As a child, I spent much of the summer with my aunt and my cousin. They were typical childhood summers, full of sunshine and endless days. I was young, so my older cousin had no worries about me seeing her in her undies, or even nothing at all. It made no difference to me either, and I acted the same in front of her. We were just used to one another.

When she was 15 and I was 12, those first weeks of summer changed me forever. Early one morning, my aunt had gone out. I got out of bed and headed for the kitchen, and when I got there my cousin was sitting there having breakfast in the prettiest bra and panties I had ever seen! Embarrassingly, my body reacted…she just smiled, sat me down, and gave me breakfast.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her underwear or the dress she pulled on top. A couple of days later, she and my aunt were due to go out, and I had it in my head to find those undies. Ten minutes after they left I went into her room, and there they were, freshly laundered and lying on her bed. I removed my own clothes and put on her panties and bra, posing idiotically in front of the mirror. I got sexually excited by this and proceeded to do what boys of that age do. When I finished, my plan was to remove the undies and leave the bedroom, but as I turned to leave, my cousin was standing there with a huge grin on her face. My heart sank. Would she be angry? Tell my aunt, or even worse, my parents? She came into the room, went into a drawer, and handed me some panties and a bra. She helped me fasten the bra, then gave me a dress to put on. I had no idea what was going on! Finally, she gave me some pantyhose to put on and asked me to sit next to her.

“Here it comes,” I thought. She asked why I wore her undies. I did my best to explain, but I didn’t really understand it myself. Then she asked how I felt in girls clothes. Honestly, I felt excited and strangely free, but most of all…happy.

She was due to ‘babysit’ me that evening when my aunt went out, and she promised I could wear a dress if I wanted to. Alone later that evening, I bathed and dressed in the clothes she gave me. She then put makeup on me and we spent the evening “girlified,” watching tv, chatting and snacking. For the rest of the summer, when my aunt went out to work each day, I would get out of bed, put on some of my cousin’s clothes, and spend the day as the girl I never knew I was. I had discovered another side of me, but one that I knew I would need to keep secret.

The best thing that had ever happened to me would remain my private fantasy, unless my cousin was there. Then I would feel happiness and freedom, even if it was only for a short while. To this day, she has all my love, thanks and admiration. She made me the woman I sometimes present.

I give you……………………………Morgana Le Fey 💋

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Peggy Sue Williams
Trusted Member

A very cute and meaningful story, Morgana, and one that many of us can personally identify with. Often, there is that special female in our early life that has brought that girl inside us to the surface and made her free. Bless the girls and ladies who shared their clothing with us and got us started. I was allowed to dress as a ballerina, from head to toe, including make up, at a very young age. It was a turning point in my early young life. No football team for this young boy! Frilly soft and pretty things were my… Read more »

Olivia Livin
Active Member

Thank you Morgana for relating your wonderful memories. If I’d had a similar oppprtunity in my youth it may not have taken me ’til my 50’s to realize my inner feminine self.

Amy Myers
Trusted Member

Morgana, what a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing that intimate part of your life with us. You are so fortunate that you had a friend and mentor in your cousin at that point in your life. I only wish I would of had a summer like that.

Active Member

awesome story, many of us wish we had a sister or cousin to bring out the girl in us!

melissa la quinta
Active Member

Oh my, what a lovely story, Morgana. I wish I had had an aunt and a cousin like yours when I was young. I’ve mostly been a closeted crossdresser, and it would have been so nice to have an older girl to mentor me, help me dress and do my makeup. Thanks for sharing!


What an amazing summer that must have been, Morgana! At that age, I knew I wanted to be a girl, tried everything including prayer. My sister was 5 years younger do her clothes were no good. Had to wait for my folks and my youngest siblings to leave to have a chance! Pretty rare times!

Suzanne Jeffries

I had a divorced aunt with two daughters and always had fantasies like this. I even wrote a story that is up on fictionmania. I am a very poor writer but the story is very long and detailed because I am very good at fantasizing about being female.
Oh well, I loved your story. You were so lucky to have such a wonderful cousin.

Lucinda Hawkns
Active Member

yes what a wonderful story , wish I had a sister or aunt that would help me with make up and let me stay dressed up as a girl and be more happy. even help me go out doors with her dressed up as a girl, go shopping be her sister. I had a time where I asked my niece to dress me up as a girl for Halloween and she said yes she would be happy to , so she did and I was dressed up pretty with make up and she even did my wig up nice, went… Read more »

Randi Layne

Enjoyable and my imagination went along with it easily and with envy. My similar experience didn’t happen until I was into my late 40s. When I was shopping at a thrift store a younger woman asked me about why I was looking at lingerie. In that situation, I was bold enough to tell her and she loved the idea. Long story short – she invited me to her place where she helped me dress, helped with my wig and did my makeup. We were never involved sexually but she became a wonderful friend and the only female I’ve ever known… Read more »

Jazz Fem
Active Member

Love that story girlfriend sounds like you had a lot of fun dressing up as a child I did also kisses Jasmine

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