The joys of transgender – Knee Socks and Disney Princesses

Pink Princess

It isn’t always lace and silk that takes the sting of my gender dysphoria away.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love them when I want to feel a little more sexy in the bedroom.  But honestly pre-op most of my sexy looking outfits, tend to pinch and rub the wrong way and more often than not, I feel more the heat of friction rather than the heat of passion.

But now that I have started moving my daily clothing choices more towards the feminine side of the fence, I have really embraced the joy of cute cotton panties and colorful knee socks.

I also have to admit, that I have enjoyed the raised eyebrows of some of my co-workers who happen to notice my decidedly not male sock choices, because I feel it is building towards the full clothing transition that I know will occur in the not too distant future. And I’ve been waiting, actually really wondering, if anyone will get up the courage to ask me about them. So far no one has said a word. If they do, will I will get the chance to be bold, and identify myself? I feel fortunate to live in a part of the country and work for a company that is in general more tolerant of transgender people, but there really isn’t a blueprint for how to take the leap off this cliff, and I consider this my way of dipping my toes in.

Transgender Heaven - Gender Journey

I mention all of this because I recently had one of those empowerment moments and what turned out to be a really sweet personal memory as well, but not at work as I expected, instead it happened on vacation.

I’m here in Orlando for a little while, and the city is very much trying to find its bearings after the series of senseless murder of a pop star, the hateful tragic massacre attack on our community, and the accidental death of a small child near the Magic Kingdom.  Everywhere you look there are signs of hope for a united community recovery.

Which brings me to a sweet Disney cast member named Mabel, who had to be in her early to mid 60’s and also happened to be working in one of the theme park clothing shops where I found two pairs of adorable knee socks.

One pair of beautiful rainbow color, is adorned with images of my beloved princesses in their finest gowns, and yes the little girl in me squealed with delight when I found them.  Unfortunately I also think the audible more male noise that actually emanated from me, might have upset a little old man nearby as well. (oh well…what can you do?)

The other pair was a whimsical pair of black polka dotted Minnie Mouse Socks complete with adorable little red bows on the back.   (I did manage to suck in my expression of delight when I found them for fear of off-putting anyone else.)

Anyway several minutes of shopping later, I walked myself up to the counter and put my two new pairs of leg apparel on the cashier counter.  Mabel, who was working alone at the time, cheerfully picked up the items and as she was scanning them in asked if they were for my wife or daughter.

And in that moment it would have been so easy to just blurt out casually they were for my wife, but I remembered what my therapist has been telling me about small bold steps, and I listened to that inner little girl longing to claim the treasures she had found as her own, and said “Actually, they are for me and the woman I am becoming.  I’m transgender.”

Carefully studying her face which momentarily seemed to lose the bright smile, and expecting the worst, I was completely taken aback as she, completed the sale, looked into my eyes and said, “I hope the woman you hope to become, is as beautiful and brave as the one I already see.” And she continued, “My niece used to be my nephew, she’s so much happier now.”

Finally still somewhat dazed, but delightfully surprised, I headed towards the exit, bag in hand, and she quietly added, “Have a magical day princess.”

And you know what?  In a small and very personal way. It was

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Vicki T.

46 year old "new born" to transitioning. I'm finally coming out of the box I kept my true-self in for so long, and though it's not always easy, its definitely more the real me every day. I'm looking to make new close friends. I have so much to learn and I can use all the help and support I can get.

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  1. Jessica 4 months ago

    I squealed when I heard that story. I’ve got to send a hug through the web for you.


  2. Sallysim 2 years ago

    Wow Vicki, what a great story, you are so brave, one day I hope I will be so strong. Thanks for inspiring me.

  3. Abbie Simons 2 years ago

    You have got to love people like Mabel…………..What a lovely experience hunny. Gosh it made me quite emotional. Hugs Abbie

  4. Holly G 2 years ago

    Love it! I’m so totally a Disney Princess inside as well! I would LOVE to get a couple of those amazing princess ball gowns in my size 🙂 I’m so happy that you ran into her…it was obviously meant to happen! Good luck on your magical journey toward womanhood and thanks for sharing!
    Hugs ,

  5. debbie 2 years ago

    Yes thanks Vicki for sharing your personnel journey. I have had those mixed reactions in the past but the good ones always outnumber the bad ones. Stay confident

  6. Tess Williams 2 years ago

    Great story princess!

  7. JaneS 2 years ago

    I love it Princess. I look forward to reading of more of your adventures when you care to share them with us.


  8. *skippy1965(Cynthia) 2 years ago


    A magic moment in the Magic Kingdom! Your story really hit home to me as I am possibly in a similar part of my life where I m trying to explore the path my gender issues will take me. Atter 40 yeas of crossdressing that began at age 11,, I am coming to feel like there is possibly much more to it than dressing and that transitioning is at the least a very real possibility. After a year or so of “undressing” at work, I have now moved on to what I call “stealth dressing” at work. This means that ALL of the items of clothing I wear to work now are female but still could ostensibly be seen as male to the un-discerning eye. Undies, cami, ladies trouser socks, ladies loafers/boat shoes, ladies khaki slacks and belt, and ladies polo shirt comprise my work clothes along with clear polish on my fingernails and a touch of clear mascara as well. No one has said anything to me though I have no way to know if that is due to them not NOTICING or to not knowing how or what to say. Your experience makes me think about what I will say if and when someone DOES ask me or comment about my clothing choices!

    Outside of work, I have started wearing women’s denim shorts and letting my smooth shaved skin show. Recently, I made my first all day outing as Cynthia and it was a glorious experience that I look forward to doing again soon!

    Thanks again for an incredibly inspiring story. Please continue to write articles as you travel forward on your journey!


  9. Author
    Vicki T. 2 years ago

    Thank you all so much for the encouragement. it was such a beautiful moment that was so small and yet personally impactful. I wanted to share it because I believe our time is coming. Crossdresser, transsexual or everything in between I believe our time and acceptance is won, one tiny victory at a time 🙂

  10. Tanya 2 years ago

    Wow, love love love your story Vicki. Well written and detailed. All the best on your journey.


    Tanya ❤

  11. Vicki – this is a wonderful personal tale, and you told it very, very well. I think I’m just a CD, but my therapist had similar advice for me. Small, bold steps – I actually love the way you phrased it!

    I have to tell you again, you have a wonderful writing style and you tell your story succinctly, yet nothing important is left out. I kept wanting to read on.


  12. jamie 2 years ago

    That was a great story Vicki,I enjoyed reading it,have a magical day.

  13. Maxine Doos 2 years ago

    An uplifting story, Vicki.
    Congratulations on your Magical Day.
    May you have many more….

  14. Wanda Shirkey 2 years ago

    Hi Vicki,

    That was a great story I know sometimes it is hard to let the SA know items are for you but it becomes easier every time. I have gotten to the point where I tell the SA the items are for me whether it is panties, bras, jeans or whatever. It is a great feeling. And sometimes the expression on their face is worth it. Good luck to you!



  15. MacKenzie Alexandra 2 years ago

    A wonderful story, Vicki. Thanx for sharing. It is great to hear that there are wonderful individuals in the world. I wish thee the best on your journey,

    Hug, MacKenzie

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