observes things around her. A woman looks around and notices all the things that men miss.

Plus, as a woman, we experience sensory overload when we go for a drive. When we get into the car, we sit down and then turn and slide our legs in, seeing and feeling our smooth, hose-covered legs, as well as feeling our high heels on the floor mat. Then of course, as we settle into the seat, we feel our lingerie underneath our dress, the straps of our bra as we lean back against the seat, and the pull of the straps on our slip as we adjust our dress. And those sensations just continue…

Once we buckle our seat belt, we feel and see the wonderful valley that the seat belt forms in our cleavage between our breasts, which is yet another reminder of our feminized state. There’s also the thrill that comes from seeing our smooth arms reaching out to the steering wheel, wearing our favorite bracelets, and seeing our feminine hands with pretty painted fingernails, wearing those cute, stylish rings. Plus, if we adjust our rear view or side view mirrors, we may catch a glimpse of our feminized features, reminding us yet again that we’re a woman!

So we’re in the pink fog from the moment we get into our vehicles. And this is all before we even put the car into gear!

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The truth is, as crossdressers and transgender women, we experience an overload of feminine sensations that men aren’t aware of, wouldn’t pay attention to, and don’t even know that they’re missing! Isn’t it wonderful to be a crossdresser and get to experience them?

Then when we pull onto the road, we join the chorus of people, men and women, who are out and about and on their way to somewhere. And so are we. We’re now in a safe environment, a self-contained automotive cocoon as it were, that allows us to begin entering into the world as a woman, yet staying somewhat apart from it at the same time.

As women in our cars, we can also begin to behave like the other women drivers, taking our time, not rushing to get somewhere fast, but enjoying the trip. We can enjoy the experience of being seen as a woman by other drivers, but being safely ignored by them at the same time. It’s a dichotomy that allows us to be out in public, but simultaneously removed and safe.

Plus, there’s the benefit that as a woman in our car, we’re not really expected to compete with other drivers, so we can behave more civilly and be nicer to our fellow travelers on the road. We can wave to others to let them into the lane ahead of us, wave Thank You to drivers who have let us merge, or just wave to other pedestrians or drivers to say hello. And as women, when we wave like that, we use our pretty, feminine hands to convey those feelings to others, using very feminine gestures.

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There are also some fun things that we can do when we’re driving around as women. While anyone can talk on their phones in their cars, only women can touch up their makeup. For instance, when you pull up to a stoplight, you can take out your lipstick or mascara and do a quick touchup, like millions of other women do every day in their cars. And what really makes that fun is if a man is in the car next to you and he sees you doing that, you can almost guarantee that his thoughts run along the lines of “Look at that silly woman doing her makeup in the car.” It’s a little thing, it’s a fun thing, but one that gives a little thrill as we are seen and perceived as a real woman by a real man!

Or if you’re touching up your lipstick and another woman pulls up next to you and sees you doing that, you share a knowing smile with her, knowing that you’ve just had a brief, nonverbal, woman-to-woman shared moment. Men don’t understand it, but women do. We want to look nice for our men. Again, it’s a little thing, but by doing that, you’ve entered into the world of the woman driver, so it makes it kind of fun.

And depending on your level of confidence in how you look, how you sound, and how you present yourself, you can take another step and go through a drive-through. Pulling up and ordering a cup of coffee or something to go and then driving up to the payment window where you’ll actually have a brief interaction with the person you pay is another level of thrill. You’re heard as a woman, you’re seen as a woman, you reach into your woman’s purse to get your money to pay, you hand the money to the person who sees your pretty, feminized hands, and you may even say “Thank You” or something like that, so you even get to have a brief interaction as a woman. It’s thrilling and exciting, yet safe. The person in the drive through lane has probably seen a lot of things, so even if he or she knows you’re a crossdresser, nothing will probably be said. So you’ve now had another interaction as a woman in public!

One more fun thing you can do that also lets you be seen as a woman, but is still pretty safe, is to go and fill up your car. Most gas stations today are self-serve, so you pull up to the gas pump that is the farthest from the store (or closest, if you’re brave) and then step out of your car to fill up. If it’s a windy day, you’ll get to feel the wind blow across your smooth legs and up your dress, which is definitely a sensation that only women get to experience. If a man pulls up to the gas pump next to you, then you can just look away and focus on filling up your car. But again, the fun comes from knowing that a man saw you and recognized you as a woman!

So ladies, these are just some of the wonderfully fun things that we can do as a woman driving around, that will help you get out and about in public. And that’s also why it’s just so amazingly fun to get all dressed and made up and then go out driving en femme!

Hugs and safe driving!

Would you like to share your experience while out driving as a woman?

Sincerely, Holly


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Hope Roberts
Active Member
1 month ago

Holly loved your article as you were so spot on and painted that feminine experience delightfully and sensually!

Teri Linnealis
1 month ago

Holly, Loved the article. I’ve driven all over Wisconsin “en femme” and love it. I dream of driving across the U.S. as same in the near future. I also enjoy pumping gas, stopping for a water or coffee, or ordering at a drive through restaurant on my journey’s. Thanks and Hugs, TERI

Marian Andersen
Active Member
1 month ago

Holly, I’ve experienced all the feminine joys you mention in your article while out driving which I have done often. Good presentation on the female senses too.

Jima Smith
1 month ago

This is Jima and driving across country in a dress and heels sounds like something I would love to do

Dani Grand
Active Member
28 days ago

THIS girl is flying to San Fran this Sunday as my feminine self. I’ll be there for business and sadly have to carry dual wardrobes.
I have done this so many times – coast-to-coast as a woman, and had wondered if the ‘thrill’ would wear off.

Not yet.  

Amber Lynn
21 days ago

I love driving in femme mode. The feel of the seat belt across my breasts. It is a wonderful thing.

Stephanie Bach
5 days ago

I already have my outfit picked out for my drive from San Diego to LA next week. Such a freedom release experience I’m hoping for

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