I told my fiance I crossdress and this happened…

Girlfriend supports my crossdressing

Hi. I’m Robin. I’ve been crossdressing off and on since my early teens and only recently have I come out about it to a few select friends. I’ve never fully understood my desire to be girly. Part of it, I think, is that women’s clothes always seem to be more vibrant and sexy than anything I’ve ever found in the men’s department. That and that I’ve never felt quite confident as a man.

One of those with whom I recently shared my secret with is my fiance. I was sure that it would be the end of things, yet felt she needed to know. Much to my surprise and delight, she likes this about me and has even begun helping me to perfect my look. While I still have a long way to go so as to be the woman I want to be, it is so much easier now that I’ve got such a warm and caring woman in my life to help me. I’m thinking that this site will also be of great help to me, so thank you for creating it.

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  1. DARLINE SHANNON 11 months ago

    If your wife participants that’s so much better ..Im not that fortunate but it don’t stop me I feel out DOMINATRIX AND ITS SO GREAT ..SHE PUSHING MY LIMITS IM GOING OUT IN FULL DRAG I LOVE LOTS OF MAKEUP..HI HEEL BOOTS always press your limits I wish I was this bold when I was a teen or younger I’m 50 have fun dance in the light while u can…ZGOD BLESS U ALL

    • Trisha Ayers 7 months ago

      Im lucky as well i told my girlfriend that i love wearing skirts and heels with my toenails painted. She said Bring it on and took me shopping for a few tops and heels. It was super cool.

  2. Dana Stiletto 11 months ago

    Hi Robin, good for you to share this with your significant other, honesty is the best policy.


  3. Paige 10 months ago

    Hi Robin

    Honesty is the only way you are ever truly going to be happy, best of everything to you.

    Paige ❤

  4. Khloe West 10 months ago

    Good on ye’ and congrats!

    I only really came to this in my early 50’s a few years ago and feel quite lucky. Wife of 3+ decades good with it and we have fun outfitting each other.

    Always gives me a smile when I suggest an outfit to her that she’d never put together on her own and all her pals compliment her on the look.

  5. Jasmine 10 months ago

    I recently found my self in a similar conundrum,and expected my girlfriend to reject me. I felt the need to tell her because she wanted to move forward with ower relationship. I reluctantly told her that I want to live my life as a woman. Initially she was upset,until I explained why I told he…to my surprise she thought I wanted to leave her..not even close! Since I’ve been open with her are relationship has reached new heights,and I feel more confident.

  6. Robin……my heart sings for you.

    Lady Veronica

  7. Mary 10 months ago

    I think many of you will find your girlfriend or fiancé is happy to embrace the fact that you cross dress. If your particular gf does not understand, she is not the right partner for you. My bf, already knowing I was very open minded and love him unconditionally, Kat me now about hi cross dressing in a unique way. We had met and fallen madly in love with one another, but he had to return to his home state. I gave him a sexy pair of my red thong panties to take home with him until I could visit him there weeks later. When he picked me up at the airport, we stopped at the grocery store on the way home and he parked very far from the store. He unzipped his jeans to show me he was wearing my red thong panties and red thigh high stockings. I smiled and said, “You look so sexy baby. I love it!” We ended up breaking up because our lives were going in different directions at the time. I recently looked him up and we are rekindling our romance. I want all of you to know that there is hope for you in terms of romance. Many of us ladies love our cross dressers for the beautiful souls that they are. I hope all of you find the love that I have.

  8. Yasmen Drew 10 months ago

    Wow how lucky you are so good I admire your honesty she would be a gem

  9. Shawnna Ross 10 months ago

    Congratulations Robin!

  10. Chrysta Minot 9 months ago

    Good for you, Robin. It takes courage to “get real” with one whom you love. And it can be with gentleness & compassion, and gradually, w thoughtful communication. I am gradually coming out as gender fluid to my beloved wife of 23 years, and she, like Jasmin & her partner, needed some reassurance that I was not going to leave her… Now and then we role play, sexually, which is fun & refreshing, or when I go dancing (sacred free form dance in Boulder) she has lent me a pretty Balinese skirt to wear! It’s like every cell in my being is exhaling a sigh of relief. Anyway, good for us, and Tally Ho, sister!

  11. Michelle5 8 months ago

    Why my ex gf dressed me up as a girl and I loved it wish we were still dating

  12. Susan Silk 8 months ago

    That is so great, I told my wife I crossed dressed but never discussed it to get to where you’re at. (and never showed her)

  13. Susan Anson 7 months ago

    Great story Robin. I’m new here because of my gf. I started playfully and occasionally wearing panties on my own 3 yrs ago. When we got together I told her I sometimes wear panties. She really liked the idea and we’ve had a lot of fun with it. We go shopping together and really get into it. Now, we’d like to buy me more types of women’s clothing. Hopefully, this site will be helpful.

  14. BriannaLee Stone 7 months ago

    My fiance’ knows as well, and is a supportive. I am not completely confident enough to dress in front of her, but she had found a few of my panties and outfits and was supportive. Oddly, I didnt wsnt to talk about it. I guess shame from previous relationships and family and such, and I shut down. Sye wanted to be a part of something, that I still feel shame about. I’m glad, but….i dont know.

  15. Amanda Windstar 6 months ago

    great to hear that your significant other is not accepting as you, but she is willing to help you prefect your look and etc.

  16. Brenda Downey 5 months ago

    I’m afraid to tell my wife but I’m burning up inside I so much want to and have my own clothes but I know she would go mad

  17. Dawn Judson 5 months ago

    “Part of it, I think, is that women’s clothes always seem to be more vibrant and sexy than anything I’ve ever found in the men’s department. That and that I’ve never felt quite confident as a man.”

    You nailed it, Robin. That’s part of my motivation.

  18. Gemma Moore 5 months ago

    I recently came out to my partner…..I was absolutely terrified at what she might do and say…..She was understandably surprised at what she saw and heard…..but to my surprise we sat down and talked about it and she agreed that I do look pretty good dressed but that a few changes here and there would help. She has given me her blessing to carry on in front of her but she has drawn the line at us going out together dressed…..hopefully one day but I am not rushing things ……I am just thankful that I can carry on with my obsession ……she has bought me a new make-up set and said that we need to work on that area first……I love her so much and I’m just glad that I have her support.

  19. JackieOhNo Raples 5 months ago

    It took what seems a life time to admit to my self that I wanted to crossdress.i was in my 60s,and my wife of 30years were going to a Haloween costume party.when she said what would I be going as.
    I said I wanted to dress as a lady,but not as a guy in a dress,she loved the idea and helped with every thing,
    My fancy gown came from Salvation army for $15.00 I wasn’t ready for heels but had a nice pair of slippers that went well. she had a blond wig that fit.
    PS she was a Avon Lady and she had
    plenty of jewelry and make up for me to use later on
    Two things I remember,it was very cold evening,and I had never felt breezes like that up my legs,ooh. I swore people would see me in my car and the parking lot.nobody recognized me.
    My wife Ellen went as a guy and she didn’t fool any one.
    She passed away a few yrs later,but we always got a laugh when thinking about it.
    I don’t dress full time but occasionally,however I wear undies and night gowns to bed.i recently moved to Daytona beach,Fla.and
    Have not dressed here in public

  20. Michelle Damivich 5 months ago

    Awesome Robin. Having a loving partner to help us is a wonderful feeling. My wife sees how excited I get when she helps me dress or even go shopping for femme lingerie for me to wear at home. She says I act like a kid in a candy store – giggle.

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