Have you ever in your lifetime had an overload of work, personal issues, brain overload, or just totally burned out?  That’s exactly what happened to me awhile back. My apologies, because this article is not all about Transgender issues or crossdressing, It is about inner peace and finding personal joy.

I woke up on a Thursday morning, sat up in bed, and proceeded to let my manager at work know that I needed some time off to reset. He agreed, for my 12 hour days had taken a toll on my mind and spirit. I had lost the ability to think clearly and manage my team of 19 people, and also had no desire to crossdress ( I didn’t share that part). I had to do something!  I took that day to decide what to do, and came up with an idea. I wanted to do something I really loved, so I planned a week long motorcycle trip through my beloved Great Smokey Mountains. I am blessed to own a custom Harley Davidson Bagger, so I loaded up what would fit in the saddlebags, grabbed my helmet and leathers, and took off.

I live about 15 miles from the Park entrance, and my mountains didn’t disappoint. The Fall colors and crisp clean air started to enliven my spirit as I proceeded towards North Carolina on US 441. My mind started to begin cleansing itself of built up garbage and data as I rode deeper into the Park. I don’t know if anyone here cares about cars or riding bikes, but personally the sound and experience of riding a Harley through the mountains is an absolute joy for me. I made it to Bryson City, NC the first day, and spent the night in a small rental cabin. For the first time in weeks, I fell asleep without the aid of sleep meds, because I was so relaxed and at ease from the ride.

The next few days I continued, riding almost 800 miles in the Park and surrounding foothills, meeting new people on the ride, and seeing some glorious views from the Foothills Parkway. On my way back, I entertained the idea of restarting my racing pastime again. Its really weird how I think so clearly while riding. I continued on my way home, wearing only a tshirt and shorts (84 degress in late October!). In a small town on the Tennessee/NC border I found the 69 Camaro that is on my profile page for sale sitting in a parking lot of a local garage. YOWSER!! This thing was gorgeous. I turned the bike around and stopped at the garage. The owner came out, we bartered and argued for about an hour, and finally came to an agreement.  I told him I would have to return with a trailer later in the week. but he graciously offered to load it up on his hauler and follow me back! Southern hospitality at its finest!

ANYWAY…enough of the boring stuff. My spirit is renewed, my crossdressing has bloomed again. I had to go back to my initial programing to figure who I am and what makes me happy. If any of you begin to suffer from total confusion of who you are, where you are headed in life (no one knows the answer completely to this one) try a personal reset…It worked for me.

With love to my Sisters,





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7 years ago

Was good reading that story of road trip by jesse stone just wish for once could get away for short while like she did but I’ve got the noseiest wife always wanting to know where I’m going or if with someone only way for me pull something off like that is sneak off without her knowing it only to be hounded or bugged the tire outta me once finds out I’m gone/zena

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