A ground breaking new series of live transmissions debuts on Crossdresser Heaven. The session will be a chat show style presentation, hosted by our very own Ambassadors and Authors Sophie and Char. They will focus on two specific articles they have written and published on our sites; their wish is to help you understand yourself better and be in control, better able to deal with what life can throw at you – specifically being Transgender. The first two articles featured will be: The world as we choose to see it, by Char and Learning to Love yourself completely, by Sophie.

Aija: I disagree that media is responsible for (me) – I worked in the media, but I think with us is it family being the most powerful thing

Diana: Have you known since childhood you wanted to be feminine or did it start later in life? I started aged 52!

JaiymeLynne: How important do you think journaling is to getting that change thru the formula?

Dawn: Sophie, are you still married?

Vanessa: Char, when things get dark, how do you see the light through the darkness? And do you have advice for anyone else going through dark times?

Erin:  started 8 years ago at age 33,knew it was time in my life to be feminine.Tough part was my first wife and I divorced. 2nd wife has been the charm helping me through my journey supporting me

Aija: Surely Sophie… and Char, we constantly question ourselves… about everything… changing gender is a little more dramatic for various reasons. But self examination/questions are uncomfortable but part of life.

Tessa: I put up boundaries to protect myself from emotional harm. Those same boundaries can become my own confines that keep me from reaching out. What made me feel the need to put up that boundary has long been gone. But it wasn’t till I took the time to think about my existing boundaries and asked myself if I still needed them, or were they the walls of my own self made prison.

JaiymeLynne: That seems like the most important thing. to accept and love ourselves, which I’ve always had trouble with

Cindy: As I made my decision to transition. I have been content with my decision.For me it is purely out of emotion then physical transformation.I want a more gentle me.

Vanessa: Sophie, what was the most surprising thing you discovered when you started your transition?

Dawn: I’ve never been challenged– and Char, you’re right. Confidence is huge!

JaiymeLynne: wow, doesn’t that confidence come from self love and acceptance, as well?

Erin: I have an issue with my ex wife,recently started talking again.Story is I started with trying on her clothes while she was gone at work.She doesn’t accept I am much happier yet fulltime crossdressing as Erin now.What can I do to get her accept it.

Diana: I love that mirror exercise. I’m definitely going to do that.

Deborah: Char I would like to try hypnosis and wondering does it really help?

Wanda: Great session Ladies, love it, and thank you for this forum. I don’t know if I have a specific question, perhaps more a bit of experience and a revelation, and a message of hope. I started my transition journey not to long ago, less than 1 year. I have experienced acceptance and rejection, as anticipated. Having experienced “Guy Brain and now during puberty, “Girl Brain”, I feel empowered as to having known what was and what to anticipate. I have been bleak and emotional, but I think the light at the end of the tunnel is not a locomotive, but the realization that the light is your future self. You are the light, you are beautiful, you are an inspiration to others. You must shine for all to see!

Cindy: Positive affirmations plus meditation works for me.Then I look for the girl in the mirror,she is there.

Dawn: Anyone, here ever done TM?

Diana: Are you going to do this very month? I would love this to be the first of a series. I’m really enjoying this!

Aija: Good point Cher, my therapist was saying that I have been successful as a man (career wise) Why do I wish to be a woman? Well… Yes.. I am me! Whatever my genitals.

Arlene: My wife and I will soon be moving to new house nearer to our daughter and grandson. Only my wife knows I cross dress and has for 47 years, though she thinks I am still trying to maintain a 6 year purge. I have met several trans women on the net who live near our new house and I want to join them in a support group and finally debut at age 71. My wife will not accept that I want to come out publicly as a trans woman. I have to now at last, Should I persist in converting her to acceptance or sneak out as opportunity permits? I can’t turn back from this probably last chance for peace of mind as an open member of the trans community.

Cynthia: Char and Sophie—when you write an article, do you decide ahead of time that you want to write about a specific thought or feeling ? (For me, my mind at some point during the day just snaps into focus on an idea and I feel almost compelled to write about it right then (as an example one of my early articles was one Thoughts on a Winter Day which I literally wrote after staring out my living room window at newly falling snow)

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About Sophie

Born in East London in the early 50’s, Sophie grew up to live as a man until 2016, when she simply had to change her life. Married twice with a child from each, followed by a long relationship that took her to France. Now living in the Limousin in the South West region of France, she is so very happy with her life which appears to be getting better and better. Living alone, but full of hope, happiness and a life with endless possibilities while she waits for news of the final stages of transition to complete her journey. Although previously an Ambassador and Editor on both sites, she returned early in 2020 with her mission to share her knowledge and experiences with others to help enlighten others on their own path in life and is a regular contributor of Articles on that theme. A product and fruition of her return is in the creation and production of LIVE Sessions, making that concept become more of a reality.

About Char

From a life of struggle, addiction and suicide attempts, to Published Author, Certified Life Coach/Certified Hypnotist and building an online support service for peeps like us. Intentionally and Consciously Creating a Rewarding, Abundant Life of Purpose, Passion & Possibility is what I Am all about… Char runs an online Life Coaching Website at My Zen Stone.

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