We’ve all heard the term “the pink fog,” but what does that mean?

Here’s my thoughts…

The pink fog is…

The blissful state of mind that comes over you when you’ve finally accepted that you are and always will be a crossdresser.

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That wonderful feeling of anticipation, excitement, joy, happiness when we know we’re going to transform into the woman we want to be!

That sensory overload we feel when we begin transforming from men into women and strip away all our maleness and begin to embrace our femininity, as the physical manifestations of our female body are revealed as we remove our male body hair and reveal the smooth, soft, female body we so desire.

The mental sensations that overwhelm us as we joyfully transform into our true feminine selves.

The physical sensations and sensory overload we experience as we pull on those lovely, exquisitely feminine articles of women’s lingerie over our now soft and smooth skin.

The feelings that transports us to our personal heaven as we see our bodies being transformed from male to female.

The euphoria that occurs as we see our bust line and curves take shape as we don those wonderfully feminine articles of shapewear, enhancing our feminine figure and removing any reminders of maleness.

The shivers of pleasure and luscious feelings of overwhelming femininity that course through our bodies as we step into our lacy panties, pull our stockings up our feminized legs, fasten a pretty, lacy bra around our chests and insert our breast forms.

The physical sensations we experience as we feel the silk, satin, nylon, lace, spandex and more of the women’s lingerie we are fortunate enough to be able to wear.

The satisfaction that takes place as we see “him” disappear in the mirror as we begin to lovingly apply foundation, eye liner, eye shadow, highlighter, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, rouge and powder.

EnFemme Style

The happiness we experience when we look in the mirror and “she” is now looking back at us.

That feeling of sexy naughtiness that overtakes us when our makeup comes out just right, our wig looks perfect, our nails are shaped and polished to perfection, and we slip into that little lacy bra and panty set, put on our garter belt, pull up our stockings, and slide into our stiletto high heels.

The irresistible feeling that overtakes us as we slip into a lovely dress and see it mold to our feminine curves, showing just how much of a woman we’ve become.

The womanly desires we experience as we finish putting together our outfit, choosing just the right nail polish color, the right jewelry and accessories, decide which wig to wear, which high heels will look the best with our dress, and select the scent of perfume to wear.

The peace that settles over us as we see the woman we have become, the woman we want to be, no, the woman we have to be looking back at us from the mirror.

That feeling of femininity that overtakes us when we look so pretty and feminine and feel like a real woman.

The feeling of love and acceptance when your wife/girlfriend/SO accepts your feminine self and wants to support her.

The fluttering of heart and sense of excitement that comes over us as we step out of our house as a woman, knowing we\\\’re now going into the real world, where we’ll be seen and treated as a woman.

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The small, exciting reminders we see and feel as we get into our car to go out in public as a woman, like the seat belt strap between our breasts, our smooth nylon-encased legs beneath the hem of our dress, the feeling of driving in high heels, the reflection of our made up eyes in the rear view mirror, our smooth arms and hands with pretty, feminine, painted fingernails, rings and bracelets, our cute purse on the seat, and the reflection of a woman driving her car in the side window.

The constant reminders of our femininity we experience when we are out in public as a woman, the breeze across our stocking-covered legs, the telltale feminine click-click-click of our high heels, the reflection of a woman in a store window as we walk past, feeling our breasts move, our earrings sway, the smell and taste of our makeup, lipstick and perfume, feeling our hair blow around our face, and all those lovely, feminine reminders.

The thrilling, exciting sensations we experience when we’re out in public, being seen and treated as a woman, having a door held open for us or a chair pulled out for us, knowing that we’re blending in as “just another woman” which makes it even more exciting.

The joy and happiness that we feel when we realize we really are successfully blending in with all the other real women out in the world.

The sense of wonderful contentment we feel when we’re referred to as “ma’am”, “miss”, or any other female pronoun, and especially if that is said by a man.

En Femme Style

The euphoria of seeing other women while we’re out in public and realizing they see us as just another woman too.

The sense of sisterhood we experience when we’re out in public and real women accept us as one of their own.

The satisfaction of being able to look at what another woman is wearing and wonder how we’d look in it, and not worrying about it as we’re just one more woman looking at another, which happens all the time.

The feeling of oneness with all the other women that comes over us as we walk through and shop in women’s lingerie, clothing, shoes and makeup departments and know that we can stop and try on anything there, just like all the other women are doing.

The happiness that overcomes us when we’re getting a mani-pedi or makeover and realize that to all the people walking past, all they see is a woman taking time to pamper and treat herself.

The giddiness that flows through us as we realize that we can try on all the cute, flowery, girly fashions and styles that a man never would.

The excitement that courses through us as we take a dress, blouse, or skirt into the woman’s changing room to try it on, knowing we have now crossed over and entered into that most feminine environment, and we’re now part of it.

The shortness of breath we feel when we come out of the dressing room to look at ourselves in the mirror and a real woman tells us how pretty we look, and know we have been accepted into the sisterhood of women.

