Although we love women’s clothing, we know that we can’t always wear them – especially when we’re away from home and in environments where crossdressing is taboo …

An interesting tip for outwear is to wear satin shirts – a very feminine fabric but that is not taboo for men.

But there is a type of women’s clothing that you can wear discreetly and secretly in (almost) all environments … lingerie!

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Yes, unless you go through a demanding metal detector and do not take certain precautions, no one will know that you are wearing panties and bra under your men’s clothing.

Let’s talk first about how you can replace monotonous underpants with beautiful panties in your day-to-day.

Since you are a man, at least in those moments, you wear baggy pants – that is, the risk of panties marking your pants is less. But you need to be careful with the fit of the pants – very wide pants can expose your panties, either because the pants are “falling” or if you bend down (to catch an object that fell on the floor, for example).

To avoid this, wear pants with a perfect fit and a belt. Also avoid bending over. The easiest panties to wear without anyone knowing you have then on are any panties made of microfiber. The fit just like a second skin, are sexy, and extremely comfortable.

Now, let’s talk about the bra.

When I first tried a bra at age 12, I even went to school a few times wearing a bra on very cold days and with a couple of layers of clothing on top.

A bra is a hard part of feminine clothing to hide. Of course, you won’t be able to wear T-shirts with any transparency or ones which are very thin,  unless you want them to discover your “secret” under men’s clothing.

Color is important if you are trying to conceal a bra as well. You should prefer colors close to your skin tone.

En Femme Discover Woman Within

Lace bras also deserve care. See if your blouse is not marking the relief of the lace.

The ideal is to wear simple bras (bralettes) without hooks and that the strap adjusters are in a place where they cannot be seen or touched.

If someone eventually embraces you they may not be able to feel the bra so try to check in the mirror to see which is the best position for the adjusters.

The pandemic at least prevents physical contact and can help with that type of situation.

There are even bras with straps without adjustment which can also be an option.

On colder days, you can even risk a model with adjustable straps and hooks – the various layers of clothing that you will wear over the top will help you.

There is also the possibility that you may have an accident or become sick outside the home. If doctors and nurses need to take your clothes off and discover your secret, they may even think this is funny, but never ridicule it in front of other people. Health professionals must follow a strict code of ethics and violating it has serious consequences for them.

In fact, these days you can even wear pantyhose, it will be amazing!

On very hot days, you will have to look for a very discreet color of hose or just wear panties, which is already a way to practice underdressing.

Before leaving, check in front of the mirror if you can see any detail of your bra.

When you are dressed in men’s clothing, remember that these are wider than women’s and therefore hide the lingerie better.

Try to use beautiful pieces that you like. The important thing is that YOU know what you are wearing, and that can make your day more beautiful and happier!

There is nothing better than wearing a beautiful lingerie, wearing much more beautiful panties than your underwear and feeling the permanent embrace of a bra.

Have you ever worn lingerie outside the home?

Do you have a habit of underdressing inside and /or outside the home?

How do you feel wearing panties and bra under men’s clothes?


I hope you enjoyed this article and I’m curious to know what you think and your answers.



Marie Claire


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Eona Oh
28 days ago

Love underdressing inside and outside my home. Hell, today I went fishing in tights, panties and a bralette under my gear. My favourite is stockings; love my stay ups! ❤️

Edna Jackson
27 days ago
Reply to  Eona Oh

Anything biting?

Eona Oh
27 days ago
Reply to  Edna Jackson

Just the wind!

Edna Jackson
27 days ago
Reply to  Eona Oh

Thats ok

Rachael Winters
27 days ago

I wear womens knee high stockings. Smooth, feminine, and comfortable.
Not pantyhose or thigh-high, but provides an opportunity to wear a feminine apparel.

Dorothy Brinson
22 days ago

I have been under dressing for years. I wear nothing but women’s lingerie. After my battle with cancer. I have thrown away all my men’s underwear. If I am going to a family event to where I know there will be a lot of hugging. I will leave my bra at home. It always feels like something is missing when I don’t have on a bra. I have been wearing a bra everyday for many years. I have worn pantyhose, tights, and even a garter belt and stockings under my pants. During the coldest months of winter I even wear… Read more »

Charlotte Walker
21 days ago

I have been under dressing every day for over two years women’s panties and hold up stockings. always feels wonderful.

Charlotte Walker
21 days ago

Thanks Marie I have one that will go under a T shirt.

Tasha Mondeu
21 days ago

Underdressing; I like that.

Ashley Konners
Active Member
20 days ago

I absolutely love underdressing and have been doing it for years. It started for me with pantyhose under my male underwear and my work pants. Now it’s panties , bra and in cooler weather pantyhose and a camisole daily!


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