Hi ladies!

Here’s a secret I learned quite a long time ago that I want to share with you.

What is it?

EnFemme Style

It’s the one simple tip to make all your crossdressing pictures look so much better!

Really, it’s true.

There’s a simple secret, one which photographers have known for decades. It was shared with me a long time ago by another crossdresser I knew. Her pictures always seemed to be so perfect! She always looked so pretty and feminine in them. I just had to ask how she accomplished such perfection.

“It’s really quite simple.” she told me. “It’s not complicated, it doesn’t require a special camera, special lighting or lenses or filters, or any of those items.”

Well, by now she had me hooked, so I had to know.

“Please tell me what the secret is.” I said. “I’d love for my pictures to always look as wonderful as yours do.”

“I’ll tell you, but only if you promise to share this “secret” with all of your other sisters if they ask you.”

“Of course, anything to help my sisters!”

She finally shared her simple secret with me.

“Like I said, it’s not in the equipment. It’s also not your dress, your heels, your makeup, your jewelry, your wig, how you stand or pose or any of those things”

“It’s not?” I wondered. “Then what can it be?”

“Holly, it’s literally as simple as the smile on your face. You’ll notice in all my pictures I’m always smiling. The reason I’m always smiling is because being a woman makes me so happy, so I smile all the time. Those smiles reflect my peace and contentment and happiness at being a woman, and it’s simply on display in all my pictures.”

En Femme Style

“It’s just that easy? A smile?”

“That’s it.”

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized she was right. When you smile, you’re happy and everything about you is reflected in your smile and it’s directly shown in your pictures. And if your happiness is on display, then your pictures are going to look so much better!

We all know how wonderful it is to be able to express our femininity, so showing our inner woman to the world is always a happy time for us. When you smile, your pictures will show that you’re relaxed, you’re not trying to impress anyone, you’re enjoying being a woman and you’re showing the world who you really see yourself as, so you’re happy.

And that little trick makes all the difference.

A smile.

It doesn’t cost anything. It doesn’t take any extra time. It doesn’t take any extra effort.

So why is it that so many of our sisters have pictures that look like they’re sad, or upset, or even mad? Why are they not showing the world how happy they really are to be a woman? Why don’t they want everyone to see their excitement while being a woman? It’s something I’ve always asked myself, because I know when I slip into my favorite dress, do my makeup and slip on my high heels, I’m ecstatic! I want to go out and show the world who I am as a woman! I want them to see how much joy it brings me to be a woman in the world, and to be seen and treated and accepted as a woman.

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If I smile when I’m out, people look at me and see a happy woman. They don’t see a man in a dress, or a crossdresser who is furtively trying to skulk around in the shadows, who is afraid of being read. All they see is a woman. A real woman.

And that woman is me!

So to all my sisters, there’s the secret.


Your pictures will look so much better and you’ll look so much more real and feminine and womanly. You are a woman, so let the world see you as you are. Let them see how happy you are as a woman!

And as I said above, it also helps you to pass as a woman in public. The truth is a happy, smiling woman draws smiles from others, and seeing her happy makes them feel happy too. So they smile in return and move on. They don’t stop and stare and wonder why she is looking so glum.

And because of your obvious happiness, you’re more accepted as a woman and you’re not looked at twice or given any questioning looks. Genetic women come in all shapes and sizes and colors, so you’re not going to draw attention to yourself if you smile. You’ll just share a smile with others and help make someone else’s day brighter.

In your pictures as well as in life, enjoy being yourself. Enjoy being a woman. And let that joy show through by smiling.

Once I learned that simple secret, I’m always smiling now in all of my pictures as well as when I’m out in public as a woman because it works!

Many people have told me how much they enjoy my pictures and how happy I always look in them. But of course, it’s because I’m smiling!

So ladies, if you want your crossdressing pictures to look so very much better–and let’s face it, we take a lot of pictures, so we want them to look their very best–the secret is simple.






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Julie (Jules) Anderson
Active Member

Holly, first, such a nice superbly written article! Secondly, yes, I find what you wrote to be so true! What is the most common comment on my pictures? So many comment positively about my smile! What is the second most common comment? My smile!’ And the third most common comment? Ha! You know…lol And yes, when I’m out and about my smile causes passing strangers to smile back. It’s actually my secret passing/blending “tool”. I beat them to the smile! And why do I smile? For the exact reason you so eloquently wrote: dressing and BEING Jules, a women, if… Read more »

Active Member
1 month ago

And yours is the best! What a smile!!


Julie (Jules) Anderson
Active Member
Reply to  Gwyneth
Julie (Jules) Anderson
Active Member
Reply to  Gwyneth

Thanks, sweetie!

Julie (Jules) Anderson
Active Member
Reply to  Holly Morris

I’m with you in that, girlfriend – 100%!

Deborah Sullivan
Trusted Member
1 month ago
Reply to  Holly Morris

Oh yes what a difference it makes. People notice you if you look scared or nervous when out en femme

Kathryn Lynn Peters
Active Member
1 month ago

Holly, you are so right! Smiling really does show the love of being a woman! As a matter of fact, I was out en femme yesterday(Sunday 5/30) at a mall in Orlando and everywhere I went, I smiled at everyone…all I got in return was smiles and happy greetings! It made my femme day such a joy! And an extra bonus…my wife and I were in an elevator at the mall and an older couple entered. I smiled at them and the woman asked if this was the first time we’d been to that mall.We said yes and she said… Read more »

Victoria Solita
1 month ago

Hello sister Holly, I couldn’t agree more of what your Photographer friend had to say. Without knowing this formula, every time I shoot my photo sessions, by my own and my tripod….jijijiji….you will notice that I’m always smiling, but it’s true, because it comes from our hearts, being happy feeling and doing everything as a woman. Personally when I do this and prepare myself to go out, even for a short walk or a drive, I feel I’m realized as Victoria. Girls…ladies…sisters…let’s keep on SMILING and be more beautiful each day of our lives. HUGS & KISSES to all of… Read more »

Catharine Connall
1 month ago

I could not stop smiling reading this! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Ambermaria Martinez
Active Member
1 month ago

Omg Holly thank you for the wonderful info I have no pictures of amber on here I DESPERATELY NEED TO POST ONE BUT FEAR OF SOMEONE WHO WOULD RECOGNIZE ME IS HOLDING ME Back at work I have a bunch of PIGS ( MEN ( WHO ARE ALWAYS PLAYING THE MACHO MAN GAME SAYING STUFF LIKE HOW THEY WOULD TAKE A Gay guy and do you know what to him .like you can fill in the rest of what I’m saying I don’t show my real me at work around those guys only when I’m with women and that makes… Read more »

Petra Y
5 days ago

Thanks for that. I take my own photos and it seems by the time i get everything set i forget your one simple rule.

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