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Whatever natural characteristics we are born with, our subconscious is imprinted by our parents, family, society, life and environment. Our brains are in ‘record mode’ slowly learning from everything around us in those early years until we reach the age of 7.  Somewhere between 7 and 8, a child’s mind becomes more analytical and critical when their brain wave patterns change. Developing and changing again at around 8 and 12 when the door between the conscious and subconscious mind generally closes, moving towards an adult state of mind.

By the time we are 30, we have memories and habits embedded from repetitive behaviour, that along with the environment we have grown up in, will in turn create our personality. This will go on to form the basis of the rest of our lives.

Perhaps knowing and understanding this can allow us to begin to undo and rectify those traits that we have inherited, but don’t desire in our lives and develop those that we do.

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So, where do we begin?

We begin by learning to truly accept ourselves, the first and most vital aspect if you wish to unlearn, and recreate a life that you choose and want. Without this acceptance, it will be difficult, if not impossible to proceed further.

This may take a great deal of effort, honesty with yourself and a lot of self-reflection to see and understand what has happen through your life; to truly know the person you are, always have been, dreamt of and can be.

If you wake up thinking: ‘my life is terrible, lonely, things always go wrong, why do bad things always happen to me?’ That is the life you will perpetuate and create for yourself. If you open your eyes and think: ‘This is going to be a great day, I love life, I am grateful to have love in my life, family, friends, a roof over my head, food to eat’ etc., then that that is the life you will perpetuate and create for yourself.

Many people have already discovered this natural gift. It’s there for everyone, if you choose to seek it. Accept and believe in yourself, able to love and be compassionate for all life and the wonderful world we live in. Yes, there are some terrible things happening in the world right now and more reason than ever to seek to move your life in this direction.

The articles Episode 3 is based upon:

Own it Sister… in three stages

In the article, Char describes her journey of discovery through many stages to reach a calmer, happier and better place in life. Being more in control, finding self-acceptance and closely following much of what is outlined here and increasing her awareness, understanding and acquisition of knowledge in this area.

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Change how you think about yourself

Sophie covers similar aspects in her article, but more in relation to a journey towards Transition, based upon her self-acceptance, self-discovery, life experiences, awareness, knowledge and learning. Leading to her to a level of life far beyond her expectations and continuing journey of self-discovery and development which continuously amaze and surprise her.

Char and Sophie have arrived at a very similar stage in their development and wish to share some of that knowledge with you all.

Stay Tuned into Live Sessions and Episode 3 on the 1st November, watch for the booking feature within the Video section on the site – coming very soon! 

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I began this journey the day I opened my eyes for the very first time. I found this site at a time when I needed support more than any other point in my life. I had chosen to transition after years of internal turmoil, failing to be able understand or accept who and what I was. My life moved on at a pace that I found hard to deal with at times, but I managed. Living alone in the South West of France life was far from simple or easy then. Then, I discovered this oasis online, finding love, understanding and support unequalled to anything I have previously come across. Dare I suggest, my other family! So, why return after leaving about two years back? At the point, my life was changing dramaticaly, everything I had believed, understood and built my life around, up until that point, changed almost overnight. I am very settled in my life now living as a woman, with friends and a social life, all while being the happiest I have been. I am in the medical system here after overcoming many obstacles, now with the hope of surgery very soon to complete my transition. I have returned here in the hope that my experiences and knowledge can be of help to others in this community. When very young, I dreamed of being a girl, going to bed at night hoping I would awake as a girl. After realising that wasn't going to happen, I shut down that wish and lived a repressed existence from that day. It took a lifetime of unintentionally hurting myself and others, regretfully! Perhaps the one true regret of my life!

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Trusted Member
Char (@charee)
1 year ago

I love the pic, flippin the bird as far as needing the good opinion of others goes and with a whole lot of love and compassion for those who would fight anything different.

Every person I have ever met has the same abilities to intentionally and consciously create their own Amazing life; I love the freedom I feel and experience now days. I am grateful.

n huggles dear souls

Ellie Mae
Active Member
Ellie Mae (@lacygirl)
1 year ago

I dislike the photo and the expression of anger which I find offensive.

Ellie Mae
Active Member
Ellie Mae (@lacygirl)
1 year ago

Nope, not interested.

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