Since my first article, not much has changed between my wife and me. She is still accepting but not overly supportive. I am allowed to get dressed up each evening for a couple of hours after the kids go to bed. As I work from home on Fridays, I get to have 6 hours dressed while the kids are at School. However, I desire to have more time dressed as Sarah. Like most of us here, I really want to take Sarah out in the public domain.

However, as much as I want to do more I am willing to bide my time for a couple of reasons.

– I need my wife’s acceptance in allowing me to go further with my crossdressing. I need her to understand the reasons as to why I feel this way. She needs to come to terms in her own time. One thing I have learned about my wife, over the last 11 years, is that she can be quick to say “No” to something at first, but later on she’ll come back with a compromise or better.

– Because I need my wife to be accepting I know I have time to work on my look. I recently purchased two new wigs. My wife gave me an unimpressed look when I told her about my purchase. I wear them each night now. I’ve also not dabbled in makeup yet; this is something I really want to try before I step out as Sarah.

Herbal_breast_enlargement_naturedaycom (1)

She also knows something is up. I brought two handbags, which she saw, and then asked me, “ Where do you want to go?”

“ Nowhere!!” was my reply. It’s a half-truth as I wanted them as an accessory for photos. It was also in the back of my mind, because when I did go out as Sarah the last time it was difficult holding my phone and car keys. It made me realise that a handbag is an important accessory.

I’d ventured out in public wearing a facemask. Although I could do this again, it is now not the norm in New Zealand as we have been Covid Free for quite a long time now.

So, I am playing the long game with the goal of eventually heading out into the public arena as Sarah. I use CDH as a learning tool, reading as many articles about as many topics as possible. I find that learning about everyone else’s experiences is helping to tame my frustration at not being able to do more now. Reading all the articles helped my confidence, even before Sarah had a chance to become he true self.

Thank you to all of you that write about your experiences and offer your opinions. Even when I don’t agree with something, reading it allows me to absorb different points of view and adapt my own thinking. Eventually, it will help me blend in better when I do get the chance to venture out.

Keep them coming ladies. I know by the comments posted on each article that we are all in this together. Anything we can do to help each other is so important, no matter how early or far along we are with our crossdressing.





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Sarah Lane

Told my wife two years ago my secret and she has been supportive after a short period of getting to understand the reasons behind why I like to wear women’s clothes. My style is forever changing as I get more experienced in finding clothes my size and creating a look. I am interested in talking/meeting other people like me that enjoy cross dressing with a view to being more active in the future. I would like to learn more about completing my look by learning from others.

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Stephanie Kennedy
Active Member
2 years ago

Hi Sarah Thank you for your Article and I do understand that you are looking for advice. I can only share what happened to me and how my wife handled it. She found my clothes while i was on a business trip.It was a shock for her to say the least. The last thing on her mind was those clothes were for me I see were you are going with long game.but make no mistake she notices everything. My suggestion is to read and understand more what cross dressing means to you and how it impacts your daily life Understand… Read more »

Trusted Member
2 years ago

Some advice… cautiously push the boundaries, but try to discuss them first. As many have written, wives’ moods and acceptance can change quickly. Try no to mistake silence for acceptance.

Remember, my Kiwi, this is a game of Test Cricket played over life.

Madison R
2 years ago
Reply to  Lea

And don’t forget we are now officially the world’s best at test cricket!

2 years ago

I get what your saying and I have been like this, my GF accepted the dressing though she found it weird, and then a year later I was dressing more in ways that surprised me and then she came to terms with that, fast forward 2 years and I am now thinking about being a full time woman (though this has a lot of hurdles I personally need to overcome to achieve) and again this is something she needs to get her head around as she fancies me as a man not so much as a woman so its a… Read more »

Trusted Member
2 years ago

Thanks for writing this article sarah. I think many of us are in similar places, straddling that line with our wives. The line I’m referring to is in between acceptance and encouragement. Obviously we all would love or s.o. to embrace this side of ourselves but sometimes acceptance and comprise are the best we can get. Hopefully, along with support from fellow Cdh members that can be enough. Best of luck moving forward and once again thanks for putting down in words what many of us are feeling.

Active Member
2 years ago

Great article Sarah. It’s got me thinking again. I don’t know how unique my situation is. I will never get my wife’s approval or support for wanting to crossdress. And in reality, I don’t want it. This means all of my family will disown me. But being in the December (maybe November!) of my life, I feel like it’s time to take care of me. For the many that don’t know, I’m in the final stages – I hope – of getting over a serious covid19 infection. One of the side benefits has been a lot of weigh loss. This… Read more »

Active Member
2 years ago
Reply to  Sarah Lane

I don’t get to crossdress in this closet. It is some of my own doing. some of covid shutdown’s doing. I’m not looking for my wife’s approval or support, I just don’t want to devastate my family. Again, thank you for your article. I would love to keep up with your progress.


Marie Law
2 years ago

Hi Sarah
Love what you have said. It is really hard to figure out at times what your SO is thinking. My wife was a bit concerned that I had joined this group, as she wasn’t sure what my intentions were. We had a good talk about it this morning and she now sees why I want to interact with other like minded ladies.
Would love to have a chat sometime as we are in the same time zone. PM me anytime.

Marie Jane

2 years ago


I love your articles, they are so inspiring. I am really curious about how your children stay in bed so well and don’t come out for something and accidentally catch you?

Have thought about telling them some day?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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