The third gender

Society likes clear boundaries. Black or white. Gay or straight. Male or female. The relentless desire of society to categorize and sort. Placing each of us into nice neat boxes. People struggle mightily with the concept of a third gender. The idea that someone is in between a man and a woman. Gender society does not like to think of the transgender. In spite of this new social gender constructs are created to categorize the third gender: you’re a crossdresser or a transsexual. Yet the categories strain still, so more must be constructed: pre-op transsexual, no-op transsexual, post-op transsexual.

And on it goes, until we realize that there is no third gender. Just like there is no third race, but a spectrum of diversity that scares the gender society in it’s breadth of difference.

In this wonderful video Kit reminds us that,

Exceptional Voice

“There may be as many as a million genders – just floating around waiting for the right person to snatch them up, put them on and proudly parade around in their new skin. Unrestricted by layers and identity, or limitations of society or culture or social construction. See, this new gender is a function of inner desire and genuine understanding of self to be lived.”

My thought for you today is:

There is no third gender, only gender

A beautiful melody of human diversity

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11 years ago

I, agree with your thinking i am also a cross dresser and my wife says i change when im dressed up. I think in a way i can be more myself without the rough edges! Its like a gift you can use to express your other parts…..

Joanna M. Phipps
10 years ago

I have a saying that I use in my sig on a few transsexual boards
“Gender is a spectrum; Male and female are the end. In between lie every conceivable combination and permutation.”

10 years ago

Hi im pete I have been crossdressing for as long as i can remember and i have always wanted to do sex work i feel like a woman and i know sex work is named a bad job but i just feel its what i would be good at why do i doupt myself.


10 years ago

pete, i so agree with vanessa. i live in the midst of a major city and see the hurt and destruction that is in the sex industry. so many lives wasted when there is always someone speacial that will care and love you. seek this instead

Daphne Brynne
8 years ago

I agree with the “Gender Spectrum” post by Joanna. I may have been born with a male body but I am all feminine inside and bisexual at that. i often feel cheated by not being able to experience all aspects of being a woman. Having periods and going through menopause would be totally acceptable to me if it allowed my outer image to equal my inner reality. But at this stage in my life SRS would be too little too late and not enough.

6 years ago

Hi. I identify as “third gender” or “other”, and do not agree with the statement that there is no such thing. While there may not be clear-cut boundaries here, I feel that one whose way of being and thinking as a result of the realization that zhe may remove or ignore the prevalent socially-imposed gender expectations in zher culture can simply acknowledge it and identify with the third/other gender description.

Karyn Lobelia
5 years ago

It is OVS about our feminity and masculinity as code in our genetics , and the fact that we should appreciate all variations of God’s creation on Earth . No one can be happy denying who or what they are . Some people are OVS very masculine and take pride as they should in that . Many people of all sexes are somewhere in between , many ladies really do not want to be or act feminine as their cultural outlines that though the media or whatever . Some of OVS love feminity to the point that we actually want… Read more »

Kim Cummings
3 years ago

I’m so tall. I have a hard time passing a woman. I am so excited about this prospect of my life as a result of transitioning to the new feminine looking me. The smooth pantyhose against my legs and my high heels make it so natural to me. I will always wear my pantyhose and high heels and even make up and all the other accessories to portray a sense of femininity.

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