Toni’s Poetry Unveiling Courage 

In the Infinity Room, I stand, emotions intertwined,
Excitement dances with my nerves, a delicate design.
My poetry, a glimpse inside my heart, my soul,
Revealing tales of life and love, my journey’s endless scroll.

In verses, I’ve woven the fabric of my life’s embrace,
From marriage’s highs to crossdressing’s secret grace.
Toni, my alter ego, hidden deep within my core,
Yearns to share her tales, to step through that open door.

To read as Toni, dressed in lace and silken strands,
A courageous step, a leap to distant lands.
The mirror reflects a truth I long to display,
Infinite expressions of self, in every possible way.

Yet, questions linger like shadows in the night,
How will my friends and lodge family react to this light?
With trepidation, I ponder, and my heart begins to race,
For unveiling my true self may change the world’s embrace.

But within the Infinity Room’s vast expanse,
I find strength to share my essence, take a chance.
For my poetry is a tapestry, woven from my soul,
And in unveiling Toni, I aim to make myself whole.

So, with courage as my guide, I’ll stand tall and true,
In the Infinity Room, under a spotlight’s gentle hue.
Sharing my poetry, my life, my love, my art,
A journey of self-discovery, a brand-new start.



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    Mandi Smith
    Active Member
    7 months ago

    The best poetry always comes from the heart. Love it, Toni!

    Kris Burton
    Trusted Member
    7 months ago

    A compelling and poignant sentiment Toni – beautifully done!

    7 months ago

    absolutely beautiful. Thank You

    Julie Day
    Julie Day
    7 months ago

    Wonderful poem Toni, it says how we all feel, well done.


    Erika Bell
    Active Member
    6 months ago

    Very well said. I love this as it shows there are many ways to express our femininity. Albeit dressing is the most compeling and fulfilling. Hope your journey goes well.

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