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I love spending a day as a woman out in the world. There’s nothing quite as liberating and uplifting as when I look out with the eyes of the woman inside and dare for a few hours to live the life I long for. When I’m truly in my feminine zone it’s as if the shafts of sunlight themselves are signing a chorus of beautiful music just for me to hear. It’s those same soprano voices that quickly dissipate when I open my mouth to speak, unleashing a discordant clang of the deep unwelcome stranger within. Needless to say this can be quite jarring to the unsuspecting person I’m talking to, and many a time I’ve seen a flighting look of perplexed surprise dance across the face of my conversation companion.

It’s with a longing for the beautiful music of my femininity to continue that I have spent (and am yet to spend) countless hours practicing my feminine voice. For the last few months I’ve been following the Voice Feminization training program created by Kathy Perez. I must admit that all the pitch and resonance practice seems to be paying some small dividends, though I realize the path to a ‘passable female voice’ is still yet long and arduous. I’m learning slowly to not to hesitate before I speak, and not to hold back because I’m afraid my voice will out me.

What do you do to sound more feminine? Are there specific exercises you practice, techniques you use or training courses you’ve taken to hone your transgender voice?

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It’s Official – Crossdressers Sit To Pee

In the last crossdressing poll I asked how many crossdressers sit to pee. I was surprised at the overwhelming number of crossdressers who sit to pee at least some of the time. 95% of you lovely ladies share in one of the more inconvenient necessities of life as a woman. It makes me proud that so many of you are willing to sit for a while in their shoes.

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Jessica Sideways
10 years ago

I’m currently using the Finding Your Female Voice programme by Andrea James. However, I intend to see Kathy Perez for voice lessons if that does not seem to work. That should be pretty simple as she is just down in Denver.

10 years ago

Hmm, difficult one to answer in your poll (I may have skewed your results). I don’t try to change my voice – but the reason for that is that I have a borderline voice at the best of times (in fact on the phone unless someone has my details I get called Mrs more than Mr, and efen with the details I get an amount of ‘Are you the partner of Mr. X?’) This used to be really embarissing when I answered the phone at my ex’s house only to be mistaken for her mum on the phone 95% of… Read more »

Racquel Lynn
10 years ago

I answered ” I don’t try to change my voice” which is pretty much true, but I do change it slightly, but not as anything you describe in the options for answers. I may talk a little softer sometimes, but I never try to talk falseto or melodic, etc. In listening to other transgendered women I have realized that the voice is often like make-up, clothing, etc. How many times have you seen someone over do it with their outfit and/or their make-up trying too hard to be passable and the results being that they look even more like a… Read more »

rogina garter
10 years ago

My “soccer mom” lookalike presentation is acceptable however my voice is a disaster! So,I only speak when spoken to when amongst mainstream people.Sure,I can use all the “sweet” expressions,but they are only words as the tone isn’t right…So,like many of us,I have a thick skin and accept that I don’t sound feminine.I have fun with all the rest of being out and about anywhere,as Rogina.

10 years ago

Ive dressed many times and talk constantly to other tgirls when Im dressed and my voice has changed . I recently heard my voice on my recorder at home and I hardly recognized my own voice pattern. This is when Im not dressed. it has become much more feminine. I always had a higher voice to start and I sing very high pitched also so the change was not noticeable to me until I heard my new voice and my friend said that I talk much different than I did a few years ago. Its a slow process and practice… Read more »

10 years ago

As a former public speaker, now as Carol Ann, I keep my mouth SHUT unless necessary. I pass really well, and the only “give away” is my deep voice, which I use softly so as to not attract attention. Even if noticed, I keep a smile, and find people really want to like you, so I do just fine.

10 years ago

I've recentally been cast as the crossdresser Angel in a college production of the musical Rent, which is fantastic seeing as I've been crossdressing since I was 14…The director has no idea though. 😉 Anyway I've been trying desperately to work on my feminine voice and singing and I've tried to find a free download of one of those femine voice training progams because there's no way for me to pay for one…I can't find one anywhere. I'm 16 and I've always had this problem with money (i.e. having none), I've never been able to buy any facial products or… Read more »

9 years ago

I follow the written stuff on my website as well as the video tutorials there. I found that what Sarah Jones had to say was probably the most profound in its simplicity. I also enjoyed Candifla of course. The thing that ‘did it’ for me was learning how to raise my voice box and get rid of the resonance. I had a lot and it changed my whole voice sound and I am ‘almost’ there in terms of a feminine voice. I not longer get a ‘sir’ on the phone. Not yet a madam but no longer a sir anyhow.… Read more »

9 years ago

Hi everyone I tried to become a male singer since I was about ten. Even made a few albums [went no where LOL]. So my biggest problem was resonance and how to lose it. I am fifty now so after almost forty years of trying to GET resonance it was extremely difficult to remove it for me. My one advantage was that I knew where to hold my throat, tongue etc to get certain sounds. After about 18 months I now sound feminine enough to no longer get a sir on the phone. Soon I hope to get a Ma’am.… Read more »

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