The Wig

Years ago, there use to be a mall, that became a regular haunt.

I can still recall having many wonderful dinners at a fabulous restaurant there.

The flower shop with the little oriental sister owners. They were so much fun to deal with.

Makeup Magic

Naturally there was the infamous “dollar ” store. Great deals to be had at a fraction of today’s prices.

But the place dearest to me heart, was the Afro-American wig shop.

I had been in the place a time or two, and so, knowing the owner’s name I decided to have a go.

Oh, sure, the mall had a security patrol, and honestly at that period in time, There is no doubt,

a crossdresser would have been shown off the property.

Malls, are always good at falling back on that “Private property” phrase, to get rid of

undesirables….and for sure, Crossdressers, we’re that and then some.


I arrived at the mall parking, checked the rear view mirror in the car,

The lipstick….hum smack, smack almost sexy. The hair..well I’d washed it the day before,

and it was still quite a wild sight.  Dark, Long and bushy, as was the style for the hippy generation.

So away I go,

stepping out onto the concrete park garage floor.

My strappy Sandals, and super long legs…this wasn’t quite right, but…..

In I go to the stores of the mall, dressed in a short summer dress…

Long hair flying about, in the warm summer breeze.


It was quiet at that time of the day, as I looked in the window of the wig shop.

I slipped in and started to browse down a side aisle, making my way to the back of the store.

Rows and rows of strangeness. products lined the shelves, that I’d never heard of.

Then there were the wigs. Dozens of them, mostly mounted high on the walls, on shelving, but not all.


It should have been expected but I thought, I was blending in quite well.

A young clerk came up behind me, a startled me …

“Can I help you?”

“Is Lidia her?” says I.

“Just a moment, I’ll find her”.

Next thing I saw, was a commotion at the checkout counter.

And there was Lidia, (the owner”,  almost pushing the youngster, out the store.

“Take you lunch brake now”

The daughter didn’t know why as it was mid morning, and why was her mom,

acting so out of character.



“Hi, how are you…you look different today” says Lidia.

Looks like I had read the signals right and I could do business, in this shop.

“I’m looking for a new wig. As you can see this one is loosing it’s looks.

It didn’t take long to identify a similar one,

as I was into the long dark hair with long leggy look

in Strappy heels, in those days.

Then things got serious, and it no longer matter what I was.

Male – Female – queer – straight but kinky – it didn’t matter,

this was business ….that business was money !

Now I am cheap. As are most crossdressers.

But in the end, a price was arrived at; however, lidia

wasn’t through, showing me products to tame my old wig,

and give it new life.

More discounts for me. I didn’t mind at all.

As my purchases were finally in a nice shopping bag,

we had a big hug,

I whisper to her

“Smile were having great fun”

Her response……

“Come back again…and be sure to tell your friends to come and see me”


Sadly, Walmart came to town.

they bulldozed the indoor mall to make it into their parking lot

for their super centre. What kind of store, needs 5 acres of parking space?

What I needed,was that restaurant, with the charm and great food.

The Dollar store, with the liquid eye liner for a dollar…

The oriental sisters, in their flower shop….

Lidia and her little wig shop.




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Long time Transvestite. Slim and quiet person. Pretty enough to be considered a wall flower ..and just as boring. But don't worry, I'm happy enough, with all my shoes and wigs... you know...all the girlie girlie stuff that makes us who we are.

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Personal service seems to quickly be turning into a thing of the past.

Still, the Walmart-type stores have made it easier for girls like us. Hang on to those lovely memories of ‘the good old days’.

Thank you for reminding us of good times past.

Active Member

Great story Brenda! I am hoping to get to a professional wig shop at some point as all of the many wigs I have were bought online. I would like to get fitted and get pro advice on what will look best on me.

Thanks again for sharing!


Kayla Jameson

I truly enjoyed your story, not only because of the story itself, but also because I very much liked your writing style. I hope you write some more in the future.

Darcy Bainsley

I absolutely HATE Wallmart. In fact, I would rather do without than spend my money there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against chain stores. I have a couple of that I frequent; the local Starbucks I go to, I love the ladies at my local Layne Bryant, and my newest lady at the Lacome counter in Macy’s. I love personal service whether I’m in drab or drag. I will pay more for a product (within reason) if there’s personal service attached. As you can see, I like elegance and have no problems paying for it. I miss locally owned… Read more »

Codille Benton

Awesome Experience and Memory Brenda and one you obviously cherish! Thank you for sharing it!!

Codille Benton
Managing Ambassador


don’t want to upstage the great hair tale but must relate that-here in Florida-a TG friend of mine owns and operates a wig store-working as a woman.. Can you top that??


don’t want to upstage this great tale but-here in Florida-a TG friend of mine owns and operates a wig store-working as a woman. can you top that??


Thank you for sharing your wonderful story Brenda. Walmart has it’s pros and cons. These days I feel I’m able to do most of my shopping judgement free at my local store because it has the self checkout registers. But, there have been various types of businesses I once visited that have also literally been bulldozed in order to build a Walmart. I’m hoping that Monica will be my first Lidia. She has an alteration shop I’ve been to before. I’m not sure where she is from originally, somewhere in Asia. I’m going to ask her when I go back.… Read more »

Dot (Donna B)

Hi Brenda. A lovely memory. Shows all change is not so good. I still love the small mom and pop stores and restaurants when I can use them. Love the personal relationships and knowing each other. Sometimes have to use big box stores but I try to be loyal to the friends at small businesses.


Carmila63 Bream

Hi ladies I enjoyed reading about different stores i like k mart they have nice pretty blouses I i bought a leathery skirt. Thighs I have so many shoes I bought at good will here in fl I only dressed up three times and went to a gay and lesbian bar the metro and went with my roommates that made me pretty but I like to relax in my bra and panties

Christy Kaplan

Love it. I don’t go out in public that much but when I do it is such a rush

Patty Phose
Active Member

The first wig I ever bought was from a small wig store when I was 18. I was with a girl who explained I was going to a Halloween party dressed as a girl and I needed a wig that would make me pretty. I tried on several. Some were not flattering at all. Others I liked but the professional opinion was it was not the best look for me. There was several good choices and I settled on a couple of them. Still there was several others I wanted to have too. Over the next few years I went… Read more »


What a lovely story, so full of happy memories, I have a stall in the local market that sells wigs and get personal service, I try them on and she really looks after me. Doesn’t it make you feel good.

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