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I love spending a day as a woman out in the world. There’s nothing quite as liberating and uplifting as when I look out with the eyes of the woman inside and dare for a few hours to live the life I long for. When I’m truly in my feminine zone it’s as if the shafts of sunlight themselves are signing a chorus of beautiful music just for me to hear. It’s those same soprano voices that quickly dissipate when I open my mouth to speak, unleashing a discordant clang of the deep unwelcome stranger within. Needless to say this can be quite jarring to the unsuspecting person I’m talking to, and many a time I’ve seen a flighting look of perplexed surprise dance across the face of my conversation companion.

It’s with a longing for the beautiful music of my femininity to continue that I have spent (and am yet to spend) countless hours practicing my feminine voice. For the last few months I’ve been following the Voice Feminization training program created by Kathy Perez. I must admit that all the pitch and resonance practice seems to be paying some small dividends, though I realize the path to a ‘passable female voice’ is still yet long and arduous. I’m learning slowly to not to hesitate before I speak, and not to hold back because I’m afraid my voice will out me.

What do you do to sound more feminine? Are there specific exercises you practice, techniques you use or training courses you’ve taken to hone your transgender voice?

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It’s Official – Crossdressers Sit To Pee

In the last crossdressing poll I asked how many crossdressers sit to pee. I was surprised at the overwhelming number of crossdressers who sit to pee at least some of the time. 95% of you lovely ladies share in one of the more inconvenient necessities of life as a woman. It makes me proud that so many of you are willing to sit for a while in their shoes.

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9 years ago

I enjoy practicing my voice with CDs from Kathe Perez.

4 years ago

I am also tried

3 years ago

Well, I can do something feminine but I sound like a 14 years old girl or like Lucy in Twin Peaks! hahaha
well I do think that this is better than nothing 🙂

Martha Lou
3 years ago

I have a somewhat high voice to begin with.

I have been mistaken as a woman when on the phone or sometimes when someone is not looking at me.

My voice as a woman is developing very well.

I make a very attractive woman when dressed so I want to sound like a woman.

Veronica Raines
Veronica Raines (@stevenlj)
3 years ago

I’ve been told many times, that I sound like girl, but since I lost most of my hearing, I have no idea, what I sound like. So, how to I train my voice, to sound girlish?

1 year ago

Honestly, I would recommend a really good friend. One that would be honest and encouraging. Do you know how to sign? That’s an idea for loud venues or you can use this to invade private space lol.

Sandy Shores
Sandy Shores (@smartgirl)
2 years ago

It would be great to have a “female” that would is a guaranteed pass, but I feel there’s much more to it. I’ve been thinking about this lately as I often have been drawn to women with deeper voices as much, if not more than to others. I think perhaps one of the most important aspects of presentation is spirit. At a recent shoot in my studio, I had a client who was having a lot of fun going through my wardrobe and later in the session she pulled out one of my full length gowns and then put on… Read more »

Sandy Shores
Sandy Shores (@smartgirl)
2 years ago

Oh good grief! Typo: I meant “female” voice.

Stephanie O'Nions
Stephanie O'Nions (@transstephanie)
2 years ago

I was recommended to try the voice training but I don’t believe it would work for me cause I am tone Def any other options can you recommend thanks

1 year ago

Has anyone given you any suggestions yet hun!? Do you still need assistance? PM me if you are still looking for a suggestion. No guarantees, but I promise it’s works better than anything anyone else posted lol.

Joanna Knight
Joanna Knight (@joannak)
2 years ago

I have not found my feme voice yet ! I would love to find it so I don’t sound like a man! I live on a fixed income so I cant pay for a voice coach as I have read so do! I just don’t know what to do on it!

1 year ago
Reply to  Joanna Knight

Have you tried Dr Seuss, Cat in the hat? I don’t recall what section. But read in your femme voice with all of the emotions of the story. Keep a conscious ear to ensure you are still speaking femme. There are also free phone apps too. Hope this helps!

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