Transgender bathrooms in Thailand

Schools in Thailand have the right idea. According to a recent story from the BBC, a provincial school in Thailand is offering transgendered children their own toilet!

This compromise was reached since the students who identified themselves as transgendered were teased and belittled for using the boy’s bathroom. The girl’s were uncomfortable with them using their bathroom, since the transgendered children weren’t presenting as girls.

I found it interesting that the school was willing to accommodate their students with a third bathroom, yet still require they wear male clothes, and not allow them to wear makeup.

I think it’s a tremendous step forward, in a country where 10%-15% of children identify as transgendered. Yet I can’t help wondering whether this is another form of half acceptance. “At least they’re not wearing makeup”, sounds awfully like many a crossdressers claim that “at least I’m not gay”.

I’ll take the win though, if transgender schools can embrace the diversity of our children it won’t just make the world better for crossdressers in Thailand – who knows how a new generation of children raised with love and acceptance will change the world?

P.S. Even though the children in Thailand can’t look dress as girls, you can look like the fabulous woman you are – learn how to crossdress and pass as a genetic girl!

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Well, at least they’re given their own bathroom. I’m androgyne, and I find going into both male and female bathrooms odd on some level. If there’s a family restroom, I take full advantage of it.

Wow, she is beautiful! I wish more male to female people had such success with looking so feminine. It’s good that you offer your tips to help!

Hopefully the media will remain positive and the coverage will open more peoples’ eyes.

Vanessa Law

It’s interesting how our system of classifying just about anything seems to always leave some folks out. Unfortunate… I hope this situation doesn’t cause you too much stress Lilly.

Surprisingly well-written and infomravite for a free online article.
angelina love

at last thai have got there right when will india have this facility i am a transgender student of 11 std and at 1st i used to use girls toilet then they complaint to management and chend us to use male toilet now the guys tease us and peep in toilet and all now it became coommen to catch ass and all fish when will we have our right

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