It’s that time of year again where you cuddle up with that special someone, all cozy like. I love this time of year as much as I do swimsuit season. You can wear what makes you feel sexy and cover up with a silk robe or a fuzzy union suit. For me, I love to wear a silk nightie and robe after we’ve put the kids to bed.

My wife and I curl up on the couch together with some wine and cheese; we watch a nice movie together with her head resting on my breasts for a pillow. That’s my Monday and Wednesday fun at home nights. The reason for bringing this up is how I feel inside and how I dress outside. I think of myself as 70% woman and 30% man. I look female from my waist up, except my face. In my closet and drawers, you will find a few shirts and two pairs of male shoes; that’s all I have for drab clothing.

I don’t feel trans nor am I gay. I think of myself as being a straight male with a 70% female tendency, and the acceptance to live my life as I see fit. I wear what I, and I do what makes me feel good. If I want, I dress sexy for my wife, and I dress sexy for myself. She loves me not for what I wear. She said it this way, “I married the man/woman not for what you have on your body. So dress as you want and for how you feel comfortable.”

She never wants me to feel uncomfortable in what I wear. It’s my style, and not one that someone has told me to wear in order to be accepted. When you ask my kids about me, they say my daddy is a unicorn and is one of a kind, and we love him always, no matter what he has on. To those who hate on me I wonder if they are jealous that they can’t wear what I am wearing.

EnFemme Style

I wear what feels good to me and on my body. It doesn’t matter what section it was purchased from, and that’s all that matters. Don’t let yourself get caught up in social norms about wearing clothing. Think about it this way. There is only one item that was made purposefully for woman; that’s the over the shoulder bolder holder aka the bra. Men have been wearing skirts (kilts), sarongs of the Polynesian islands, dresses (togas), and even the swimsuit of the 1920’s would be considered more feminine today.

The difference is how tight it is and what is covered. Even the leotard is not just for woman; it was first worn by acrobats in order to have a breathable outfit that moved and kept everything in place. Even today’s performance swim wear is mostly unisex. They’re the same other than two lines sewn in that are different. If someone says that’s girls clothing you can respond, “No, it’s not, it’s unisex, just check your history.”

Is it crossdressing if we wear what was worn by males in history the whole time? Just like the heels on Latin shoes for men, and even wigs were once worn by men all the time. We shouldn’t feel ashamed of what we like or wear.

Be your own unicorn or panda, and don’t put labels on what you wear. If you do, you’re putting labels on all of history. What label would George Washington be given today based on his everyday wardrobe; he wore a corset, garter belt, heels and a wig! Now that’s food for thought. So the next time you get shamed or made fun of, remember what I said and just be yourself.


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Well i'm 43 years old married and have been going on 19 years. First time i had put on a fem outfit i was 5 years old. First time i was dressed in all fem in public was when i got told i had to wear a girls swimsuit if i was going to swim in the school pool because i had breasts ( at that time i had perky b cup breasts.) I had the female breasts all my life started to grow when i was around 9 - 10 years old and stopped at a nice c/d cup so i learned about womens wear as a way to fit my body and to feel myself. I seen it as a curse and a blessing. So i learned clothing is not labeled or what makes you you but what is inside of you. Clothing don't make a person gay or bi queer or anything like that. It is something that you wear to make yourself feel good and to cover your body so you don't expose yourself. So when i embraced myself as a whole i became more happy and felt like this is me and im not ashamed of my clothing or myself. You dont like it i can think of a few words for you! ( grow the #@$^ up and get over yourself im not hurting you or anyone else). I short i also have 3 wonderful girls they love dress up day and have daddy dressed as a disney princess. Or some other caricature they like to be or be around.
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Stephanie Bass
Active Member
4 years ago

well put Bobbi thers a lot to be said about the truth that’s not said enough thanks Stephanie

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