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The secret thrill that comes from telling another woman something she is wearing looks nice on her, and being thanked by her, realizing that she sees you as just another woman and you’ve just had a woman-to-woman moment.

The ecstatic happiness we feel when we see husbands sitting outside the women’s dressing room waiting on their wives, as we know we prefer being on the inside with the women than on the outside with the men.

The joy and happiness we feel as we shop for and purchase anything and everything we desire as women.

The pleasant realization that even running errands and doing chores is much more fun when done en femme.

The thrill that surrounds us when real women accept us as another woman and invite us to join their group or in their daily activities (shopping, lunch, going out).

The intimate oneness we experience when sharing our most intimate thoughts and feelings with other real women.

The joy that comes from the knowledge that as crossdressers, we get to wear things, do things, and experience things that real men never will.

The exquisite feeling of femininity that surrounds us as we realize that real men don’t even know what they’re missing by not crossdressing.

The happiness that surrounds us at the end of the day as we relax in our pretty lingerie or lacy nightgown and realize we’re living as much of our life as possible as a woman.

The elation at the end of the day when we transform back into men, knowing we’ve been dressing, acting and living as women in the real world, and that euphoria carries over until the next time.

The dreamy feeling of being able to show the world our true self, the woman within, and not feel ashamed or scared, knowing that you are she and she is a real woman in the real world.

The joy that comes from being your true, authentic self. The woman you are.

The happy, contented feelings when you realize you’re happier as a woman, want to spend more time as a woman, and don’t want to go back to being a man.

The happiness that comes from starting every day dreaming about being a woman and ending every day being thankful you have the chance to live life as both.

The euphoria that envelopes you as you show your true self to the world and let them see the woman you really, truly are!

The joy that flows through you because you really, truly enjoy living life as a crossdresser and a woman.

This is what the pink fog is to me.




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Lauren Mugnaia
Active Member
1 month ago

Hi Holly, Wait until it’s permanent, wait until there’s an ‘F’ in the box on your drivers license along with a picture of a beautiful woman. Wait until you are accepted, treated and referred to as a woman at your workplace, wait until you are always called m’aam or miss when you shop, wait until you’ve been told you never have to worry about passing because everyone thinks you are a woman. And then, wait until the government where you live says…you are a woman! Then the thickest and pinkest bank of Pink Fog will roll over you and envelop… Read more »

Michelle McQueen
Active Member
1 month ago

Thank you for such a great description of our feminine feelings. Its all true at one time or another as we travel our personal journey.

Also thank you for the many thoughtful inspiring posts you make on the forums helping to make CDH such a great fun place.

Holly Marie
Active Member
1 month ago

Hiya, Holly – and sorry to disagree with you… To me, the Pink Fog is the always-out-of-reach thought that I could be accepted as a woman – and (no hope whatsoever!) that someone wouldn’t realise I wasn’t a woman in the first place. I LOVE Michelle’s and – especially – Lauren’s answers to your question, but I want something a little more simple than you seem to aspire to; all I want is to be able to go into a shop, fully dressed up and have the man behind the counter argue with me about exactly how much the bill… Read more »

Holly Marie
Active Member
1 month ago
Reply to  Holly Morris

You are so right about most of this (especially about Holly being a great name!) but I don’t really have the option of going un-noticed, purely because very few genetic women end up being 6′ 4″ tall – no-one is not going to notice me. Mind, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t just go and have fun; if we were talking in 20 years time, I’m sure that no-one would be bothered one way round or the other – I just don’t have a time machine, unfortunately. I’m working my way up to going out fully dressed in the daylight; maybe… Read more »

Deborah Sullivan
Trusted Member
1 month ago

Holly I think you nailed it sis in this article. Well put hugs

Fiona Black
Active Member
1 month ago


Deborah is 100% correct – you really did nail it in this article. I have experienced many of the sensations you described and am so happy presenting as Fiona that it is hard to describe.

Sandy Honey
1 month ago

So many of the things you described in your article is exactly how I feel. I don’t worry about passing, when I’m dressed and out then to me I’m Sandy in every sense of the dress or skirt I have on. I feel happy and pretty and that is all that counts to me.

Active Member
1 month ago

Kudos Holly! This is so well written it should be recommended reading for new members. You encapsulate the meaning of the pink fog in a way I haven’t heard before! The only thing that’s missing is the sadness most of us feel when the fog recedes and we pack our femme selves away until the next time we can dress. The highs and lows of being a cd are quite pronounced in my experience, no one said being a cd was gonna be a smooth ride so the best we can do is enjoy the ride. Ty for the article… Read more »

Satesha King
1 month ago

Holly you are one the most evocative writers I have ever encountered. You really have a massive talent for it. I was totally encompassed in your descriptions.

Susan Talbot
Active Member
1 month ago

Thank you Holly. It’s so well written, concise and to me it hits home.


Marg Produe
Active Member
1 month ago

Thanks for the great Article Holly! Did you include the pleasure of taking your heels off after a full night of dancing or did I miss it? Hugs, Marg

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