Welcome to the Transgender Drawbridge.  If you are living life fully and openly as a trans man or woman, living your authentic self or seriously moving in that direction, then we’d love to have you share your journey with us here.  We’re hoping to lower the “drawbridge” to others like us, sharing experiences, providing advice and support, making new friends.   We’re not ashamed of who or what we are, we’re hiding from nothing, from no one.

Contact our Ambassadors Denise or Tessa for more information on Transgender Drawbridge and to get access to the private Transgender Drawbridge chat and group.

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Start Your Transgender Journey

I’m Transgender, Now What?

An introduction to developing a General Plan for transition

What is Transgender?

Overview of accepted terms under the transgender umbrella such as transexual, crossdresser and how it applies to the Transgender Draw Bridge

Counseling and Therapists

The importance of receiving counseling and legal requirements generally needed for SRS

Hormone Replacement Therapy

The dos and don’ts for receiving proper medical care during transition

Electrolysis and Laser Treatments

The different between laser hair removal and electrolysis, how long it takes and how soon to start

Coming out to Family, Friends and Work Colleagues

Advice for how to come out to those you love and those you spend the most time with

Name Change and Legal Documents

Get a legal name change and update your name and gender on Social Security, US Passports, Driver License and Insurance

Medical Standards of Care

Recommended medical protocols and further descriptions from the DSM and WPATH

Transgender Medical Procedures

Learn more about sex reassignment surgery, facial feminization, breast augmentation, orchiectomies and more

Self Acceptance

Find peace with who you are

Featured Guest Speakers

Bios of past speakers, the upcoming monthly speakers and past speaker transcripts

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