The power of a dress

What is it about a dress that captivates us so? When I see a sexy dress in the store my body tingles. I imagine myself wearing the dress, I imagine myself looking as good as the woman I see wearing it.

The perfect swoop of a well tailored dress, revealing just enough to entice, hugging my body like a lover. The femininity of it captures my imagine, and lights a fire in my soul. To be such a delicate creature as to wear this dress. That is divine.

You may ask me why I feel this way. To that I’m not sure. As surely as the need to breathe and express life in this world I need to wear this dress. Is this wrong? Wrong would be to deny who I am.

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  1. Leah Gray aka creativeblogger 11 years ago

    If we take the fact you are male out of the picture
    then it is less mysterious why you feel that way.

    (I am female by the way)

    I know many men who are not cross dressers but do lament their woeful lack of choice of fabric, colour and shape in mens clothing. NOT all cultures are like the West in the regard. There are others where the mens clothes are every bit as fabulous as a womans, jewells and sequins etc.

    Can a man get tingly over a t-shirt or pair of jeans, extremely unlikely! So if a man was to have any tingle interest in clothes then surely it’d be something with a bit more vavavooooooom.

    I know a chap who recently got very excited about his trousers which have straps and pockets and even a tiny bit of lace trim round one of those pockets.

    If as a person you are a creative,visual and tactile then it’s natural to get excited when something meets that criteria. Most men perhaps would exercise their desire for that dress by buying it for the wife and enjoying seeing and touching it while on her.

    Some like yourself prefer to experience it more directly for yourself.

    It’s not easily explainable as you say, but I think our restrictive, plain and blah (when it comes to mens clothes) culture perhaps has much to answer for.

  2. rogina garter 10 years ago

    I have lots and lots of skirts and different styles of tops and they are my normal look both at home and out and about. But,when I wear a dress[my wife has made some and reworked others] I get a different feeling.I can only describe it as what comes from being encased in a truly feminine outfit and totally committed to it..I love the look but as I am muscular in the shoulders,it isn’t every dress that looks right as I feel like Shrek when I try an outfit that doesn’t work. Happy dressing,Rogina

  3. Samantha Frost 9 years ago

    I also feel as Lady Gray says. I enjoy wearing the skirts and dresses and have often wondered if I just have a clothes fetish. I love the feel and of different fabics and love to look at different prints of clothing. Its one of the reasons I love to buy clothing from the womens side of the store. I still wonder if that is my interest. At this point of my life I probably should seek theripy but if clothes buying makes me happy( and it does!) I don't go overboard (most of the time!) and I enjoy this side of myself. As much as I used to stress over this, I have finally decieded that what matters is that I feel good about myself. I do feel good about myself when I wear the clothing appropiate to how I feel.

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