Having the support from my wife’s family has been a great help. I see them as very caring people, plus they’ve taught me much through the years. Prior, my ex-girlfriends were not, their families put me through so much hell. I was rudely asked to be a real man, nearly getting into a fight with one ex-girlfriend’s dad.

Being raised right by my Uncle John, I walked away when I was called a coward. Uncle John was proud of me that day for doing the right thing. I broke up with those exes, and it was the best thing in my life. I took a break and realized something had to change. It all worked out in the end.

Eighteen years ago, I met my wife and asked early on how her family would take it after coming out to her. Showing her support, she looked right at me and said they would accept it. I was so relieved, and she was right. It went great right away the first time I met her family. I was accepted no matter what. They saw me like any normal person in life. Her mom was the first to say something and wanted to meet me dressed as Liz Michelle.

A couple of weekends later while visiting her family I brought some wigs, makeup, jewelry, skirts, and a dress along with a couple of pairs of heels. I transformed into Liz Michelle in one room and walked out. I wasn’t nervous at all wearing a blue dress with 4-inch black heels, a brunette wig, and 3-inch hoop earrings. My wife’s mom was speechless at first. I still remember her reaction. Looking right at me she said I looked darn good dressed as a female. I thanked her.

Her sister was next telling me that I looked better than her, then told me I looked beautiful as Liz Michelle. Her dad and brother both took it great. They all told me they would be there for support. I felt relief inside and knew the past was behind me for good. After that, her family got to know me more as Liz Michelle and all was good.

Her mother got to know me right away. One day she said she enjoys it when I am dressed as Liz Michelle. This has not changed at all between us. She still loves Liz Michelle to this day. Her sister says Liz Michelle is a great friend. Her dad and brother know I am completely happy as a male, but with a female side to me. I treat my wife with respect and have been a great stepfather to my wife’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Everything changed even more when my wife and I got married. Her family said welcome to the family to me as their great son-in-law. They loved our idea of her wearing the wedding dress and me dressed as Liz Michelle. I wore a black sleeveless knee-length dress with a pair of 4-inch open-toe heels. They knew we were met for each other. My relationship is great with them and they know I have been open with them about me. It has worked out well to this day. They love and accept me to this day as who I am.

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Sandy Jayson
Active Member
14 days ago

Liz, what a heavenly story!! I am almost suprised that you didn’t say you cried at such a wonderful acceptance. I nearly cried reading reading about it!!!
. . Sandy

Stephanie Kennedy
Active Member
14 days ago

Hi Liz, I loved that story What a wonderful grounded family. You are a very fortunate person to find such a lovely supportive family. Good for you and all those who get to enjoy such a lovely well grounded person . Great story

Luv Stephanie

Active Member
14 days ago

Liz, what a wonderful story… not only having a supportive wife but having her family support and acceptance… thank you for sharing…Regards, Leonara

Active Member
13 days ago

awesome story, so happy they accepted you whole hardheartedly. I would venture to say most families woudl not have that same reaction or acceptance,

Active Member
13 days ago

What a great story, so good to read something in these strange times that totally lifts you
Thanks Liz

Lucinda Hawkns
Active Member
13 days ago

wow so happy for you. its nice to have family members except your fem side and welcome you to the family. getting all good comments on how you look pretty as Liz. wish the best to you. wish i could do the same, my wife excepts my x dressing to a point, but have to watch it for we have a 23 year old still living at home

Jane Don
12 days ago

Yup-despite all the Negative news about how terrible people are- Most folks are decent humans–Avoid loud aggressive people for they are vexations to the soul-

Dorothy Brinson
Active Member
12 days ago

Such a heart warming story Liz. So happy to hear that you have had the support from your family. So many never have the support growing up. Have a wonderful and joyous day.

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