It’s February 2018 and due to unforeseen circumstances, “She” has not been part of his life for almost three months. But as of today…

“She” Returns

“His SO” is away for the weekend; so after a restful night in a silky cami, French knickers, and pj’s she awoke this morning, and as she arose from her bed her breasts* moved freely under the lovely soft material.

A quick breakfast, and then it’s time to get dressed for a day as Catherine. She adores classy lingerie, so her lacy, full cup bra is quickly fastened behind her back, the black suspender belt behind her waist, and then with the aid of “hosiery gloves,” must not ladder the lovely smooth stockings, she rolls them carefully up her long legs and attaches the six lace frilled tabs. Thence back on with the dark grey silky, lacy, French knickers and cami, oh so expensive, but oh so worth every penny!

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It’s on with her full-length, matching silk dressing gown and into the bathroom to do her makeup. A faint grin crosses “his” face as he waves goodbye to the gnarly old male face in the lighted oval make up mirror. The mood enhanced by suitable soft, femme background music on her IPod. The facial transformation begins.

Firstly to flatten and hide the male eyebrows as much as possible, so it’s clear mascara and concealer in her facial colours, and then the “TV stick” foundation base. The darker shade applied to the jaw lines, nose, and forehead; the lighter shade fills in from there.

Next, the eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and a final coating of foundation matching setting powder before she quietly but surely applies lipstick and blush. A quick brush-out of her shoulder-length strawberry blonde wig, plus a liberal spray of Estee Lauder Beautiful perfume and “She” is nearly ready for the day.

At this time, she remembers, as always, to silently thank Michelle, the wonderful and cooperative makeup artist who taught her so much about applying makeup. Her skills are by no means perfect, but at least in photos, she passes. Though she lives far away, Michelle is also Catherine’s hairdresser, as well as attending to her hair needs on a regular basis.

The final touches are to don her three-piece Laura K, “Mother of the Bride” ensemble, gorgeous long skirt, cami, and soft mauve chiffon long sleeve jacket. Once dressed, the gold, strappy 2-inch heels are slipped on her feet and matching gold jewelry adorns her ears, neck, and wrists. The necklace and clip-on earrings are a special reminder of decades past, when his career dictated many long absences from home and She accompanied him on those trips.

Nature Day 3

“She” has arrived home!

Another Evening

With the SO not due home until tomorrow lunchtime, She looks forward to another night being totally immersed in her being. She moves with casual, but graceful feminine hand and walking motions. As she’s “dressed for dinner,” a home cooked meal is consumed and accompanied by a glass of daintily sipped, Australian Chardonnay.

In order to still appear feminine in the morning, the makeup will stay on overnight. In the morning there will be time to enjoy a lovely “femme” shower. Precautions such as an old pillowslip to catch the makeup stains have long been part of her nighttime routine.

Post the shower, the sad part of her time comes along. She must pack up everything and put it all back in the various “hidey holes” Catherine must live in on premises. Rooms are checked and checked again for any evidence, for her SO knows but most certainly does not approve.

A extreme wave of frustration wells over her; she would much rather have all her belongings folded neatly in drawers or hanging in a wardrobe, rather than the assortment of old luggage and plastic shopping bags they reside in at present. Plus of course, enduring the nagging, tummy-turning guilt he feels by not being in a position to openly discuss his feminine side with his SO. The things he has to do to keep it all quiet are especially distressing!

The reality hits home hard as “he” puts on the rough cotton material of male underwear and reverts to his male persona. He highly treasures his time as She, but is equally happy being “him,” and known so well to family and friends.

Thus, he bids goodbye to She until next time and prepares for the return of his beloved SO.

My Love of Period Clothes

In these later years of her life, the childhood fascination with female period clothing has manifested itself in the form of acquiring replica 17th Century “Marie Antoinette “ and American Civil War, “Scarlett O Catherine” ball gowns, wearing the latter to the Saturday night formal at Transformal. The venue was an old style hotel, which allowed her to emulate “Scarlett on the staircase!” Regrettably, “Rhett” was not waiting for her the foot of said stairs!!!

Latter day formal wear is also a feature of her wardrobe, with long flowing gowns a particular favorite.

Caty Ryan

* She adheres her breast forms with double sided tape and adhesive wipes.


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Caty Ryan

"Mature aged" crossdresser living in Victoria, Australia Love all things feminine especially classy lingerie and formal gowns. Have a long standing passion for period wear and own twp lovely replica period gowns, a 1700's and one American Civil war replica. Love to chat via e.mail with anyone with similar interests
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Bettylou Cox
Bettylou Cox
4 years ago

Caty, First, I want to say Love your photo, and I wish I could come anywhere close to matching it. I can feel your frustration with the limitations for dressing imposed on you; although my SO has seen me in female clothing other than dresses, she was very upset when I told her I had bought some dresses. We are both retired, she is disabled, so she never leaves home without me. When I came out to my elder daughter recently, she said that mama would never be OK with me dressing. If true, my “Bettylou" time will be limited… Read more »

Amara Jean
4 years ago

Caty, thank you for sharing this story. It feels like such a common one for so many of us in relationships with women that are aware of our needs to be “she" but who don’t want to see it. They want the man they married, and that’s it, forgetting or not understanding that “she" was likely around before they entered in our lives, and that “she" helps us be the man that they love and cherish and desire. Those brief moments are something to be cherished and appreciated. Enjoy them as much as you can. And by the way…you look… Read more »

Rozalyne Richards
Rozalyne Richards
4 years ago

Hi Caty thanks for sharing your story with us x I can relate to your story as mine is about the same only with one exception my wife has no idea I’m a cross-dresser, i can only let her out of the closet when my wife is away, I’m hoping that she is allowed out when my wife is away at the end of the month for 4 days, i just wish i knew how to apply my make-up properly I’ve only just learnt how to apply my lipstick, well thank you again Katy xxxxx

Mina Michaels' class='avatar avatar-64 photo' height='64' width='64' />
Mina Michaels
4 years ago

Wow girl! Time well spent. When I can’t be Mina, I’ll reread your story and dream, with a smile on my face. HUGS Mina.

Carolyn Kay
Trusted Member
4 years ago

Love the article, I can relate to everything you said. I to enjoy my periods of alone time and let my femme side out where it should be. I retired before my wife did and use to have time to myself quite often. However, then she retired and my alone time was greatly reduced. So now when she has the idea to go visit her sister, I am always very supportive. Once again very well written article, thank you. Carolyn Kay

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