Crossdresser hair salon and the joys of it

This Friday I enjoyed one of the most fabulous activities that woman have claimed as their own for so long – getting my hair done. I spent two hours in the salon while my hair dresser did her best to make me look pretty and we talked about everything from hair to family to fashion. When I finally left I felt a warm glow inside that came from more than being pampered for the afternoon – it was the joy of sharing life with someone else, even if just for a moment.

I feel as if the salon is a sanctuary, where the cares of the world are left behind, and the hard, unapproachable barriers we erect to keep us safe from the outside world, are melted down. It felt so natural to share my feelings, my life, my thoughts with those around me, and then listen as they shared theirs.

As men we are taught that sharing who you are is a sign of weakness. That burdens and heart aches must be carried alone. That our individual suffering makes us stronger.

I have come to realize that burdens are lighter when shared, that friendship is strength and weakness is not knowing when to ask for help. And for just a brief while I enjoyed being part of a woman’s world – the inner sanctum of relaxation and sharing.

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  1. tom wells (Clayr) 4 years ago

    where are you located?

  2. Jamie Kremel 4 years ago

    So do u cater to the male to female transgendered in cutting hair if so I’d like to make an appointment towards the end of the month my number is 773 600 9347 thanks for your time

  3. Chris 7 years ago

    (100% true story) I recently went to a salon for full make up and an updo. I was going to be in a mock beauty pageant fund raiser, and all the girls at the salon were so excited! The owner even painted my nails (no fake nails) for free while I had my make up done. My hair (wig) was put in a french twist. I then got dressed at the salon in my first outfit (business casual) for the pageant — wool herringbone skirt, black boots, black blouse, dangly earrings & necklace, pink silk scarf. Since I had extra time before the event, they invited me to hang out and have a glass of wine. I chatted with the owner and the other girls, sipping my wine with my legs crossed very lady-like. They thought I looked passable! But I think I had too much eye makeup on, especially my eyebrows. It was a wonderful evening.

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