1. Prologue.

You all know Ken and Barbie. Every Barbie has a story and here is a story of the time Barbie and Ken broke up. All characters are real dolls in the Barbie universe. Please enjoy this story for what it is: Make Believe.

Ken and Barbie with a Twist

Barbie was at work at the hospital. It was a rainy, slow day and she felt she wasn’t needed so she asked if she could leave early. Permission was granted and she headed to her beach front home in Malibu. This being a modern love story Ken lives with Barbie.

Barbie was eager to get home; she knew Ken would not be working at his construction job because of the rain. This would give her a chance to spend special time with her boyfriend. She quietly parked and snuck into the house to surprise him. She knew he would be on the couch playing videogames and she could sneak up behind him. She threw her arms around him and said, “Surprise!” Yes, he was surprised, but so was she. KEN WAS WEARING A DRESS! Not just any dress but HER dress, with nylons, heels and makeup.


Barbie fell back yelling, “Ken, what are you doing!?” Ken jumped up stammering, “Barbie! Oh no! Let me explain.” And so began a four-hour discussion. Ken came out to Barbie as Kendra. He was a cross dresser and had been in secret for years. Kendra tried to explain but Barbie couldn’t understand and after a long argument she decided they were through and asked him to leave.

Barbie was in the dumps for the next several days. She began taking long walks on the beach. One day as she walked she was hailed by a couple on the front deck of their house. It was Blaine and Summer, a brother and sister from Australia. Blaine was a professional surfer, Summer served as his manager. They invited her up for a Foster’s and shrimp on the Barbie. (Apologies to my Australian sisters but it’s such an easy to use cliché) She joined them and had a wonderful evening. Soon she found herself hanging out with them often. Summer became a real friend and a spark ignited between Barbie and Blaine which led to dating.

Barbie and Blaine dated for about six years but they maintained separate houses because of his tournament travels. One day Blaine and Summer had just returned from a tournament, so Barbie ran down the beach to see them. As Barbie climbed the stairs to the deck she shushed Summer and turned the corner to see Blaine lying back on a lounge chair. He was wearing a lovely YELLOW FLOWERED SUNDRESS!

Oh No! Not Again! “Blaine, how could you? You know why Ken and I split!” Barbie spit out. Blaine answered, “Honey, I’ve been meaning to tell you, I’m Lana.” Barbie turned to Summer and said, “You knew and didn’t tell me?” Summer replied, “Blaine has been dressing up since we were young. I just never even think about it. ” Barbie screams “WE’RE DONE!” and storms off.

Visit Transgender Heaven

Barbie spent the rest of the day sulking at home but that evening she knew she had to talk to someone. It was late but her parents would still be up. She raced across town to their farm. When she arrived she ran inside wanting to hug Mommy and cry on Daddy’s shoulder. Mom and dad were sitting on the couch watching TV, Margarette in her usual housecoat and George was IN A DRESS! Barbie collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Margarette took charge immediately and told Georgette to go change while she picked up Barbie and put her on the couch. Barbie babbled incoherently for a few minutes until uttering between sobs, “Why” sob, “how” sob, “long?” George came back with a box of tissues and a glass of water, all the while Barbie stared at him. How could the three men she loved all be sissies. Was there something wrong with her? Barbie settled down and they began an all-night conversation about cross dressing. In the morning, after a lot of crying, Barbie agreed to go see Aunt Millicent, a therapist.

Aunt Millicent was able to get her in the next day and started the journey to deal with and accept her men being cross dressers. After a year Barbie came to terms with her life and made new plans.

Barbie did a little shopping on the way home. After getting herself ready she called Ken and invited him over. He arrived a little later looking very nervous, he hadn’t seen Barbie in seven years. Barbie took him by the hand and led him to the living room, there she gave him a large package. “Open it” she commanded. Not knowing what to expect he opened it cautiously. Inside was a complete outfit for Kendra! She looked at him seriously, “I love you and want to be with you. I also want to get to know my new friend Kendra. Now let’s get you dressed and have a ‘New Life Together’ dinner. But before Barbie could move Ken swept her into his arms and kissed her, a long pent up emotions kiss. (We had to have some romance!)

EnFemme Style

Now on to Daddy. His birthday was soon and Barbie had a present for him too. When Barbie got to the farm there was Georgette, fully dressed. Barbie gave Georgette her present, a lovely dress.

What about Blaine/Lana and Summer? Well after Ken was moved back in Barbie made a date for all four of them to meet on the beach. And the guys had to come as their female selves. Kendra and Lana became immediate friends and Barbie and Summer sat back and watched as they talked endlessly. It was CD heaven. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

After about a year with everyone becoming used to their new roles Ken had a surprise for Barbie. He got down on one knee and proposed! (Well it’s about time!) So they started planning. Ken got Barbie a big engagement ring, and she got a bigger one for him. Barbie chose a beautiful full wedding dress. Ken chose a similar dress but with straps, got to keep those forms up. Barbie asked Summer to be Maid of Honor and Ken/Kendra asked Blaine/Lana to be Best Man/Woman. There were no tuxes at this wedding, only pretty dresses.

The honeymoon was a whirlwind world tour. Two weeks after settling in at home Barbie came to Ken with a surprise, “I’m Pregnant!” (Again, It’s about time!)


I wrote this as a fun story without serious intent. I hope you enjoyed this fantasy fairytale.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and if you now have a moment or two, please feel free to leave a note referring to the article or to answer  one or more of my questions I’ve posed to you below:

  • When you came out of the CD closet to your wife or SO, was she totally accepting of your thrill of cross dressing, accepting with certain limits, or not accepting at all?
  • Have you ever had a one on one girl date out in public or at home with your wife or SO and how did it go the very first time?
  • Have to ever had a chance to make love to your wife or SO with you in full up femme mode and after that first time, did she allow you to make love to her more times with you in full up femme mode?

Thanks again girls,

Sincerely, Beth



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    Beth Green

    I am a single retired male. I have been a closet crossdresser for over 50 years but have recently come out. I now only dress as a woman and am excited to be out and learning all I have missed.

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    Jennifer Swanson
    2 years ago

    Finally a cd rom com with a happy ending! The greatest challenge in our relationship is finding time to be both of me. My SO is accepting, not quite embracing. When we go out her concern is that she’ll be perceived as a lesbian, which means she thinks I’ll be perceived as a woman. Hurray! Much like your story, as time passes comfort increases. It takes constant adjustment. I’m wondering if SOs that accept CDs see themselves as gender fluid? Are there cases where relationships dissolve and the gg turns out to be lesbian. And I’m wondering if cds have… Read more »

    Caty Ryan
    Active Member
    2 years ago

    Hi Beth,

    A great story, but you are a bit behind the times with the Aussie beer…Yes Fosters is still around, but these days there’s a “plethora"of beer brands, (especially new craft beers).

    The shrimp on the barbie still exists too… But the only way I like my “prawns" is cooked as an entree for a weekend night fish dinner. (No Fosters well maybe beforehand.).. But a nice crisp Aussie wine wine does it for me with the prawns and the main course

    Would love your thoughts, please comment.x
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