Girlfriend supports my crossdressing

Hi. I’m Robin. I’ve been crossdressing off and on since my early teens and only recently have I come out about it to a few select friends. I’ve never fully understood my desire to be girly. Part of it, I think, is that women’s clothes always seem to be more vibrant and sexy than anything I’ve ever found in the men’s department. That and that I’ve never felt quite confident as a man.

One of those with whom I recently shared my secret with is my fiance. I was sure that it would be the end of things, yet felt she needed to know. Much to my surprise and delight, she likes this about me and has even begun helping me to perfect my look. While I still have a long way to go so as to be the woman I want to be, it is so much easier now that I’ve got such a warm and caring woman in my life to help me. I’m thinking that this site will also be of great help to me, so thank you for creating it.

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4 years ago

So important to be yourself. The dressing will continue for sure. No fighting it anymore. Stay pretty and calm.

Wanda Shirkey
Wanda Shirkey (@wandas)
4 years ago

You are so lucky to have a loving and caring lady in your life that helps you be you.

4 years ago

After 30 yrs I finally had the balls to tell Ellen my fantasys about getting crossdressed.She had some ideas,I would try on her panties and say how nice they feel.when I finally let go of the “guilt” and let go our lives had a new pursuit.she passed a few years ago and I miss her so much.i don’t regret waiting so long,but am grateful for the fun we did have.

4 years ago

You’re very lucky. When I told my wife (of 33 years), she was shocked and hostile. I have to be very careful what I wear at home to avoid angering and (yes) hurting her. She has begun talk of separation and even divorce. It is a very “unfun” side to my being a woman.

4 years ago

i love all that has to do whith cross dress

4 years ago

Robin that’s a wonderful thing to happen to you. Does your partner have a sister ? Be great to have your feelings you must have now! Love Rachel

Wendy (@tissy)
4 years ago

I too have a magic partner that enjoys this part of our lives…she bought me some lovely knickers the other day and was excited to see me try them on…It is so much better when the spouse accepts this part of us…and doesn’t want to flee…..

Jennifer Harvey
Jennifer Harvey (@jonathan)
4 years ago

I’m kinda in a boat as some of you. My wife is not accepting of my dressing. She states that she is afraid if I do it long enough that I will want to transition to a female. So I do it when she isn’t around just so she doesn’t have to see it. I just wish I knew people that I could hang out with that would accept me for who I am

Gillian (@gilliantv)
4 years ago

I told my wife about my cross dressing about 20 years ago. She did my make up and let me borrow her lingerie and clothes but got a bit freaked. She is ok with my dressing but not when she’s around which is a ok but not ideal.

Sarah Daniels TG
Active Member
Sarah Daniels TG (@sarahmissphit)
3 years ago
Reply to  Gillian

Same, but she went out with me and we got my own stuff. Then after I went to a salon that did CD experiences (fully dressed and made up) she freaked. Ive never worn makeup with her and only dressed fully with her that one time and now its a dont ask dont tell sort of deal. Although she does seem to be taking sneaky peeks into my closet and makes occassional comments. Softly softly I think for me is working.

3 years ago

What a wonderful story. It’s good that your discussing this openly with your partner now. It sounds like many, including myself have issues with this. If we love the people around us we have got to be open. You know what. I’m born male. I’m married and I want to transition. I want to be a woman. I’m not going to be able to it physically. I can’t have that kind of surgery but I want to be myself. My wife wants me to like her clothes but not to wear clothes like hers. I like to do a lot… Read more »

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