The beginning

For many of you, this article is supernumerary because you’ve already decided that you’re buying from an established American company. But, if you get a heads-up from a fairly reliable source you’ve known for a number of years, who is in the clothing business herself, and attests that one company has delivered her some clothes- and very inexpensively- you may decide that you have been unduly discriminating and that you ought to at least consider buying from the same business. Their clothes are advertised ubiquitously and the site promises to deliver all sorts of stuff at fairly inexpensive prices -that don’t compare even closely to what you’re used to paying.

The Middle

I trusted this person very much and was very seduced by the stuff they offered. There were clothes at very inexpensive prices, loads of technical equipment, rings at very cheap prices, nightgowns, bras, makeup, mother’s day articles, father’s day articles, basically it was like a bazaar showing almost everything imaginable It was also- at least, technically- an American company. It says it is based in San Francisco and has an 800 number for customer service. It was founded in 2010 by a group of Americans. It has customer reviews that are very laudatory and it offers your money back if you’re not satisfied.

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For all these reasons, I decided that I was tired of paying high prices and was willing to give it a try.

I have to say I was very intrigued. The items for sale are stunning and enormously appealing. I knew that many of them must have come from the Orient but this is an American company! I had already written about the problems one experiences with the Chinese companies BUT this seemed different, I thought. So, armed with customer rave reviews (lots of 5 star reviews), a boatload of appealing garments, promises that I’d get my money back if I wasn’t satisfied, an American company, the assurance of my trusted friend, what did I have to lose?

So, I dropped my guard and started to order. I knew the prices were inexpensive and, perhaps, the quality wasn’t as good. I noticed that, although the prices, themselves, were inexpensive, the shipping costs they added were quite high. But, I thought, considering everything, they were still a bargain. I waited patiently for my summons from the company to notify me when the goods were coming. And I received some notifications telling me “Good news! Your item is on its way!” And, then, I waited and waited and the goods NEVER showed up.

The end

First, I called their 800 number and was told they do not offer “telephone support” and was promptly directed to their internet site and a support contact. I wrote to them and hoped to get the customer service they purported to provide. This was also beneath pathetic. I usually got no response at all. I couldn’t understand how some people swear by it, and my experience was so universally bad. I thought I would threaten them, telling them I would get in touch with the Chinese government if they didn’t respond (since their goods probably came from there.) I found out that there is no business ethics bureau in China. Then, I threatened to complain to the Better Business Bureau in the USA and, finally, in utter exasperation, I registered a complaint with them. Somebody (unfortunately, I don’t remember who) wondered why I would want to complain about this company. That shocked me. I couldn’t understand why there would be any people who care about such a miserable company with outrageously bad service and results. All this made no sense.

Suddenly, that inconsistency became clear to me. What am I paying for? A wish-no more, no less, a hope that they’ll find the product at a price they can accept that will make money for them. That’s what I’m paying for. A double and reciprocal wish! If they can’t find the items and the shipping for them, there’s no business. People were happy with it and willing to defend it IF they happened to be among those whose orders were fulfilled. The uncertainty of finding the product is built into the system. That’s why some people swear by it (if they were fortunate) and others suffer because they can’t find the items and/or the shipping. So, why did they say Good News, your product is on the way- because they thought they found it but, perhaps, not yet.

That’s why it was smart of me to ask my bank to NOT pay them yet and to hold it in place indefinitely. The reasons they have such an awful and unresponsive support system is because they don’t know themselves when things become available or when shipping problems are settled. I feel so relieved even though I haven’t been notified that they’ve found some of the items yet. You see, you PAY for a wish. No more, no less. Mystery solved.
Absolutely amazing!

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Abby Lauren

Have been crossdressing for over 7 decades and still love it as much as ever. I'm married and my wife is very slowly coming to accept this reality. She sometimes even buys me something for Abby. i love to interact with fellow cd's and go out as often as fits into my schedule. I live part-time in the USA and travel as often as I am able to. I particularly love attending Trans conventions and meeting up with other Cd's.
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Joeanne Johnson
3 years ago

Wow that is such an unfortunate experience. I am sure that there are many on here who know exactly of which vendor you speak of… It shows your class that you havent called them out by name. I am new to all of this and have yet to make any purchases online. I have no clue of whom you speak. I am unsure what you are describing when you mention that you order the product advertised and then they locate it for you? Are you saying that this online shop has a catalog of things they likely dont stock but… Read more »

Terri Johnson
Active Member
3 years ago

Abby — I am sorry you had that experience. I must say that perhaps I am naive, but I have no idea which company that could be. I have mostly bought in person or through Amazon, but have wanted to find some more options as my interest has grown. Anyway, thanks for the heads up/reminder.


Sabrina Scott
3 years ago

I know which company you speak of and I have tempted by some of their products but it always felt fishy. I’ve continued to shop stores, Amazon, and reputable crossdressing sites. A similar thing happened with me for something else with another company. It was for a Bluetooth ready realistic looking device from a video game (I’m a nerd girl LOL). The company took my money and folded. To this day I will not order anything advertised on Facebook.

Trisha Kobichenko
3 years ago

I have had two experiences, I think with the company you describe above. The first was satisfactory, with the product arriving two days before their anticipated delivery date. On my second order, the delivery date has been extended twice. Jury still out until September (their current delivery expectation for an item purchased in early May).

Stephanie Kennedy
Active Member
2 years ago

Hi Abby You know the old saying BUYER BEWARE Not sure of the company you speak of but I am always cautions when buying from company’s that are clearly buying and reselling from China. You are right the clothes are lovely and at a price no woman could refuse. I suppose that is one of our feminine weaknesses. So sorry to hear about your experience. We have far too many things to worry about. We should at least expect to get what we pay for. My problem I quess all our problem is sizing . The clothes look so inviting… Read more »

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